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34 Naturism Glossary

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This article is from the Naturism FAQ, by Dennis Kirkpatrick recnudefaq@sunclad.com with numerous contributions by others.

34 Naturism Glossary

Following are some terms, abbreviations, and other things you might
run into in your naturist experiences.

American Association for Nude Recreation <http://www.aanr.com/>.
A national naturist organization of North America.

The AANR Government Affairs Team. A committee within AANR that
oversees the relationship of AANR to government and observes
changes to legislation that may have an impact on naturism.

"Administrative". Put in the subject of rec.nude messages to
indicate that the topic is administrative - discussions about
the newsgroup itself, rather than discussions about naturism.
These posts are supposed to be kept to a minimum. :-)

American Sunbathing Association, the former name of what is now
"AANR". <http://www.aanr.com>

The Bulletin
The monthly news type tabloid-style publication of "AANR".

Canoeing while nude, a popular naturist activity.

Central Council for British Naturism
A national naturist organization of Great Britain.

CO "Clothing optional."

Eastern Naturist Gathering. See "Naturist Gathering".

ESA (a.k.a AANR-East)
Eastern Sunbathing Association. The eastern regional subdivision
of "AANR". Now called ³AANR-East²

Florida Association for Nude Recreation. The Florida regional
subdivision of "AANR".

Federation of Canadian Naturists <http://www.fcn.ca/>. A
national naturist organization of English-speaking Canada.

Federation Quebecoise de Naturisme. A national naturist
organization of French-speaking Canada.

Frei Korper Kultur. A German term for naturism.

"In My (Humble/Honest) Opinion".

The International Naturist Federation, an international
organization of national naturist organizations (e.g. "AANR",
"TNS", "FCN", etc.) INF's member organizations serve a
majority of the world's nations.

Midwestern Sunbathing Association. The midwestern regional
subdivision of "AANR".

N Nude & Natural, the quarterly magazine of "TNS".

Naturist Action Committee <http://www.naturistaction.org>
The political action arm of "TNS".

One who studies nature. Although naturalists may be
"naturists", and vice versa, the two are not fundamentally
related. Asking naturalist questions on rec.nude will make you
look silly, unless they are also naturist questions. :-)

See "Nudist".

Naturist Gathering
(as in "Eastern Naturist Gathering") One of several annual
regional meetings of naturists organized by "TNS". Three or
four are typically held each year (one in mid-winter, the rest
in summer), in various parts of the country. Naturists converge
at these events to meet, greet, participate in activities,
listen to talks, and have fun.

Naturist Festival
Often regional meetings of naturists semi-sponsored by national
organizations but otherwise organized by local or regional naturists.

Naturist Education Foundation <http://www.naturisteducation.org>
The educational arm of "TNS".

"Nude In Front Of Computer".

See "Naturist".

"Obligatory Nude". Used by some rec.nude readers to introduce an
on-topic statement following an off-topic statement.

RNEO (depreciated)
Rec.Nude Eyes Only. A spam defeating acronym. When placed at the
beginning of a subject line it allows readers to easily locate
on-topic messages. replies under "RE: RNEO...." It may also be
used in conjunction with news program filters or search services
as an aid to locating topical material in the newsgroup.
(Removed from the FAQ file 1-Jul-02)

Significant Other. A spouse, partner, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.

Southwestern Sunbathing Association. The southwestern regional
subdivision of "AANR".

In naturist parlance, a G-string style swimsuit which exposes
the buttocks. Wearing only a thong is the next best thing to
being nude, in some naturists' minds.

The Naturist Society <http://www.naturistsociety.com/>. An
international naturist organization based in the United States.

Lacking a top. What a non-naturist calls "topless", a naturist
calls "topfree"; the "-less" suffix implies that something
important is missing, while the "-free" suffix implies a lack of
improper additions, such as a foreign piece of clothing. (Also,
"topless" is commonly associated with strip bars and other
commercial exploitation of nudity. "Topfree" has no known
negative connotations.)

Western Naturist Gathering. See "Naturist Gathering".

WSA (a.k.a. AANR-West)
Western Sunbathing Association. The western regional subdivision
of "AANR".

World Guide
The World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts
At <http://www.naturistsociety.com/> by Lee Baxandall.
A very good and oft-quoted guide to naturist locations worldwide.
Published by "TNS".

Note: Don't use the term "nudist colony." Most modern naturists
consider this term to be pejorative. Naturists live normally among the
rest of society, not in isolated "colonies." Instead, refer to
nudist/naturist beaches, campgrounds, parks, clubs, resorts, etc.


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