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5.1 Learning ARexx


This article is from the Amiga Books FAQ, by Marc Atkin with numerous contributions by others.

5.1 Learning ARexx

o Merrill Callaway: The ARexx Cookbook Whitestone, 1992. ISBN 0-9632733-0-8 Optional Companion Disk: ISBN 0-9632773-1-6

A very good introduction to ARexx. The book uses examples to introduce the features of this programing language. The examples are often very useful themselves. This book is not a reference manual, but a tutorial. I would say it is very well suited for beginners but also for more advanced programmers.

rbyrne@3dform.edex.edu.au (Robert Byrne): "This book makes heavy reference to William S. Hawes Arexx and the Commodore Manual (Part No. 363313-05) and first time users are advised to have one of these handy, preferably Hawes."

o Commodore Business Machines: The Programmers Guide to ARexx Commodore, 1991. CATS part number: AREXX01, disk: AREXX01D $20.00

Manual (228 pages) and disk designed to allow you easy access to the power of ARexx. Includes information on how to make effective use of ARexx, how to conform to development standards and how to interface applicatations to the ARexx environment.

luebke@erls02.siemens.de (Reinhard Luebke), 7 Oct 1993: "This book covers all topics regarding 'how to program for ARexx in C', e.g. creating libraries and function hosts. Worth to say, that all examples in the book can be found on a disk that comes bundled with the book."

o Michael Metz et al.: ARexx - Eine Einfuehrung und mehr Compustore Handelsgesellschaft fuer EDV & Werbung, 1994. ISBN 3-930733-00-5 535 pages, DM 89.00 (Written in German)

This book is divided into three the parts: the first covers the basics of ARexx (variables, operators, the instructions, etc., organized both alphabetically and by topic) and the ARexx environment. The second covers three common ARexx function libraries (RexxArpLib, APIG, and RexxSerDev.library), the third "hosts": the RexxPlus compiler, ExecRexx, writing ARexx scripts for application programs. A disk with all examples and libraries may be purchased separately for an additional DM 10.

humpty@TOMATE.TNG.OCHE.DE (Andreas Mixich), 26 Jan 1996: "All in all I must say this book is extremely useful. [...] It is perfect for beginners (well, you should have used your Amiga for some months...) and a nice reference for advanced. Of special interest are the parts II and III, which may not be found described like that anywhere else."

o Paul Overaa: Mastering Amiga Arexx Bruce Smith Books, 1993. ISBN 1-873308-13-2

ARexx programming, with information on adding an ARexx port to your program.

gnome@martinac.demon.co.uk (John Marchant), 15 May 1995: "Paul Overaa's book is excellent, but more of a tutorial."

o Chris Zamara and Nick Sullivan: Using ARexx on the Amiga Abacus, 1991. ISBN 1-55755-114-6.

barrett@cs.umass.edu (Dan Barrett), 24 Mar 1994: "This is a good book with a particularly good function reference section. It also gives examples of ARexx programming with some commercial products. The only bad part of the book is its terrible index."

paulg@kralizec.zeta.org.au (Paul Gittings), 28 Mar 1994: "This is the only Abacus book that I have found to be of any use, I almost didn't buy it because it was an Abacus book but I'm very glad I did. This book is very well suited to a beginner ARexx programmer (more so than Callaway's book) and also very useful as a reference for more advanced users. The example code is very trivial and therefore easy to understand, for more complex and useful code examples get Callaway's book."

gnome@martinac.demon.co.uk (John Marchant), 15 May 1995: "I recommend the Abacus book for easy look-up of functions etc."

anderson4@delphi.com (Stanley Anderson), 30 Jun 1995: "[This book] has proven invaluable to me in jamming together some Arexx macros for FinalWriter."


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