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17 USA Open Musical Jam Sessions part17


This article is from the Open Musical Jam Sessions FAQ, by Rich Kulawiec rsk@gsp.org with numerous contributions by others.

17 USA Open Musical Jam Sessions part17

Carrboro, North Carolina, USA: [Jazz]

(near Chapel Hill and Durham) The Arts Center. Open jazz jam second
Sunday of every month, 7-10 p.m. Musicians admitted free. Experienced
and less experienced players are welcome. House section of Mark Lewis (piano)
and Tony Galliani (bass) Just show up and sign in. The Carrboro Arts Center
is on Main St. in Carrboro, N.C.

Contributed-by: Michael R. Volow <ecsvax!mvolo@uncecs.edu>
or <ejlamb@eos.ncsu.edu>
and kvansant@nando.net (Kevin Van Sant) [Dec 95]

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA: [Celtic]

The Celtic Trader has a Celtic jam session on Thursday nights. A fair
bit of old-time is played, too. It starts around 7:30 and goes till
10:30 or 11 most nights. The Celtic Trader is located at 600 Park Rd. on
the south side of town. Call Regis Malady, the owner, before making a
long trip, as the session gets cancelled sometimes if there is something
going on in Charlotte or if he has the shop packed up and on the festival
circuit. The number is 1-800-822-2420.

Contributed-by: Edward Baker <tbaker@gibbs.oit.unc.edu>

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA: [Folk]

There is a session in Charlotte, NC on Sunday nights from 6-9pm (weekly).
It is held at Hickory Grove Presbyterian Church on Harris Blvd. The music
style is typically accoustical traditional folk music. Mostly consists
of amateurs and people who just like to play/listen! Contact
Mary Anne Locklear at (704) 596-0345 for more info and directions.

Contributed-by: Randy Owens <randyo@nando.net> [Jan 95]

Greenville, South Carolina, USA: [Celtic/folk]

Norm's. Stewart Square, Brushy Creek Rd. Every Wednesday night from
about 7:30 to 11:00. Mix of Irish and old-time, with visiting Highland
pipers a regular feature.

Contributed-by: Edward Baker <tbaker@gibbs.oit.unc.edu>

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA: [Blues]

The Berkeley Cafe, on Martin St., downtown. The Rhythm and Blues Review,
hosted by guitarist Larry Hutcherson, is usually frequented by the
hottest musicians in town. It takes place every other Thursday night
(sometimes every Thursday night during the summer). Just tell Larry you
want to play.

Contributed-by: <ejlamb@eos.ncsu.edu>

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA: [Blues]

Easy Street, downtown has the Blues Jam from Hell, hosted by Mike Pitz.
Mike plays a little, then turns to a sign up sheet. Usually random
groups, lots of fun; happens every other Wednesday.

Contributed-by: <ejlamb@eos.ncsu.edu>

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA: [Folk]

Cloud and Fire Cafe Express, Hillsborough St, over the bowling alley
(really!). Tuesday & Thursday nights are open-mike. Thursdays specifically
for original material. Mostly folk, some poetry. No smoking or drinking.
Talent varies WIDELY. No cover charge, free refreshments, donations
accepted. Very bohemian.

Contributed-by: Kevin Smith <ksmith@raleigh2.smos.com> [Feb 95]

Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA: [Jazz]

Winston-Salem, NC, Leon's Cafe, 920 South Marshall St.
Every tuesday from 10pm to 1am. JAZZ 910-725-9593 Host trio
The Matt Kendrick Trio. Bass, Piano and drums

Contributed-by: "Matt Kendrick/R. Ziesk" <artjazz@ols.net> [Nov 95]

Hackensack, New Jersey, USA: [Blues]

The Fox's Lair has open mike night every Thursday. Mainly blues.

Contributed-by: cscnj!pat@rutgers.edu

Long Branch, New Jersey, USA: [Unknown]

Cheers, on Broadway across from the municipal building near the RR
tracks, has as jam night on Tuesdays.

Contributed-by: joshs@tsdiag.ccur.com (Joshua B. Shar)

Bloomfield, New Jersey, USA: [Misc]

The Feedbag Saloon on Broad Street has an open jam on Sunday nights
starting at 9:30 PM. Organized by Mad Max on drums, the regulars step up
when the sign-up list thins out. Lots of variety including blues, jazz,
and folk.

Contributed-by: moskowit@paul.rutgers.edu (Len Moskowitz)

Hackensack, New Jersey, USA: [Blues]

Cafe Acapella, Tuesday 8-1 w/ Moose and the Bulletproof Blues Band.

Contributed-by: sanjay@tvrisc.timeplex.com (Sanjay Subramanian) [Dec 96]


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