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3.1 Learning C


This article is from the Amiga Books FAQ, by Marc Atkin with numerous contributions by others.

3.1 Learning C

o L. S. Foster: C by Discovery [Cal State Long Beach] Scott/Jones Inc., [year?]. ISBN 0-9624230-2-5

aga@qedbbs.com (Peter Dilley), 28 Jul 93: "Do buy. [...] learn from a Phd, not a freakin graduate of Computer Learning Center, or someone who read books like "Teach yourself... C". It's about 3 1/2" and thick and emphasizes ANSI C."

o Dan Gookin: C for Dummies Volume 1 IDG Books, 1994. ISBN 1-878058-78-9

Charles Patterson (midian@azstarnet.com), 4 Oct 1997: "The basics of ANSI C in an easy to read and understand format. Very useful for the beginner."

o Al Kelly, Ira Pohl: A Book on C (3rd edition) Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Co. , 1995. ISBN 0-8053-1677-9

heyman@acad.stedwards.edu (Jerry Heyman), 30 Jun 1995: "Another book that I would recommend (and in fact I teach from it) [...] It is [...] written with a new programmer in mind, and takes each example apart line by line."

o Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie: The C Programming Language (2nd edition) Prentice Hall , 1988. ISBN 0-13-110362-8 about $35

German edition: Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie: Programmieren in C Hanser-Verlag, 1990. ISBN 3-446-15497-3

The classical introductory C book, written by the people who invented the language!

bwh@beach.cis.ufl.edu (Brian Hook), 06 Dec 1993: "If you don't know C, buy this book NOW. Great C reference, eminently readable. Wonderful wondeful book. If you do know C already, then you probably already OWN this book. If you are learning C and trying to do it with some lame SAMS/Que/MIS Press/M&T/Wiley/McGraw-Hill cheezy trade paperback with a title like "Using Borland C++" or "C++ in 21 days" or "Learning C" or "Using C" or "Learning C by Example" then you are doing yourself a disservice. Get this book instead."

FURY@doomsday.shnet.org (Stephan Fuhrmann), 23 Jun 1995: "This one is great, it's written by the authors of the C language and covers ANSI and almost all C library functions."

o Stephen G. Kochan: Programming in ANSI C (Revised Edition) SAMS Publishing , 1994. ISBN 0-672-30339-6 $29.95

jblume@bix.com (Jeff Blume), 16 Jun 1995: "I have been getting a lot out of [this book]. I wish I had found it years ago. I never would have gone near BASIC."

o Paul Perry and Stephen Potts: Crash Course in C (2nd edition) QUE, 1994. ISBN 1-56529-940-X

Charles Patterson (midian@azstarnet.com), 4 Oct 1997: "Quick introduction to ANSI C, but also contains a few MS-DOS specific conventions."

o Herbert Schildt: C - The Complete Reference (2nd edition) Osborne McGraw-Hill , [year?]. ISBN 0-07-881538-X $28.95

Matt.Hey@mtask.omahug.org (Matt Hey), 22 May 93: "The best book I have found for [learning C] is not Amiga specific, but it does cover the entire ANSI standard (as well as Unix & some PC stuff)."

o Herbert Schildt: ANSI C Made Easy [publisher?], [year?]. [ISBN?]

jeffm@zeus.surf.tach.net (Jeffery C. May), 29 Jun 1995: "Unlike the other books I have seen offered, this one is FOR beginners."

davegood@umdsun2.umd.umich.edu (dave good), 3 Jul 1995: "I would hesitate to recommend Schildt's books, I don't like the way he presents things; I've seen a lot of things that would confuse a beginner, but I don't think they're obvious."

o Charles Siegel: Teach Yourself... C MIS Press, [year?]. [ISBN?]

aga@qedbbs.com (Peter Dilley), 28 Jul 93: "Do not buy. [The book] is not good. Only as a blurb term introduction. The source code contained is extremely poor. Almost child-like. Besides most of them won't compile without massive errors on the Amiga with its ANSI C compilers."

o Mitchell Waite & Stephen Prata: The Waite Group's New C Primer Plus Waite Group Press , 1990. ISBN 0-672-22687-1

davegood@umdsun2.umd.umich.edu (dave good), 3 Jul 1995: "In my opinion, the best book for an absolute C beginner is the `C Primer Plus' [...]. Definitely the best beginner friendly book I have ever seen."

o [author?] JAMSA'S 1001 C/C++ Tips [publisher?], [year?]. [ISBN?]

beckwwp@eng.auburn.edu (Wendell P. Beckwith), 24 Feb 1994: "... the book is written for dos machines and comes with a source disk. Approximately 85% of the source code can be used by your Amiga without any modification. [...] Keep in mind that this book is not Amiga specific, but having the ability to load and compile complete examples in seconds is a real boon to the novice and mega-user, both young and old."


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