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37 AGV Companies


This article is from the Robotics FAQ, by Kevin Dowling nivek@cs.cmu.edu with numerous contributions by others.

37 AGV Companies

AGV's are Automatic Guided Vehicles. They are common in factory
automation and usually consist of mobile platforms for transporting
goods and materials within factories. Most still use buried wires for
guidance, but several vendors have or will have off-wire capabilities.
AGV subsystems can also be useful in building mobile bases. Wheel
modules can be purchased that already include hub, tire, motor,
bearings, suspension and sometimes steering as well as drive.

The first AGV was installed by the Cravens Company at Mercury Motor
Express in Columbia, SC in 1954. The use of AGV's did not take off
however and even by the early 80's the investment by US firms in AGV's
was less than $70M. However, several European companies took hold of
the idea and rapidly evolved it. The industry in the US peaked in 1985
at about $175M and is slowly recovering. -- From Modern Materials
Handling - 4/96

"AGV Products"

9307-E Monroe Road
Charlotte, NC 28270-1485
tel: 704.845.1110
fax: 704.845.1111

Controls and components for AGV's. Supplier of Schabmuller
motor-in-wheel drives.

"BT Systems"

7000 Nineteen Mile Road
Sterling Heights, MI 48314
tel: 313.254.5200
fax: 313.254.5570

Automated Handling Systems (Formerly Volvo Automated Systems)

"Caterpillar Industrial (now FMC)"

5960 Heisley Road
Mentor, OH 44060
tel: 216.357.2935
fax: 216.357.4410

Manufacturer and distributor of fork lift trucks and guided vehicles.
Cat's SGV's use rotating laser scanner and barcodes as opposed to
traditional wire-guided systems.

"Control Engineering Company"

Jervis Webb Company
34375 W. Twelve Mile Road
Farmington Hills, MI 48331-5624
tel: 313.553.1220
fax: 313.553.1253


515 East 100 South
PO Box 45425
Salt Lake City, UT 84145-0425
tel: 801.530.4000
fax: 801.530.4243

AGV's and integrated systems


4205 St. Clair Avenue
Cleveland, OH
tel: 216.881.6200
fax: 216.391.7708

Designs/manufactures rider style, electric, fork and platform mobile
material handling equipment. Line includes AGV's, high tonnage
capacity. Mobile cranes, explosion proof forklifts.

"Eskay Corporation"

563 West 500 South
Bountiful, UT 84010
tel: 801.295.5315
fax: 801.299.9990

Automated material handling systems including AGVS.

"Fata Automation"

37050 Industrial Road
Livonia, MI 48150
tel: 313.462.0678
fax: 313.462.0997

Sales and service of AGVs.

"FMC Corporation"

400 Highpont Drive
Chalfont, PA 18914
tel: 215.822.4300
fax: 215.822.4342

AGVs, Automated Handling Systems, Consulting, Trolley and Power and
Free Converyors, Tow lines, Integrated Systems and Controls, Roll
Handling Equipment.

"Frog Navigation Systems b.v."

Cartesiusweg 120
3435 BD Utrecht
The Netherlands
tel: (+31) 30 244 05 50
fax: (+31) 30 244 07 00
net: frog@ich.nl
contact: Leo Lans

1091 Centre Road, Ste 170
Auburn Hills, MI 48326
tel: (+1) 810 377 4000
fax: (+1) 810 377 4004
contact: Charles Rouse - dir of marketing and sales
net: 102024.665@compuserve.com

FROG makes AGVs and AGV navigation systems that utilize infrastructure
components to accurately determine AGV position. FROG, and the
SuperFROG AGV supervisory software, are used in both 'traditional' and
'non-traditional' AGV Markets. Traditional applications include
manufacturing and warehousing. Non-traditional applications include
container handling, personnel transport, mining and military use. FROG
will fit any vehicle and can be used in any environment from
clinically clean warehouses to weather beaten dockyards.

Articles on Frog are in 'Automation' February 1991 or in 'Modern
Materials Handling', December 1994 P.46.

"IDAB Incorporated"

1 Enterprise Parkway, Suite 300
PO Box 8157
Hampton, VA 23666
tel: 804.825.2260
fax: 804.825.9307

Automatic handling systems and AGV's

"Mannesmann Demag Corporation"

29201 Aurora Road
Cleveland, OH 44139-1895
tel: 216.248.2400
fax: 216.248.3086

Overhead cranes, wire rope and chain hoists, AGV systems, automatic
storage and retrieval systems, monorail, aircraft maintenance

"Mentor AGVS Products"

8500 Station Street
PO Box 898
Mentor, OH 44060
tel: 216.255.4051
fax: 216.255.3430

AGV systems and automated transfer cars.

"Munck Automation Technology"

161 Enterprise Drive
Newport News, VA 23603
tel: 804.887.8080
fax: 804.887.0558
url: [21]http://www.munck.com

Manufacturer and integrator of automated material handling systems.
AGVS of many configurations (unitload, forklift, towing)

"The Raymond Corporation"

South Canal Street
PO Box 130
Greene, NY 13778
tel: 607.656.2311
fax: 607.656.9005

Material handling equipment.

"Roberts Sinto Corporation"

3001 West Main Street
PO Box 40760
Lansing, MI 48901-7960
tel: 517.371.2460
fax: 517.372.4930

MGV's (Mechanically guided vehicles)

"Professional Materials Handling Co, Inc."

4203 Landmark Drive
Orlando, FL 32817
tel: 305.677.0040

Steinbock fork trucks. Wire guided, use regenerative braking.

"Saurer Automation Systems"

Saurer Automation Systems
11818 James Street
Holland, MI 49424-9658
tel: 616.393.0101
fax: 616.393.0331
Holland, MI

Saurer was formerly Litton Industrial Automation and is a full service
material handling company.

8.1.2 Underwater robots

[new section, need more information]

There are a number of companies building underwater remotely operated
vehicles (ROV's).

"[22]R.O.V. Technologies, Inc"

Franklin Road, Vernon, Vermont 05354
tel: 802.254.9353
net: [23]rovtech@sover.net

Nuclear Underwater Equipment, Sales and Service
* Hydrovision Tel UK ? 224-740145
* Benthos Tel US 1-800-446-1222
* JW Fishers Tel US 1-800-822-4744
* Sutec Tel Sweeden ? 46-13-15-80-60
* Rovtech Tel Uk ? 229-813641
* Deep Ocean Engineering Tel US 501-562-9300
* UWI Tel UK ? 224-896913


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