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36 Mobile Robot Companies part2


This article is from the Robotics FAQ, by Kevin Dowling nivek@cs.cmu.edu with numerous contributions by others.

36 Mobile Robot Companies part2


Via Valdilocchi 15
19136 La Spezia ITALY
tel: +39 187 58 2843
fax: +39 187 58 2669
contact: Gian Carlo Caligiani, Robotic Systems Office

OTO MELARA R.2.5.Robotized System
The Robotized R.2.5 (R.2.5.R) Project aims at prototyping a
mobile robot for intervention in hostile environments. The
system is composed by three main units: the transportable
control station, the radio communication set and the mobile
robot based on an armoured, diesel propelled, wheeled platform
called R.2.5. Gorgona, produced by OTO MELARA. Robot can be
remotely controlled via full-duplex radio link. Can be
teleoperated and provides supervised modes as well. Speeds from
30cm/sec to 30km/h. As of May 1994 the locomotion system and
teleoperated system are complete. Additional functionality in
the form of supervised and autonomous operation are planned.

"Poulan/Weed Eater"

c/o Robotic Solar Mower Dept.
PO Box 91329
Shreveport, LA 71149-1329
tel: 318.687.0100 X3939

[Boiled out of their press release - Gareth Branwyn] The Robotic Solar
Mower is a 5.6kg (12.5lb). automated solar-powered "lawn groomer." It
uses a wire boundary system to keep it inside the mowing area. It runs
continuously when the sun shines. Its operation is "virtually noise
free." It continues on its constant mowing course, taking between
several hours and several days to complete a grooming cycle (depending
on size of yard, obstacles, etc.). Instead of cutting 1/3 of the grass
blades (as in a conventional mower), it only trims the tips. It can
handle a yard up to 1250m^2 (13,500 ft^2) and has a slope tolerance of
15-20 degress. A pilot program is currently offering the mower in the
US for $2,000.

"Real World Interface (RWI) "

PO Box 375
32 Fitzgerald Drive
Jaffrey, NH 03452
tel: 603.532.6900
fax: 603.532.6901
net: [16]sales@rwii.com
[17]RWI homepage

RWI manufactures the B14 (an evolved B12) and B21 Mobile Robot
Systems, and in collaboration with ActivMedia, Inc. and Kurt Konolige
of SRI, the newer, low-cost, Pioneer 1 Mobile Robot.
Recently redesigned, the B14's 35.5 x 61cm (14" x 24") (d x h) Synchro
Drive Base now has built-on, tool-less access Smart Panels(tm) with
tactile sensors, a 192-watt hr, hot-swappable battery power system for
continuous service, and carries up to a 9kg (20 lb) payload. New B14
Enclosure mounts on top the Base and hosts Linux computer system,
complete with RWI's RAI robotics servers and client development
software libraries. Full range of IR, sonar, and tactile sensors
included (seamless 360-degrees, top-to-bottom bump protection).

RWI's flagship robot -- the B21 -- is for mobile autonomous research
and commercial applications. The 53x30cm (21" x 12") (d x h) 4-wheel
drive B21 Synchro Drive Base carries a payload of 190kg (200 lbs) and
has 1500-watt hours of independent battery power, hot-swappable for
continuous service. The B21 Enclosure mounts on top the Base and hosts
two internal computers plus a console laptop, all integrated via an
onboard Ethernet, Linux OS, and RWI's RAI robotics software. Smart
Panels(tm) around give easy access to Base and Enclosure equipment and
host a full range of IR, sonar, and tactile sensors. Optional
four-axis arm has gripper and 360-degree wrist, and mounts inside
Both the B14 and B21 Mobile Robots come with a variety of accessories,
including a newly released stereo vision system and other video
options, radio Ethernet, compass, text-to-speech interface, and more.
Released Summer '95 at IJCAI, the Real World/ActivMedia/Konolige
[18]Pioneer 1 Mobile Robot is targeted for research and training where
affordability (under $2500!) and many platforms are required. Based on
the popular and winning (AAAI '94) Flaky, Pioneer 1 has a
position-accurate 2-wheel drive in a 46 x 35.5 x 23cm (18x14x9") (l x
w x h) chassis, which also carries a 84 watt-hr powerpack and hosts
seven sonars. The custom on-board 68HC11-based controller runs a suite
of robotics servers accessible via onboard serial port by piggyback
laptop or basestation computer client software running SRI's Saphira
software for research in multiple-intelligence and interactive
behaviors. Client libraries and a simulator are included to assist
application development. Fast-Track Vision System, based on [19]Newton
Labs' Cognachrome Vision System now available for Pioneer 1.
Manipulation gripper, vision system, experimenter's modules, and
supporting textbooks by Dr. Kurt Konolige to come.

