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12 USA Open Musical Jam Sessions part12


This article is from the Open Musical Jam Sessions FAQ, by Rich Kulawiec rsk@gsp.org with numerous contributions by others.

12 USA Open Musical Jam Sessions part12

South Portland, Maine: (Eclectic-usually acoustic)

Open mic at Spring Point Cafe on Pickett St. 207-767-4627, Maine
Wats 800-774-4627 Hosted by Peter Gleason, local music legend, has been
running every Tuesday nite from 8 to 11PM for over 6 years.

Contributed-by: arnes@agate.net (Arne Schussler) [Aug 95]

Farmington, Maine, USA: [Unknown]

Open mike session every Thurday evening at The Grainery.

Contributed-by: Zen Ben <IO20278@maine.maine.edu> [Jun 96]

Baltimore, Maryland, USA: [Unknown]

Coffeehouse Uptown--Wilson Memorial United Methodist Church 3509 N.
Charles St at University Pkwy., (410) 235-4251 Open mike first Thursday
of every month from 8-11 pm. No cover charge, $1 for coffee and cookies
from 8 to 9:30.

Contributed-by: Bill Gawne <gawne@stsci.edu>

Baltimore, Maryland, USA: [Unknown]

Friday night open mike at the Mt. Vernon Methodist Church with a $2 cover

Contributed-by: Bill Gawne <gawne@stsci.edu>

Baltimore, Maryland, USA: [Jazz]

Baltimore, Maryland: Buddies Pub and Jazz Club on Charles Street
near E. Pleasant Street. Open jazz jam every thursday night.
Usually quite good quality players, but it's open to learners too.

Contributed-by: Thomas F Brown <tombrown@jhunix.hcf.jhu.edu> [Jun 95]

Baltimore, Maryland, USA: [Jazz/Blues]

Wall St Lounge, Maryland Avenue and Northern Ave. Jazz and blues. Rhythm
section typically electric. Wednesdays.

Contributed-by: Riddim <riddim@worldnet.att.net> [Oct 96]

Baltimore, Maryland, USA: [Jazz/Blues]

Sportsman's Lounge, 4628 Gwynn Oak; Liberty and Gwynn Oak. Jam session
hosted by master drummer Bobby Ward. Typically organ trio format, plus
however many thousand horns appear. Mondays from 9 or so until 2;
strongest session in town.

Contributed-by: Riddim <riddim@worldnet.att.net> [Dec 96]

Bethesda, Maryland, USA: [Jazz]

Brewbaker's, 6931 Arlington Rd., (301) 907-2602 Thursday, "Jazzy Jam
night with the Bruce Middle Trio"

Camp Springs, Maryland, USA: [Unknown]

Cheers, 4710 Auth Pl., (301) 423-7676 Wednesday, open mike with Butch
Grant & the Crossfire Band.

Bethesda, Maryland, USA: [Unknown]

Durty Nelly's, 4714 Montgomery La.; (301) 652-1444; Monday, open mike

Rockville, Maryland, USA: [Unknown]

Fatty's, 51 Monroe St., (301) 762-4630 Tuesday, open mike.

Laurel, Maryland, USA: [Misc]

Crescendo is sponsoring its first open jam session October 14th, 11am-11pm at
the Carroll Baldwin Hall in Savage MD. This is an informal, open jam - anyone
is welcome to come play or just listen. Musicians looking for bands and bands
looking for musicians are encouraged. Bring an instrument, come out and have
fun. Demos and independant releases are encouraged - bring samples for review
on Crescendo, and feel free to sell them during the event. Contact Roger Wood
at 410 792 7230, on Crescendo at 301 490 4775, or at roj@shendo.com.

Contributed-by: roger.wood@shendo.com [Sep 95]

Olney, Maryland, USA: [Blues]

Grand Marquis, 18320 Village Mart Dr., (301) 924-3544. Thursday, open
mike with Sam (Sam, who's last name I don't know, is the singer/harmonica
player in a band called Blue Plate Special. I haven't been to one of
these open mikes but I would assume it's mostly blues oriented, because
that's what BPS does, and very well I might add. I understand there is a
drum kit there.)


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