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54 Mail (MachTen)


This article is from the MachTen & CodeBuilder FAQ, by Jaime Julca jjulca@tenon.com with numerous contributions by others.

54 Mail (MachTen)

G2.a. Do both versions of your product (Power MachTen and Professional
MachTen ) support POP mail service?

Yes. We've recently found that popper (the public domain pop server that
ships with Power MachTen) has some inherent bugs in it, so we've ported a
different POP server, pop3d, that seems to work well. You can find pop3d on
the Ported Applications CD and on our FTP site.

G2.b. Why are Eudora users having so many problems retrieving their mail?

Some POP (e.g. popper) servers have a hard time with the following:

* spaces or dots in passwords,
* user id's of less than 10, or
* user names with capital characters

The POP daemon is case sensitive, and it only wants lowercase. If your users
want to use POP clients, they will need to specify their user names all in
lowercase in the Eudora settings. Make sure that the UID of the person
trying to pop the mail is greater than 10. The UID requirement is hard coded
into the POP daemon. pop3d solves all these problems.

G2.c. How do I start popper?

Popper is enabled if the "enable incoming connections" box is checked. It
may not show up in the process list, however, since it is called on the fly
when an incoming connection comes in.

G2.d. How do I start pop3d?

Almost the same way as popper. Install pop3d. Then edit /etc/inetd.conf on
the line that begins with 'pop' -- change '/usr/libexec/popper' to
'/usr/libexec/pop3d' and change 'popper' to 'pop3d'. You must restart inetd
for the change to take effect. The simplest way to do this is to restart

G2.e. Why do some users get a "Mail drop locked" message from Eudora?

Delete the .pop.xxxx files in your mail server's spool directory. These
files occasionally remain locked when a POP connection is broken, so
deleting them should clear up the problem.

G2.f. Is sendmail configured out of the box to send and receive mail over
the Internet or do I have to configure it?

The MachTen control panel has an "enable incoming mail" box. If the
hostname, IP addresses, and domain name are all correct, sendmail should
work out of the box.

G2.g. How do I configure sendmail to restrict the size of both incoming and
outgoing mail to some arbitrary size?

We are not aware of any sendmail configuration option that will do this.

G2.h. How can I have a mail address name that is longer than eight

Assign an alias in the /etc/aliases file like this: webmaster: webmstr
All mail addressed to webmaster will then go to webmstr. You'll need to
restart MachTen for the change to take effect.

G2.i. Can I run popper and sendmail under MachTen and run the Apple Internet
Mail Server under MacOS while MachTen is just doing the routing?

That should be fine. Disable incoming connections and receipt of mail for


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