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1) Introduction


This article is from the Martial Arts FAQ, by Matthew Weigel faq@idempot.net with numerous contributions by others.

1) Introduction

This FAQ is not intended to be a Martial Arts Bible, but to give some
help to those that are looking for a place to start, or those more
experienced that would like to know more about some different style,
have a particular doubt, etc.

Please note that this is not the Absolute Truth(TM) but rather an
attempt to give clear and basic information about this group and the
martial arts. Your suggestions, opinions, and additions are welcome;
send e-mail to faq@idempot.net. For an idea of what plans there
are to correct and update the FAQ, there is a by-no-means-exhaustive
tentative list of round tuits at

Here are the items in the original rec.ma "charter" as they appeared
in the request for discussion before the group was formed:

1) A new group proposal for the discussion of all aspects of the
martial arts, both by martial arts practitioners and the general
public interested in knowing more about the martial arts

2) Increasing public awareness of the commitment of martial artists
to public service, for example the D.A.R.E. program, its use in
rehabilitation of prisoners, recovering substance abuse users,
rape prevention, and increased quality of life for the

3) Personal experiences, anecdotes, myths, and folklore pertaining to
the martial arts and information on the existance or location of a
specific item, style, form, system.

4) Postings of events, competitions, demonstrations, and seminars.

5) ANY/ALL bigotry, grudge challenges must be E-mailed!

Rank does not mean authority in rec.m-a, for rank without wisdom means
nothing. There may be wisdom in the words of a child, and even a 5th
dan can be a fool.

Please do not post binaries (pictures, etc.) in the group. A better
way is to post the binaries in a binaries group, and post a message in
rec.m-a calling attention to the binaries post.

One more thing. Please don't post the question "What is the best
martial art [for self-defense]?" (or similar) in rec.martial-arts.
That question has become a chronic irritant in this group, and there
is no simple answer to it; some would say it has no answer at all.
There are reasonable procedures for how one should go about choosing
an art/school here in the FAQ, and in another rec.martial-arts
periodic post, the Newbie Guide. Read them first, then consult the
group if you have more specific questions.


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