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36 WAIS (Wide-Area Information Server) Databases (Fusion)


This article is from the Fusion FAQ, by Robert F. Heeter heeter1@llnl.gov with numerous contributions by others.

36 WAIS (Wide-Area Information Server) Databases (Fusion)

[ Information on the sunsite.unc.edu WAIS database provided
by Chuck Harrison, harr@netcom.com ]

* sunsite.unc.edu has a searchable WAIS archive of all postings
on sci.physics.fusion (1989-present). According to Chuck
Harrison (harr@netcom.com), "WAIS access means it is
*searchable* on free-text keywords, which means alot when
you're trying to find old vaguely-recollected postings from
the 30MB or so of archive. I created the thing because I
found that hunting through the vm1.nodak.edu [anonymous FTP
site, see below ] archives by ftp was prohibitively
time-consuming, so I suspect anyone who *wants* to look in
the newsgroup history (who knows why? ;-) ) should try
the WAIS database first if they have access (e.g. swais,
WWW, gopher, or telnet to sunsite)."

* Accessing the sunsite archives - directions:
[ The information below is straight from Chuck Harrison ]

1. If you are directly connected to Internet, you can
log onto a public WAIS server at the University of North

          %telnet sunsite.unc.edu
          login: swais
          TERM = (unknown) vt100
          It takes a minute to load ...

2. If you have a "gopher" client, you can use it for WAIS
access. Many university campuses provide gopher as a
public information service.

2a. On most systems, you first select an option
labeled "Other Systems", then from that menu
select "WAIS based information". Since each
gopher site creates its own menus, I can't tell
you exactly where to go from there.

2b. If you can gopher to SunSITE, at UNC, navigate
the menus down thru SunSITE archives..All
[ Sometimes conventional fusion comes second! ]

2c. If you can 'telnet' but not 'gopher', you may telnet
to sunsite.unc.edu and login as 'gopher'. Then follow
2a or 2b above.

3. If you have World Wide Web (WWW) browser, such as
Mosaic, Cello, or Lynx, you may use the following URL:
wais://sunsite.unc.edu/fusion-digest (newsgroup archive)

[ More info on other Gopher and WWW resources is given below. ]

4. If you have a WAIS client on your system (the most common
ones are "swais" -- character-based, and "xwais" -- for
X-Windows), use it.


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