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This article is from the Magick-Chaos FAQ, by AShdeamoNium ashton@netcom.com with numerous contributions by others.

05.02. Chaos Order? p1

From z@cluster.net

Any appearance of organization is result of sorcerous attacks
by the Lords of Order.

From: johnson@sleipnir.pb.wes.mot.com (Mark Johnson)

Beware of equating things based on the occurence of the same label.

We are talking about three things here:

1. Chaos science: the characterization of nonlinear phenomena to
facilitate a limited mathematical predictability.
2. Chaos: disorder. The absence or diminished presence of order
where a higher degree of order is expected.
3. Chaos: the elemental force of creation and destruction, as
opposed to order, the sustaining and suppressing force.

3 is the original definition, from the greek. 2 is a common
misinterpretation, and 1 is a name chosen by mathematicians
on the grounds that it sounds cool.

From: pali151@netcom.com (Tzimon Yliaster)
Subject: Re: Stalking 101

Tyagi Mordred Nagasiva (Tyagi@cup.portal.com) wrote:
: The way that I define 'chaos', it does *not* include organization.
: There is no perceivable order inherent to anything that is 'chaotic'.
: Therefore, 'chaotic organization' is, with this definition,
: meaningless, and oxy-moron.
: Tzi, I'd like to know what 'chaos' means to you that it might contain
: any hint of organization at any time. Thanks.
: Tyagi

Order is a subset of Chaos, temporarily existent at times, and drawing
its existence from our perception. A group of individuals may work
together in a coherent way to accomplish a chaotick act, and when the
act is finished, move on. As long as they have done so of their own
whim and will, then they haven't acted in any way that is counter to
chaos. This only comes when permanence is forced upon them.

Chaos, at a human level, means doing what one chooses, rather than
following a set of rules. If this includes a desire to form some
sort of group to achieve some aim, then so be it. To *restrict*
oneself from doing so because of someone else's rules, opinions,
or perceptions would be far more orderly than to do it.


From: ReaperD@aol.com (The Grin Reaper)

>If Carrol emphasizes the use of 'chaos' as a source of power,
>instead of the more positive 'kia',
>that means he deliberatly chooses the abyss
>... should I say it ... going into de-evolution ...

This is only true if you accept two of things as true.
1] Disorder=Distruction
2] Chaos=Disorder

As a Discordian, I feel that these assumptions are more correct.
1] Disorder= BOTH creative and destructive
2] Order= BOTH creative and destructive
3] Chaos= Both Order and Disorder in a formless state.

For more information consult your pinial gland.



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