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01 Introduction: Conversations with Nostradamus by D.Cannon


This article is from the Prophecies of Nostradamus FAQ, by nanomius@netcom.com.

01 Introduction: Conversations with Nostradamus by D.Cannon

This is a compilation and consolodation of key information from the
books in the trilogy, _Conversations with Nostradamus_ by Dolores
Cannon. Volumes I and II are available from America West Publishers,
P.O. Box 986, Tehachapi, CA 93581, ph (805) 822-9655. Volume III is
available from Ozark Mountain Publishers, P.O. Box 754, Huntsville,
AR 72740-0754. A good introduction to the overall project and
relationship between D.Cannon, her subjects, Nostradamus, and the
quatrains can be found in chapter 7 of I.

This first version of this FAQ paraphrases the first book in her
trilogy. Subsequent versions will incorporate material from the
second two books. The FAQ consists mainly of paraphrases from the
books (which are almost entirely the verbatim, directly channeled
material from the D.Cannon subjects) with some "overview

I have dealt exclusively with D.Cannon's books because they appear to
me to be the utmost authoritative reference of all accumulated
literature on the subject and at the same time its apocalyptic
messages beg for further exposure beyond its current semi-obscurity.
In particular I've tried to focus on future events, the "warnings",
the secret conspiracies, plans, and weaponry of the Cabal and the
Antichrist, and the relationships to electronic communications
(although the latter is covered in the second and third books of the
trilogy, not yet incorporated into this FAQ).

In this FAQ, the books of the D. Cannon trilogy are abbreviated in
this text as "I-III" with page numbers. Quatrains are abbreviated
"c[x]-[y]" where 'c' stands for "Century", [x] is the book, and [y]
is the quatrain number. In some cases, particularly in the second and
third books, Nostradmus went into a sort of "free association" mode
where his messages were not directly related to particular quatrains,
and in this case the page number in the trilogy alone is given. I
have not included the quatrains themselves in this version of the
FAQ, future versions may incorporate them directly.


This is only a reorganization of material given elsewhere.
I have strived to organize it into a more streamlined version than
given in the original books. However, I strongly advise the serious
reader to read the D.Cannon books. The major possibility for
misinterpretation in this FAQ is in the time sequence of events,
which Nostradamus tends to be obscure in defining, even in these new,
direct, translations (he does not appear capable of discriminating
the time resolution under a few years, and the dates he does give are
given in terms of maddeningly unfocused astrological alignments). A
significant deal of guesswork is still involved in dating the precise
sequence of events.


I am explicitly renouncing any rights to this work. You are free to
redistribute it in any way, in whole or in part, under no
restrictions. I do ask that you try to retransmit it in whole form if
possible, or at least include the entire table of contents.

However, be aware that much of this FAQ is a very close paraphrase of
the books that some may argue would border on copyright infringement.
I personally think the data is far to important to be subject to
petty feuds about ownership and that the whole idea is contrary to
intellectual freedom (and I intend that the ultimate effect be that
far more people are exposed to her works than would have otherwise
occured, and that this will lead to greater sales and distribution of
them). But on the other hand I condemn anyone who redistributes this
FAQ with the sole intent of alone profiting from my own intense work
on it. Let your conscience be your guide, email me if you have
doubts, and if you don't have a conscience, we'll both be far better
off if I *don't* hear from you.

My Note to Enemies

Just as D. Cannon wrote that she fully expected to be accused of
perpetuating a massive hoax, and actually published the books at
great personal risk under her real name, I fully expect to be subject
to vicious attacks for this "exercise in conscience". I have
absolutely no use for closeminded, ignorant people jamming my mailbox
with naive and uninformed vitriol. However, if you must have an
outlet, feel free to post it to alt.prophecies.nostradamus, and
everyone else will feel free to ignore you.

I expect to see many variations of veiled or direct attacks on these
predictions. However, those that most upset me are by people who
consider themselves "skeptics" or of "scientific" background. Many
would argue that the burden of proof is on D.Cannon and others
(such as myself) who promote the material to defend it. This is
certainly true to a point, but I think the idea that skepticism
is at the core of science is somewhat erroneous.

The essence of science to me is skeptical *inquiry*, not mere
skepticism. The skepticism is the conservative aspect of science, and
the inquiry is the enthusiastic, passionate, exploratory phase. There
cannot be true progress unless the two are in harmony. With only pure
skepticism, one becomes paralyzed from further progress. With only
enthusiasm, one becomes overly gullible and credulous. So to those of
you who challenge these predictions on scientific grounds, I
challenge you to explore them before you dismiss them, to at least
read the books and build an informed opinion that is not based on a
merely vacuous "knee jerk".

A famous quotation by Newton on his deathbed went along the lines,
"All my life I have felt as if I have been exploring a shore and
looking at a few pretty shells here and there, while the whole ocean
of truth lay undiscovered before me." Arrogant scientists may
disagree, but I think Newton was right on. I believe that those who
think that science in its present state has largely conquered
reality, with a few uncooperative islands of the unexplained
remaining, are mistaken. To the contrary, in my opinion, our science
has mastered only tiny pockets of truth in a vast landscape, and
Nostradamus' capabilities and predictions are (or will be)
bone-jarring evidence of our astonishing overall ignorance of the


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