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A4) Where can I find sewing/knitting patterns?


This article is from the FAQ, by Stef Jones (stef@bayarea.net) with numerous contributions by others.

A4) Where can I find sewing/knitting patterns?

Ana's Accoutremonts
Custom fitted patterns of period costumes. See entry above.

Beautiful Babes
6705 N. Seneca
Portland, OR 97203
Phone: (503) 286-1119
Catalog $2.
Easy-to-sew collection of patterns for dresses, blouses,
blazers, pants, ponchos, jackets, swimwear, lingerie, and more.
Sizes 38-72. A poster writes: "Laura, the owner, is real nice
and we discussed fitting problems etc etc and the dress I made
from her pattern is wonderful. They also have programs now where
you can make your own patterns from an ibm compatible computer.
They run $100-150." and "Laura's patterns are mostly casual."

Bellamy Manufacturing
222 N. 11th St
Clarksville, TN 37040
Phone: (615) 645-8249
Catalog $4.
Patterns for nice careerwear with skirts or pants. Maternity
patterns also available. Sizes 22-62 average and tall. Can
special-order sizes 64-70.

*Big Knits*, *Great Big Knits*
Big Knits ISBN: 0-7126-5097-0. Vermont: Trafalgar Square Publishing
Two books by Dawn French and Sylvie Soudan containing knitting
patterns for large-size women. Patterns go from very simple,
classic designs, to very complex intarsias. Proper large-size

The rec.crafts.textiles.sewing newsgroup has a fantastic FAQ
about underwire and regular bras. If you're interested in
making your own bras and lingerie, check it out:

The Busy Woman's Fitting Book
Nancy Zieman and Robbie Fanning
Nancy's Notions/Open Chain Publishing ISBN: 0-932086-10-1, $9.95
Provides instructions on how to alter patterns to fit you.

GLP International
PO Box 9868
Englewood, NJ 07631-1123
Phone: (212) 736-7455 or (201) 871-1010
Large size patterns. Their magazine, *Burda Fashions for the
Fuller Figure* (or Burda Plus?), has patterns up to size 34W.
One person reports: "Burda is very true to their sizing, and
they make patterns for up to size Euro60. The have all sorts of
interesting patterns, with unusual (nifty cool) detailing. I
find that I have to do mucho fewer adjustments to make these
patterns fit my narrow chest, big boobs, sloping shoulders,
bottom-heavy apple-pear shape." Another writes: "I had stayed
away from them because of the added seam and hem allowances, but
now they are adding them in for you. They have some really nice,
classic styles."

Some patterns in sizes up to 32. Now carrying new Delta Burke
line -- some pretty styles in larger than 22's.

Computer packages for sizing patterns
A number of companies make programs that print out customized
patterns. You pick the basic pattern and enter the measurements
of the person the garment is intended for, and it spits out a
pattern. Some of these are:
LivingSoft (also known as Dress Shop)
PO Box 970
Janesville, CA 96114
Phone: (800) 626-1262
Available for IBM, in the works for Macintosh.
Fittingly Sew
Available for IBM

D'ates D'signs
3430 Robin Lane, Suite B
Cameron Park, CA 95682
Great wearable art patterns for coats, dusters, and shirts.

Dressmaker's dummies
Dressmaker's dummies are available in plus sizes. Your local
fabric shop may carry them or should be able to order them.

Fairchild Books and Videos
7 West 34th St
New York, NY 10001
Fashion designs for the plus size.

Fitting Finesse
Nancy Zieman
Book that explains how to alter patterns so that you can make
clothes that fit you right from patterns made for small people.

Great Fit Patterns
2229 NE Burnside, Suite 305
Gresham, OR 97030
Phone: (503) 665-3125
Catalog $1
Sewing patterns, career, casual, separates, sweats, exercise,
uniforms and lingerie. Patterns in women's sizes 38-60. Nice

Hattie Chanon
Design Center of Charlotte
1235-E East Blvd, #222
Charlotte, NC 28203

Large-size patterns
List of commercially available sewing patterns for big men
(chest size 48" to 52", 56" or 68").

Some of their patterns go up to size 50.

PAW Prints Pattern Company
Purrfection Artistic Wearables
19618 Canyon Drive
Granite Falls Washington 98252
Phone: 800 691 4293
Web site: http://www.purrfection.com
11 patterns that go up to a 3XL (bust 54 hip 56) and there are 2
new patterns that go up to a 5XL (bust 62 hip 64). Reports:
"I've made a kimono type jacket from one of their patterns in a
4X (I generally wear a size 30-32) and the only alteration I did
was to lengthen it." "These patterns are more 'fun' than
conventional but there are some fairly unique things that I've
never found elsewhere."

Pijin-Hole Patterns
804 Forest Park Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX 76102-5805
Phone: (817) 338-0025

Web page: http://www.simplicitypatt.com/index.html
Their patterns go up to size 32W in two lines -- BBW and HOAX.
HOAX is meant to be for different body types. Their sizing guide
may run too large. They also have a multi-sized (1X-6X) pattern
for men for a shirt and a pair of pants. Clothes made from their
patterns are attractive and come out beautifully. New Look is
also part of Simplicity.

Stretch and Sew
Web page: http://www.stretch-and-sew.com
One person reports "Stretch and Sew is good for those who are
not one size all over." They are featuring a new line of plus
size patterns, one of which is called Rita's Wardrobe (see Rita
Farrow's *Life Is Not a Dress Size* in the Publications FAQ).
The patterns include sizes 1X-3X (46-56 bust, 48-58 hip) in each
design. Besides the wardrobe, there are eight separate designs
in the collection, including pants, dresses, and a jacket.

Some large-size patterns

Unique Patterns
Phone: (800) 543-4739
Over 130 personalized patterns, no size limits.

Vogue Woman
Dowdy, boring, waistless patterns.


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