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16 USA Open Musical Jam Sessions part16


This article is from the Open Musical Jam Sessions FAQ, by Rich Kulawiec rsk@gsp.org with numerous contributions by others.

16 USA Open Musical Jam Sessions part16

Greenville, Mississippi, USA: [Misc]

"One Block East", 240 Washington Avenue - contact David Weiss or
Rain Jaudon at (601) 332-3800 has an open mic night every Sunday from
8:00 pm until whenever. All music styles welcome - Rock, Blues, Acoustic,
Electric, Jazz, Country, oldies, originals, you name it! PA, mics, and
lights provided. Bring your own personal gear.

Contributed-by: Rain Jaudon <rainj@tecinfo.com> [Jan 96]

St. Louis, Missouri, USA: [Blues]

Cicero's Basement Bar, 6510 Delmar. Wednesday nights, 9:30 pm to 1 am.
Mojo Syndrome hosts this jam session. Strictly blues, it can be a guitar
player logjam session, but horns are welcome any time. The host band
likes to do first and third sets, but if a singer and drummer can be
found, have been known to wait until 12:45 to start their third set. If
you go, ask for Derek, and tell him you saw it on the rec.music.bluenote.
You will get at least 20 minutes of air time if you can play a little.
[Update: this info is being revised.]

Contributed-by: derek@wubios.wustl.edu (Derek Morgan)

St. Louis, Missouri, USA: [unknown]

The Saint Louis Brewery, 21st and Locust, 241-BEER. Open mike night with
Tom Wood, Mondays at 9 PM; don't know what kind of music it's likely to
be, though.

Contributed-by: Rich Kulawiec <rsk@itw.com>

Kansas City, Missouri, USA: [Jazz]

Note: Not all of these events are called jam sessions but all are
open to professional sit-in's (but probably not amateurs, sorry).
All are no cover, no minimum.

1. Mutual Musicians Foundation (90 years old) Midnight Sat til ??.
2. Majestic Steak House: Sun Jam 5-9pm.
3. Phoenix Bar & Grill: no jam, pro set in's ok 5-9pm (Sat 4-8).
4. Drum Room: Sat Jazz Brunch 10am-2pm; Afternoon Jam: 3-6pm; Wed Jam
Night 9-1pm.
5. Harling's Mama Ray Jam Session Sat 2-6pm.
6. Jardines Jazz Club: Sat jazz 3pm-3am, jam 3-7pm & 12am-3am.
7. Annie's Santa Fe: Last Sun ea month 4-8pm.
8. Costello's Greenhouse: Ruskin/Turner Jam Wed 5-8.
9. Inge's Lounge: 1st Fri ea month. (late afternoon).

For more info, call: Jazz Hotline (7 minutes) 816-753-5277 or the
KC Jazz Ambassadors at 816-967-6767, or drop by their website at

Contributed-by: dhampton@sound.net (Dean Hampton) [Mar 95]

St. Louis, Missouri, USA: [Misc]

Every Tuesday night from 9 to 1, there's an open jam session at Marion's
1860's Saloon & Hard Shell Cafe, 1860 S. Ninth @ Geyer (in Historic
Soulard), (314) 231-1860. All styles welcome; Hosted by STONEBRAKER.
Drummers please bring sticks cymbals & pedals. Guitarists and Bassists
bring instruments. Keyboard available. This session has been going on
for 4 years and draws the best blues, rock and jazz players in St.

Contributed-by: stonebraker@oui.com (James Stonebraker)

St. Louis, Missouri, USA: [Misc]

A note on how to get current information if you're in town: In St.
Louis, the best source for information is the alternative weekly ``The
Riverfront Times,'' which has club information in the middle. A
generally less extensive listing is in the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch on
Thursdays, which includes a useful list of bands with the styles they play.

Contributed-by: Phil Dybvig <dybvig@dybfin.wustl.edu>

Merrimack, New Hampshire: [Blues]

Stormy Monday's Cafe (attached to the Country Gourmet) on Rt. 3. Blues
Jam every Monday night, starting between 8 and 9pm 'till closing.

Contributed-by: James T. Francis Jr. <jfrancis@ctron.ctron.com>

Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA: [Misc]

The Bean Gallery on the Mall. Coffee House. Open Mike every Thursday night.

Contributed-by: David.T.Greenfield@Dartmouth.EDU (David Greenfield) [Aug 95]

West Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA: [Misc]

The Seven Barrel Brew Pub. Open Mike every Tuesday night.

Contributed-by: David.T.Greenfield@Dartmouth.EDU (David Greenfield) [Aug 95]


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