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Amiga-related Books FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about

Amiga Related Books FAQ was compiled and written by Marc Atkin with numerous contributions by others.

This FAQ is compiled as a service to the Amiga community. It is an attempt to give the Amiga programmer and user an overview of useful books for his/her favorite computer. It is not complete. If you feel that a book should be added to the list, want to comment on one of the books in the list, want to point out mistakes or add missing information, please send e-mail to: atkin@cs.umass.edu

I think it is useful to hear people's comments about particular books. That is why some book descriptions are followed by quotes that I picked up from the Usenet Amiga news groups. If you want to have your comment removed or want to say something about a particular book, please contact me. Anonymous comments, content-free opinions, or remarks that I determine to be factually wrong will not be accepted.

The most up-to-date text version of this FAQ can be found at: http://eksl-www.cs.umass.edu/~atkin/amiga/books.faq.txt There is also a HTML version available: http://eksl-www.c s.umass.edu/~atkin/amiga/books.faq.html

This document is copyright (c) 2001, Marc Atkin . All rights reserved. Permission is granted for non-profit distribution of this document as long as it is kept intact. Inclusion of this FAQ in commercial publications (including CDROMs) requires express written permission.

Unless otherwise specified, all prices are in U.S. Dollars:

  o AUS: Australian Dollars 
  o CAN: Canadian Dollars 
  o UKP: English Pounds 
  o DM: German Marks 

Book comments without an attribution are my own (well, at least I take responsibility for them). I try to give information about the newest edition of a book. If a comment's date precedes the publication date, it's probably referring to an older edition.

Part I: Understanding the Amiga

-1.1 Programmer's 'Must Haves'
amiga books: Programmer's 'Must Haves'
-1.2 Programmer's Reference
amiga books: Programmer's Reference
-1.3 General Reference
amiga books: General Reference
-1.4 AmigaDOS
amiga books: AmigaDOS
-1.5 Hardware
amiga books: Hardware
-1.6 Important Older Material
amiga books: Important Older Material

Part II: Assembly Programming

-2.1 Learning Assembly (680x0)
amiga books: Learning Assembly (680x0)
-2.2 Reference
amiga books: Reference

Part III: C Programming

-3.1 Learning C
amiga books: Learning C
-3.2 Reference
amiga books: Reference
-3.3 Amiga Specific
amiga books: Amiga Specific

Part IV: C++ Programming

-4.0 Ordering Information
amiga books: Ordering Information
-4.1 Learning C++
amiga books: Learning C++
-4.2 Reference
amiga books: Reference

Part V: ARexx Programming

-5.1 Learning ARexx
amiga books: Learning ARexx
-5.2 Reference
amiga books: Reference

Part VI: Applications Programming

-6.1 Compilers
amiga books: Compilers
-6.2 Computer Graphics
amiga books: Computer Graphics
-6.2 User Interfaces
amiga books: User Interfaces

Part VII: Using Applications

-7.1 The Video Toaster
amiga books: The Video Toaster
-7.2 Telecommunications
amiga books: Telecommunications
-7.3 Music
amiga books: Music

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