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A3) Where can I find a wedding dress?


This article is from the FAQ, by Stef Jones (stef@bayarea.net) with numerous contributions by others.

A3) Where can I find a wedding dress?

You can probably buy a wedding dress in a regular bridal store -- many
stores carry large sizes, and almost all stores can order them. They may
have only a limited selection of sizes in stock for you to try on, so
you may have to use your imagination to figure out how the dress would
look on you in particular. Sometimes just putting your arms through the
dress and holding it in front of you will give you an idea of what it
would be like.

Note that wedding dress designers do not size their dresses
consistently. Some call a dress with measurements of 46-36-36 a size 42;
yet another may say a size 42 has measurements of 50-40-50. Many
national bridal designer's "measurements to size" descriptions are at
this web site:

It's also very common to have dresses tailored once they arrive. (This
is common even for women who wear smaller sizes -- often they can't try
on the dress in their particular size, so when it arrives it needs to be
taken in or let out.) If the dress turns out to be too small, they can
split the side seam of the bodice and sew in a few inches of extra
fabric. This is hardly noticeable, even when you are looking for it.
They may be able to get lace trim that matches the rest of the dress and
use that to make it even less obvious.

Also, nearly all bridesmaid's dresses go to at least size 24, and some
go larger. Many of these dresses are fairly formal and can be ordered in
white or off-white, so may work as a wedding dress.

You may want to look through some of the bridal magazines -- many of the
advertisers list what sizes they make. Also look through bridal books.
*Bridal Bargains* by Denise and Alan Fields lists which sizes various
manufacturers make. They have a Web page where they make available
updates to their books:
In December '96, they'll be putting another book out called *The Bridal
Gown Guide*, in which they'll print the size charts of major designers
along with style numbers and suggested retail prices.

Search for "[wedding]" in section A1, the big list of clothing stores,
to find stores and catalogs that carry wedding dresses.

Here are some manufacturers who make large-size wedding dresses:

Alfred Angelo
Phone: (800) 528-3589 or (215) 659-8700
Makes 18-20 and 38-44. Both cost extra but their gowns are
relatively cheap.

Ange D' Amour
Phone: (800) 288-3888.
Through size 20.

Phone: (800) 669-2346.
Through size 20.

Phone: (714) 961-8884
Email: bbwfromca@aol.com
Makes a line called "Essence by Esther," gowns to size 44 (costs

Bridal Originals
Phone: (800) 876-GOWN or (312) 467-6140
To size 30 (encourages stores to carry large size samples!)

Carmi Couture
Phone: (212) 921-7658
Through size 20 (extra charge).

Large-size "garden-party" dresses that can double as wedding

Diamond Collection
Phone: (212) 302-0210
Through size 20 ($100 extra).

Designer at Heart, Inc.
Megan Moser Rosenhart
Phone: (800) 462-4889
Custom-designs bridal gowns -- "traditional and non-traditional
styles, from lace to leather, all sizes."

Phone: (818) 441-8715
Petites through 20-32 (extra charge). Bridal Bargains gave these
guys 4 stars!

Eve of Milady
Phone: (212) 302-0050
Through size 20. $100 extra for 18-20.

Phone: (212) 921-5683
Through size 20. Extra 10% for 18-20.

Phone: (212) 564-1020
Through 20, extra charge for 18-20.

Ginza Collection/Private Label by G
Phone: (800) 654-7375
Through 42 (extra charge of $100).

Phone: (212) 967-5222
Through 20, 18-20 are $60 extra.

Phone: (800) BRIDAL-1
Through size 30. 16-20 cost $30 extra. 22-30 are $70 extra.

Phone: (708) 519-7778
To size 44 (extra charge).

Jessica McClintock
Phone: (800) 333-5301 or (415) 495-3030
A few gowns through size 24.

Jim Hjelm
Phone: (212) 764-6960
Through size 20. 18-20 are $150 extra.

Phone: (800) 258-7944 or (818) 282-4326
Through 26. $70 extra for 22-26.

Through 20. $160 extra for 18-20.

Phone: (713) 933-9678
Through size 30.

Mon Cherie
Phone: (609) 530-1900
Has sizes 18-20 and 38-44, $20 or $40 extra.

Phone: (708) 884-7199
Sizes through 44 (extra charge).

Mori Lee
Phone: (212) 947-3490
Some designs available through size 42 for extra charge.

San Martin
Phone: (213) 257-5333
Some styles available through 44.

St. Pucchi
Phone: (214) 631-4039
Through 20, 18-20 extra 20%.

Phone: (212) 868-7536
Through 44 (and keeps all sizes in stock).

Wallentin Collection
Phone: (800) 925-5954
Email: SmithsonC@aol.com
Silk wedding gowns. Can custom make any gown to fit any size
woman. Ask for Catherine.


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