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41 Naturist Publications: Guidebooks

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This article is from the Naturism FAQ, by Dennis Kirkpatrick recnudefaq@sunclad.com with numerous contributions by others.

41 Naturist Publications: Guidebooks

-- Note: Prices may vary since the time of this publication.

o The North American Guide to Nude Recreation: A guide to all AANR
members camps, resorts and non-landed clubs. $24.95 ($16.95 for
AANR members) + $3 shipping from the AANR. Floridans add sales tax.
200 pgs, 8 1/2 x 11, soft cover. (Quoted price approx.)

o World Guide to Nude Beaches & Resorts, by Lee Baxandall: A Naturist
Society publication covering the USA and 80 other countries. $28.00
+ $4 shipping in US (Outside US, by surface mail, $5 or by air,
$10) from TNS. Credit card orders can be E-Mailed to
naturist@naturistsociety.com, or faxed to (920) 426-5184.
(Quoted price approx.)

o INF World Handbook - Exhaustive guide containing information on
naturist sites, clubs, and beaches around the world. Published
every two years. $18.95 + $3 shipping from the AANR or TNS. See
also http://home.sn.no/~nnf/infguide.htm.
(Quoted price approx.)

o There are several hot springs guides that may be useful, as well as
guides for specific areas (California beaches, etc.).

o Canadian Guide to Naturist Resorts and Beaches, Federation of
Canadian Naturists (FCN), 1991, CAN $9.95, 51 pages. Contents:
Introduction to Naturism and its history in Canada; Listings for
clubs, resorts, travel clubs, and 'free' beaches organized by
geographic region: Pacific, Prairie, Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic; In
total, covers: 27 clubs or resorts; 8 travel clubs; 4 free beaches.
(Quoted price approx.)

o Some European guides (sorry no prices on some of them -- maybe
someone can fill me in and I will post it next go around?):

o L'Officiel du Littoral Nudiste - French beaches only. Tells you
where it is official, where it is tolerated, and where they impose
fines. Written in French, with maps and access instructions.
Editions Symbiose, 23, Rue Tronchet 75008 Paris.

o Guide du Tourisme de la Gironde - La Gironde is a region of South
West France by the Atlantic Coast. The guide is updated and
published annually. Mainstream French, official, local government
tourist brochure, with specific entries for naturist holidays.
Available free of charge from: Maison du Tourisme de la Gironde,
21, Cours de l'Intendance, F-33000 Bordeaux. Tel (33) 56-52-61-40;
Fax (33) 56-81-09-99.

o FKK Reisefuhrer - All over Europe. Beaches and inland. All in
German. Contains some very beautiful photography. Price: 19,80 DM.
ISBN 3-87261-061-9. Gloss & Co Verlagsgesellschaft, Postfach 50 03
44, D-2000 Hamburg 50, Germany.

o Naturist Guide to Europe, 2 vols, 8.50 pounds per vol. Contact:
David Martin, Coast and Country Publications, 3 Mayfield Avenue,
Scarborough YO12 6DF UK.

o Naturist Guide, Holiday Centres in France, Spain and Greece -
Published by La Vie au Soleil/Vivre Nu Magazine. In English and in
French; very good coverage of France, but probably most useful for
camping sites rather than holiday centres with only cottages. Price
50 FRF. EDIBUL, BP 21, F-84570 Mormoiron, France. Tel
+33--4-90-61-93-04; Fax +33--4-90-62-88-33.

o Bare Facts, A Guide to Australia's Nude and Dress Optional Clubs,
Resorts and Beaches. Published by Australian Sun & Health. Good
descriptions of most clubs and resorts, with contact details.
Beaches well covered, with directions and most descriptions
accurate. Price A$10, US$12 (air), US$9 (sea).

o A listing of nude beaches in Poland, in the Polish language is
acceassible at the home page of Tomasz Skrzydlo at:


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