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4.0 Ordering Information


This article is from the Amiga Books FAQ, by Marc Atkin with numerous contributions by others.

4.0 Ordering Information

o Area52

Area52 6 Lodge Lane East Setauket, NY 11733 USA

o Ralph Babel's Amiga Guru Book

In the past, you could have purchased the book through:

Stefan Ossowskis Schatztruhe Gesellschaft fuer Software mbH Veronikastrasse 33 D-45131 Essen Germany Voice: +49 (201) 788778 Fax: +49 (201) 798447 E-Mail: stefano@tchest.e.eunet.de

ronald11@altavista.com (Ronald van Dijk), 08 Jan 2001: "It is no longer available from Schatztruhe. I guess it is also no longer available from the other stores in the list, but I have not verified this."

o Bookmark Publishing

Bookmark Publishing Ltd The Old School Greenfield MK45 5DE United Kingdom Tel: +44 1525 713671 Fax: +44 1525 713716


As of April 28th, 1994, CATS USA no longer exists. But you can still order developer material from Hirsch & Wolf in Germany:

Hirsch & Wolf oHG Attn: Hans-Helmut Hirsch Mittelstr. 33 D-56564 Neuwied Germany

Fax: ++49-2631-839931 Tel: ++49-2631-83990 UUCP:hhhirsch@carla.adsp.sub.org (Fax preferred)

o Compute Books

Sheldon Leemon "sleemon@earthlink.net", 18 Jun 1996: "[...] as Compute books has been out of business for a while, most books are available only from the authors. I still have about a hundred copies of my AmigaDOS Reference Guide, 4th edition, which covers all AmigaDOS versions up to 3.x. Those interested in purchasing the book can write to me directly:

Sheldon Leemon 26515 Hendrie Blvd. Huntington Woods, MI 48070

The price for the book is $15, postpaid in the U.S. If you are outside the U.S., inquire to `ac666@detroit.freenet.org' for rates including foreign shipping."

o Intangible Assets Manufacturing

Intangible Assets Manufacturing 828 Ormond Avenue Drexel Hill, PA 19026-2604 USA

voice: +1 610 853 4406 fax: +1 610 853 3733 WWW: http://www.iam.com e-mail: info@iam.com

o Motorola

You can download most Motorola documents as pdf files at the Motorola Design Center:


Click on the "Order Documentation" link to get the the Literature Distribution Center, which lets you order printed materials.


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