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37 World-Wide Web (Fusion)


This article is from the Fusion FAQ, by Robert F. Heeter heeter1@llnl.gov with numerous contributions by others.

37 World-Wide Web (Fusion)

* Much of the public-domain fusion info is now available
via WWW: At this time, it appears that most of the
major U.S. fusion research labs have information available
on the Web, and the amount of available information is
growing rapidly. Available materials include basic
fusion information, all sorts of pictures, information
about each lab's research projects, and more.

* Navigating the Web is a little hard to explain, but for fusion,
the easiest way to start is to go to the Department of Energy's
Office of Fusion Energy page. (Address given below.) From here,
you can (I think) move upwards within DOE to the Office of
Energy Research, or downwards to many of the fusion labs.
Alternatively, once you know the "URL" addresses of a lab's WWW
documents, you can open them up directly with the "Open URL"
menu command.

* Address (temporary) for this FAQ: http://www.pppl.gov/~rfheeter

* Some of the Principal Fusion / Plasma URL addresses to try:

http://www.ofes.science.doe.gov/ (Office of Fusion Energy)
http://www-plasma.umd.edu (Plasma Science Home Page)
http://fusedweb.pppl.gov FusEdWeb: Fusion Energy Educational Web Site
http://www.pppl.gov/ (Princeton Plasma Physics Lab)
http://demo-www.gat.com/ (General Atomics / DIII-D)
http://www-phys.llnl.gov/X_Div/index.html (Livermore's ICF Group)
http://www.jet.efda.org (Joint European Torus)

* Additional Web Sites that may be of Interest:
http://cmfd.univ.trieste.it/cmfd.html (Trieste, Italy, MHD Site)
http://cmfd.univ.trieste.it/cmfd.html (MIT Plasma Fusion Center)
http://w3fusion.ph.utexas.edu/frc.html (U. Texas Fusion Res. Center)
http://www.bates.edu/~jnotte/BEPT/bept.html Bates Electron Plasma Trap
http://w3fusion.ph.utexas.edu/frc.html (ORNL Fusion Division)

(Apologies to those labs I left off this list; I figured this
would give anyone interested a decent start, and then the rest
of the labs are easy to get to.)


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