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53 Patches and updates (MachTen)


This article is from the MachTen & CodeBuilder FAQ, by Jaime Julca jjulca@tenon.com with numerous contributions by others.

53 Patches and updates (MachTen)

G1.a. Do I need a patch?

If you are having problems with MachTen, the first question to ask
yourself is "Do I need a patch?" Check to see if your problem matches or is
similar to any of those below. If so, install the patch. If the problem
persists and this FAQ doesn't answer it, please contact us.

MachTen 4.0.3:

* The system freezes or gives "MacTCP error" when using almost any
networking software under MachTen or while MachTen is running.
* Other systems can ping your MachTen machine but can't connect to it.
* MachTen was killed during startup with line "at0:IP encapsulated in
appletalk:net:0 node:1" or with "Network is unreachable".
* Issuing rlogin, telnet and other remote commands gives "Unable to
connect to remote host: Connection reset by peer".
* Quitting Netscape 2.01 gives continual "Please wait for network
operations to complete".
* Internet Explorer 2.0 says it needs MacTCP version 2.0 when starting
under MachTen.
* PCI PowerMac freezes after exiting X and running ShutDown.
* PCI PowerMac gives "Type one error" message when you click at the upper
edge of an X window.

MachTen 4.0.2:

* xconsole displayed following error message: " xterm:Error 29, errno 95:
No bufferspace available".
* Fragment Load Err: - 2807 - Loaded Fragment has Unacceptable Unresolved
Symbols ... mgmainnet init: can't exec getty '/usr/libexec/getty' for
port /dev/console: Input/output error.
* telnet or rlogin to any host causes Macintosh to freeze.
* Netscape Atlas won't run.
* Error Type 1 when using the X Windows environment in full screen mode
(..X -fs) and clicking on the upper edge to go see the menu.
* sendmail problems, especially when trying to serve additional domains
and sending attachments with the e-mail.
* Macintosh hangs after launching pppclient.
* pppclient script negotiates with the server to use the IP address that
is set up for MachTen's ethernet interface, instead of using the
pre-determined address for the PPP client.

MachTen 2.2:

* An error occurs when MachTen is looking for MultiFinder in System 7.5.3
and 7.5.5.
* "Unimplemented Trap" after the line displaying hardware and net address
in MachTen startup under System 7.5.2 or 7.5.3.
* "Mouse cursor droppings" while running X 3.1 under MacOS 7.5.3 on a
PowerBook 190 or under emulation on a PowerMac.
* xdm starts X server but gives no login prompt.

XTen 6.0:

* Netscape 2.0 and 3.0B2 hang the system if run while XTen is running
(the latter hangs if I try to shut it down after running it from the
Mac desktop -- MacTCP is trying forever to complete network services).

G1.b. What is the difference between the CU1 on the Ported Apps CD and the
CU1 on the FTP site?

The CU1 on the FTP site is newer and has the following additional features:

* minor processor (604) dependent bug fixed
* 1400/2300/5300 powerbook bug fixed
* gdb on non-root volume bug fixed


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