(B14) B14 Base w/ tactile Smart Panels(tm)            $8,500
      B14 Enclosure w/ full sensor array              $6,000
      B14 Pentium (100/16/540MB)*                     $2,850+/-
      B14 Power Station                                 $400
(B21) B21 Base w/ tactile & IR Smart Panels(tm)  $19,500
      B21 Enclosure w/ full sensor array             $11,500
      B21 Four-Axis Arm                              $18,250
      B21 Pentium (133/32/1200)*                      $4,125+/-
      B21 Pentium Console (100/16/540/28cm screen)     $4,350+/-
      B21 Power Station                               $1,500
(Acc) Pan-Tilt Head                                   $1,950
      PCI-based Video Frame Grabber                     $950
      CCD Cameras (color  & B &W)           $931-$1,375
      Radio Links (RS-232  & Ethernet)           $595-$5,390
      Digital Navigation Compass                        $850
(New) Basic Robot                                     $2,495
      Fast-Track Vision System                        $2,995**
      Gripper                                           $750
      ComRad RS-232 Radio                               $595
      Experimenter's Module                             $200

* All Bxx computers come with Linux and RWI RAI software installed and
with Ethernet networking. ** Introductory price good through May,


114 Union Valley Road
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
tel: 615.483.0228
fax: 615.483.1426

The ANDROS line of teleoperated mobile robots. These were designed to
be useful in the nuclear industry and in other hazardous applications,
and are very rugged. You can hose them down. Available in a range of
sizes, with a variety of optional attachments, such as video cameras,
arms, etc.

"TAG Technology"

5 Bowlands Mill, Dispensary Street
Alnwick, Northumberland, NE661LN, UK
tel: +44 655 604895
fax: +44 665 510624
net: [20]http://www.tag.co.uk/robots/

A variety of small modular mobile robots, sensors and controllers.
* Frank - a tracked vehicle. Cost $UK 3198
* Igor - a small quadraped walking machine. $UK 2238
* Sensors - ultrasound and IR. $UK 144 - 318 depending on model.
* Neural modeling system - single eurocard board for neural work.

"Visual Inspection Technologies"

27-2 Ironia Road
Flanders, NJ 07836-9124
tel: 201.927.0033
fax: 201.927.3207

VIT specializes in remote visual and ultrasonic testing but sells or
rents a small tracked rover for inspection work. Products include
ROVVER, SPOT, and PIPECAT vertical pipe crawler. VIT also makes
miniature remote pan and tilt devices.

"Yamazaki Construction Company"

Intelligent Robot Lab
Kaika Building
2-7-1 Sotokanda
Chiyoda-ku 101 Tokyo
tel: 81-3-5256-0715

LR1 robot - small research robot, basically a VME cage on wheels with
some ultrasonic sensors and a nice constant force suspension. Has
shown up at IEEE R &A conferences $30K.

"RoboSoft SA"

6, allee Paul Cezanne
93360 Neuilly Plaisance
tel: +33 1 4944 3035
fax: +33 1 4944 3297


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