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3. Fetish Shopping Guide - Reviews: Ripplesmooth

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This article is from the Fetish Fashion FAQ, by Per Goetterup pg@login.dknet.dk with numerous contributions by others.

3. Fetish Shopping Guide - Reviews: Ripplesmooth

Reviewed by an anonymous reader in august 1994.

This is a small mail order operation based in Birmingham, UK. It
does four forms of rubberwear - moulded (presumably bought from a
large supplier); made-to-measure conventional clothing; rubber
restrictive garments; and garments made to customers' own designs.
Taking these in order:

Moulded latex.

There are two groups of moulded latex wear. There are items
of conventional wear such as corsets, bras, tights, skirts,
gloves, etc. and what they call "unusual" items. These
include pants with various kinds of built-in stimulators such
as dildos or sheaths (for men and women), erection pants,
bras with built in stimulators, etc. All these are reasonably
priced between $20 and $60 (1993 prices).


The made-to-measure list includes skirts, trousers, jack-
ets, nighties, and various dressing up outfits - nurse, maid
and school girl. They are available in a variety of weights
and color. As you would guess, these are considerably more
expen- sive, ranging from $74 for a shirt to $132 for an
evening dress and to almost $300 for the full nurse's outfit
(dress, apron, surgical mask, cap, and cape).

The made-to-measure restrictive garments are interesting if
you are keen on bondage and rubber. There are sheaths for arm
and legs and strait jackets. A loose-fit body sheath with at-
tached mask costs $150 while the same, fully covering body
and head, inflatable with a breathing tube will set you back
$330. A restrictive leotard with strait jacket sleeves is
$150. There are also inflatable gags.

Custom made

Finally, Ripplesmooth make items wear to their customers'
specifications. The range of items that they make is very
wide, from the conventional to the truly bizarre. As an
example of the former, my wife has a favorite nightgown. I
sent it to Ripplesmooth who made a copy in dark blue latex
without even having to take the original apart. It was pretty
stunning in the original but fantastic in its new
incarnation. They will also work from photographs or
drawings. The latter are important for the more bizarre
creations - they will attempt to make anything and regard the
more unusual as a challenge!

Ripplesmooth has customers throughout the world including the USA
and Australia. The owner is a real enthusiast and I recommend
Ripplesmooth if you have the money and patience to wait for your
specialist order to be filled.

Address and phone numbers to be found in the supplier list.


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