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31 Anthony Robbins


This article is from the Self Improvement FAQ, by Loren Larsen llarsen@cs.clemson.edu with numerous contributions by others.

31 Anthony Robbins

(Editor's Note: The following comments on Tony Robbins are based on
personal recollections of past discussion in the group and personal
experiences, additional contributions are as always more than

Q. Who is Anthony Robbins?
A. Anthony Robbins is one of the most prolific self-improvement
personalities currently around. He is probably best known for
his infomercials pitching his 24 cassette self improvement program
called "Personal Power" (see the next question). He is the
author of two bestselling books, "Unlimited Power" and "Awaken
the Giant Within". He started his public speaking career giving
seminars with Harvey and Marilyn Diamond (see the section on
Physical Health). Soon they parted company and Tony began
offering seminars on a fairly new subject called Neuro-linguistic
Programming. After a very short training, he began to aggressively
promote himself at the "foremost NLP practitioner in the world".
For a short time he was a business partner with John Grinder who
helped invent NLP. He began going on television shows like Sally
Jesse Raphael and cure people of serious phobias right there on
the spot. Soon he was asked to write a book and put together a
series of tapes based on the live seminars he was giving all around
the United States. His infomercial soon followed, which made him
very famous. Tony is now involved in running at least 8 companies
from financial planning to a Fijiian resort to his self-improvement
seminar company. In recent years his schedule has reduced the
number of live seminars he does around the country, but he still
does an average of 5-6 seminars a month (see later question).

Q. What exactly does one learn from a Tony Robbins program?
A. Tony's programs vary tremendously and have a large scope. Tony's
material varies from changing your values and beliefs to managing
your emotional states. One simple technique he teaches is called
"Morning/Eveing Questions". The idea is that when you wake up in
the morning, you ask yourself questions that will put you into
a peak state and focus you on the positive, exciting, truly
motivating aspects of your life. For example you might ask,
"What am I really excited about in my life?" or "What am I really
grateful for in my life?" or "What could I accomplish today that
would really make life better for myself and those around me?"
Tony's philosophies focus on contribution and creating value
for others as an integral part of creating success for yourself.
If you create more value for those around you than anyone else and
do it with a sense of fun and enjoyment, how can you fail to be
happy and successful?

Q. Does the Personal Power tape program (as seen on TV) really work?
A. As anyone who reads alt.self-improve for very long, you will
find that there are many many Tony Robbins enthusiasts in the
group. This question is one of the most frequently asked. In
general when this question is raised, a wide variety of answers
are naturally given ranging from "Personal Power totally turned my
life around" to "It's a good program and I got a lot out of it."
to "it didn't help me very much." I've heard very few really
negative responses. In future versions of this FAQ, we will be
include specific comments from people. The program is fairly
costly ~$179. Success in this like anything depends very much
on one's commitment to follow through and apply what you learn.

Q. Is attending a live seminar worth the money?
A. Attending one of Tony Robbins live seminars, as almost any who
has been will tell you, is a fairly amazing experience. Tony is a
vibrant, energetic, and very entertaining speaker. His shortest
seminar lasts on the order of 10-12 hours (Strategic Influence,
cost ~$179) to the 9-Day Mastery Program (cost, ~$5000). His
seminars are very high energy and there can be anywhere from
250 - 3000 people attending a single seminar. In spite of the
large attendance Tony seems to make the seminars very personal and
interactive. Not everyone who goes feel that it changed their life
or that it was an amazing experience (especially those who shell out
$5000). General comments are usually very very positive and I
seriously doubt that Tony has lectured to any non-capacity crowds
in the past few years. I have heard several people say that the
Mastery program was not worth $5000. Most people seem to feel that
seminars such as "Unlimited Power Weekend" and "Strategic
Influence" are fun experiences if not wonderful investments.
For information on how to contact Tony Robbins' company see
Appendix A.


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