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33 Review Naturist Etiquette

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This article is from the Naturism FAQ, by Dennis Kirkpatrick recnudefaq@sunclad.com with numerous contributions by others.

33 Review Naturist Etiquette

Naturism is built on respect - for fellow naturists, for non-
naturists, and for the environment. Naturists have a few simple rules
of etiquette; read them, and remember that the respect is mutual. See
"Naturist Etiquette" above.

2.4. Come prepared

Bring a towel, a good sunscreen (SPF 15+), reading material,
sunglasses, food & beverage, etc., especially if you're heading into a
remote area. You will not want to dress to return to your car, so make
sure you don't forget anything! (And remember to take your trash out
with you!)

2.5. Allow plenty of time

You're not going to want to leave! So it's best to devote a day or
more to your trip. Give yourself time to enjoy the experience!

2.6. Make sure to pay fees, obtain permits, etc.

If you're heading into the wilderness of a national forest, for
example, you may need a Back-country Permit. Don't let legal
technicalities ruin your enjoyment.

2.7. Relax!

You are about to have one of the greatest experiences of your life!
Don't worry about it!

When you arrive at your site, you should make yourself comfortable.
This may mean not removing all your clothing at once. That's OK. Just
make sure you're comfortable and that you appear comfortable. Relax
and enjoy the experience - don't be tense and edgy.

Once you are comfortably nude and enjoying yourself, it's easy to be
friendly and approachable. Don't just sit off in a corner by yourself
- walk around, chat, etc. If people don't want to talk to you, you'll
notice, but a lot of naturists are very friendly and enjoy meeting new
people. Go for it!

Congratulations! You're a naturist! (And it didn't kill you!) Do you
see how good it feels? You're already making plans to come back,
aren't you?


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