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Hard Drive: NCL: 9121A 107MB 3.5"/HH IDE / AT

9 1 2 1 A    NCL
NO MORE PRODUCED                                      Native|  Translation
Form                 3.5"/HH               Cylinders    1166|     |     |
Capacity form/unform   107/      MB        Heads           5|     |     |
Seek time   / track  16.5/     ms          Sector/track   36|     |     |
Controller           IDE / AT              Precompensation
Cache/Buffer               KB              Landing Zone
Data transfer rate    1.250 MB/S int       Bytes/Sector      512
                            MB/S ext
Recording method     RLL 2/7                        operating  | non-operating
Supply voltage     5/12 V       Temperature *C                 |
Power: sleep              W     Humidity     %                 |
       standby            W     Altitude    km                 |
       idle               W     Shock        g                 |
       seek               W     Rotation   RPM      3565
       read/write         W     Acoustic   dBA
       spin-up            W     ECC        Bit
                                MTBF         h      50000
                                Warranty Month
Lift/Lock/Park     YES          Certificates                                  



  |                                                         |XX
  |                                                         |XX I
  |                                                         |XX N
  +-+                                                       |XX T
  | |                                                       |XX E
  | | J2                                                    |XX R J1
  | |                                                       |XX F
  | |                                                       |XX A
  | |                                               M +--+  |XX C
  | |                                               S |  |  |XX E
  | |                                               M2|  |  |XX
  +-1                                                 +--+  |XX
 ++                                                         |XX
 ++LED (to pins 1-2 of J2)                                  |  1
  |                                                         |XX
  |                                                         |XXPower



Jumper Setting

Correctly jumper the hard drive before installing it into the
computer. The IDE/AT interface controls a maximum of two (2) hard

   |Drive Config.         | M | S | M2|
   |One Drive Master "C"  |IN |OUT|OUT|
   |Two Drive Master "C"  |IN |OUT|IN |
   |Two Drive Slave  "D"  |OUT|IN |OUT|



Installing the Hard Drive
Install the hard drive in accordance with the User's Manual of the
computer. There are two cable that need to be connected to the IDE/AT
hard drive, the 40 pin interface connector and the power connector.
The power connector is keyed and can only be connected one way. The
interface connector may not be keyed. Connect pin one on the hard
drive to pin one on the IDE/AT adapter on the host computer.



Important Information
The IDE/AT hard drive can only operate in AT type (286, 386 and 486)
computers with an IDE Host Adapter, or with computers that have IDE/
AT integrated into the Motherboard.

All BT9000A drives automatically park and lock the data heads in a
dedicated landing zone when power is turned off. The heads will auto-
matically unlock when power is turned on.

System Setup
After the IDE/AT hard drive is installed and cable ready, select a
"Drive Type" in the host computer's BIOS. Normally, the "Drive Type"
is set according to the number of heads and cylinders. IDE/AT hard
drives are set based on CAPACITY. Always choose a "Drive Type" that
is equal or less than the drive's actual "Maximum Capacity".

"Drive Type(s)" that are preconfigured by the computer manufacturers
are called "Standard Drive Types". "Standard Drive Types" cannot be
modified. Computers that support "User Define Drive Type(s)" allow
the operator to create any drive configuration. If the host computer
does not have a "Standard Drive Type" that matches the IDE/AT drive's
actual configuration, and does not support "User Define Drive Types",
a "Standard Drive Type" that is equal or less than the drive's actual
Maximum Capacity must be selected.

BIOS's that display the capacity of the "Drive Type" may be
incorrect. Selecting a "Drive Type" that exceeds the actual "Maximum
Capacity" will cause the drive to operate improperly.

IBM/MS DOS versions 3.xx and 4.xx support a maximum of 1024
cylinders. DOS will ignore any cylinders over 1024. Because of this
limitation with DOS, the drive cannot achieve maximum capacity. To
overcome this limitation use Ontrack's DiskManager along with
SWBIOS.EXE and/or Translation Mode. If the computer's BIOS supports
"User Define Drive Types", then reconfigure the drive type to less
than 1024 cylinders.

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