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42 Naturist Publications: Periodicals

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This article is from the Naturism FAQ, by Dennis Kirkpatrick recnudefaq@sunclad.com with numerous contributions by others.

42 Naturist Publications: Periodicals

o The Bulletin: Published by the AANR for its members. A monthly
newspaper. Contains organizational business updates, club news, and
other topics of interest to members. Single copy price - $2.75.
Subscription available with AANR membership.

o Nude & Natural (formerly Clothed with the Sun): A quarterly
magazine, included in Naturist Society membership. Provides
information about the Naturist movement on a national level. May be
subscribed to separately. Single copies $7 + $3 shipping/handling
per order. ($10 Canadian)

o Naturally Travel: Quarterly magazine, $18/year. Naturally, PO Box 317,
Newfoundland, NJ, 07435. http://www.internaturally.com/

o Naturist Life International (NLI). A subscription is $20/year (four
issues). Personal articles, religious-bent. N. L. I., Inc., POB 300
Troy, VT 05868. <http://www.together.net/~nli/>

o Hot Springs Gazette: A light-hearted travel guide for the hot
spring enthusiast. Covers mostly western US. Four quarterly issues,
$15 US. Hot Springs Gazette, 12 S. Benton G3, Helena MT 59601.

o Going Natural: Canada's National Naturist Magazine, A quarterly
report on naturist resorts, beaches, travel, events, and all
aspects of the naturist lifestyle. Subscription rate - $30.00
Canadian ($35.00 Canadian) from Federation of Canadian Naturists.

o British Naturism: A quarterly journal of the British naturist
movement. Contains information on France, Spain, Holland, and
Africa, too. Sample copy, $5. Year, $12 by sea mail, $20 air mail.
CCBN, 30-32, Wycliffe Road, Northampton, NN1-5JF, UK.

o Australian Sun & Health: A glossy color magazine published
quarterly with lots of photos & information about the nude and
dress optional clubs, beaches & resorts in Australia and overseas.
Australian Sun & Health, P.O. Box 5601, Mail Centre, GOLD COAST
4217, Australia. http://www.winshop.com.au/sun&health/


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