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3. Fetish Shopping Guide - Reviews: Inclinations (Boston)

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This article is from the Fetish Fashion FAQ, by Per Goetterup pg@login.dknet.dk with numerous contributions by others.

3. Fetish Shopping Guide - Reviews: Inclinations (Boston)

Reviewed by Ms. Margo, August 27, 1995

Vernons of Waltham has long has its back room where leather,
bondage gear, and adult toys were sold. This created a few
problems as some of the crossdressing clientele didn't feel
comfortable with the bondage gear and some of the BDSM folks
didn't feel comfortable with the crossdressers. Vernons has solved
the problem by splitting off their leather business into a new
store, Inclinations.

Inclinations sits on a corner right next door to Vernon's on Moody
Street in Waltham, just west of Boston. The store is small, but
not cramped. There are hardwood floors and grey walls with chrome
racks to display the merchandise. Lighting is subtle but not too
dim to clearly see what you're buying. The salespeople are
friendly and helpful, but not pushy. The store isn't chock-a-block
with merchandise - one of each item is out for attractive display.
There are items for the novice to advanced player. There are basic
cuffs, paddles, floggers, hoods, and more advanced restraints. A
leather sling hangs in one corner of the back alcove. Near it, a
large glass case displays cock and nipple vacuum pumps. There is a
wall of videos and magazines, a wall of latex wear, and several
racks of leather clothing. Most of their leather is made by New
England craftspeople. This may not mean much to some, but it's a
nice touch for them to support the local leather community. There
is also an eye to safer sex, as condoms, lube and how-to books are
out on prominent display. Plenty of free parking is available
behind the building.

Quality is very good on their leather items. The hides are for the
most part good quality and cut and finish is well executed.
Designs are mostly standard restraints with a few interesting
items. My favorites were the studded leather corset (a waist
cincher, really) with attractive stud work, styled for men and
women, at $250.00 US for the male and $275.00 US for the female. I
also loved the leather thong briefs with the real horsehair pony
tail at $109.00 US. The rubber coated weights at $6.00 US for the
2 oz. size, and $13.00 for the 8 oz size were really neat. There
was a gigantic butt plug that would bring a smile to every
fistee's lips priced at $40.00 US. Prices are generally fair. You
won't find any rock-bottom bargains here, but they have basics
like cuffs for around $20.00 US.

Inclinations also has a black and white 32 page catalog available.
This has clear photos of the merchandise that Inclinations
carries, as well as some things - mostly clothing - that I didn't
see when poking around the store. It doesn't have lots of
half-naked posing women, just good photos of what they're selling.

Store: Catalog:
Inclinations Inclinations
Corner of Moody St. & Cushing St. Post Office Box 95189
Waltham, Massachusetts 02154 Nonantum, Massachusetts 02195-5189
U.S.A. U.S.A.

Phone: (617)894-1774 (Vernon's) Orders: (800)784-1888
Service: (617)893-4597
FAX: (617)647-4082

Note: Prices are mostly from my memory (with the help of the
catalog) and are subject to the failings of that system.


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