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11 USA Open Musical Jam Sessions part11


This article is from the Open Musical Jam Sessions FAQ, by Rich Kulawiec rsk@gsp.org with numerous contributions by others.

11 USA Open Musical Jam Sessions part11

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA: [Blues]

The Slippery Noodle Inn is downtown on Meridian a couple of blocks south
of The Circle, i.e. just about at Union Station. Blues jam on Wednesday
nights; pretty open atmosphere, and usually lots of fun. Musicians vary
from complete amateur to medium pro. (317) 631-6968.

Contributed-by: rsk@itw.com (Rich Kulawiec) [Jun 89]

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA: [Blues]

Every Sunday at C.T. Pepper's in Broad Ripple (near The Patio);
open blues jam hosted by Gordon Bonham.

Contributed-by: "K. Hoggard" <kelly@netusa1.net> [Jan 95]

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA: [Jazz]

The Jazz Kitchen at the corner of 54th St and College hosts jazz jams
every Monday night at 8pm with no cover charge.

Contributed-by: Monika Herzig <mherzig@indiana.edu> [Nov 95]

Mishawaka, Indiana, USA: [Misc]

Midway Tavern has open jam (all styles) hosted by Doug Rice and
Beat 66 every Wednesday.

Contributed-by: "K. Hoggard" <kelly@netusa1.net> [Jan 95]

Plainfield, Indiana, USA: [Blues]

Timothy's Pub has open blues jam every Sunday.

Contributed-by: "K. Hoggard" <kelly@netusa1.net> [Jan 95]

South Bend, Indiana, USA: [Misc]

Katz has open jam (all styles) every Sunday

Contributed-by: "K. Hoggard" <kelly@netusa1.net> [Jan 95]

Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA: [Blues]

Blues jam session on Monday nights at the Hot Spot, 2150 Fairfield Avenue,
219-456-5439. Core band is excellent and the atmosphere is friendly and fun.
There is no cover charge.

Contributed-by: "Celia Price" <celia.price@mci2000.com> [Jan 97]

Des Moines, Iowa, USA: [Folk, Celtic]

Java Joe's, 214 4th Street, has Open Stage each Wednesday 8:00-10:30 p.m.
(with occasional special guests); sign up at 6:30. Celtic Jam is the
second Tuesday of each month, from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. (Just in case:
their phone number is 515-288-JAVA (5282).)

Contributed-by: James Jones <jejones@microware.com> [Mar 96]

Iowa City, Iowa, USA: [Blues]

Gunnerz, 123 E. Washington St. hosts an informal blues jam Monday
nights at 9:30 - close, hosted on alternate weeks by Kevin "B.F." Burt
and Shade of Blue. All levels of experience are welcome; talent usually
ranges from amateur to semi-pro. Drummers bring sticks, everyone else
bring guitars/basses/horns/keyboards. Admission is free if you're
playing, $1 if you aren't. Guinness, Bass, Foster's, Samuel Adams,
Anchor, Boulevard and Millstream on tap.

Contributed-by: James Robinson <robinson@blue.weeg.uiowa.edu> [Jan 96]

Lexington, Kentucky, USA: [Jazz]

Chuck's Jazz Cafe, Patchen Village, every Wednesday night from eight
until eleven or midnight. Music ranges from straight ahead jazz to blues
and even big band if enough instrumentalists show up. Beginners are

Contributed-by: Ed Williams <eswill00@mik.uky.edu>

Lafayette, Louisiana, USA: [Blues]

"Vince's Backstage" Blues jam at Poets Restaurant and Bar, 119 James
Comeaux Rd., Lafayette, every monday night beginning at 9 pm. Everyone
welcome; bring harps, fiddles, guitars etc. PA amps and keys provided by
Vince's Backstage Music (hence the name). Call Poets for more info at
(318) 235-2355.

Contributed-by: olcomtl@lafayette.unocal.com (Mark Lynch)

Lafayette, Louisiana, USA: [Misc]

Songwriter's Night, City Cafe 537 Jefferson St. 318-233-1723, A really
good time in a really great room. Happens every Wed around 8:30-9:00pm.
Anyone is welcome to play, just show up with your instrument; the only
requirement is that you play *only* original music. Call the proprietress,
Caleen Lopez, for more info. (They also have Songwriter's Night again
on thursday after a poetry reading, and an occasional acoustic jam on
Tuesdays. Call ahead.)

Contributed-by: olcomtl@lafayette.unocal.com (Mark Lynch) [Sep 94]


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