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06 Part 5: alt.music. List of Known Newsgroups


This article is from the alt.music.* List of Known Newsgroups FAQ, by Brian Edmonds edmonds@cs.ubc.ca with numerous contributions by others.

06 Part 5: alt.music. List of Known Newsgroups

alt.music.+live+ (For discussion of the band +Live+)
"This newsgroup is for discussion of the band +Live+, including their
music, members, fans, concerts, and anything else related to +Live+. The
members of +Live+ are: Ed Kowalczyk (lead vocals, lyrics, guitar), Chad
Taylor (background vocals), Patrick Dahlheimer (bass guitar), and Chad
Gracey (drums and background vocals). Their first album was 'Mental
Jewelry' (1991) and their second album was 'Throwing Copper' (1994),
best known for the songs 'I Alone' and 'Lightning Crashes'. They also
released a maxi-single in 1991 called 'Four Songs'."
Dave Grossman <tfth@j51.com>

alt.music.lloyd-webber (Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber)
"Andrew Lloyd Webber is probably the most popular composer of musical
theatre in our time, the author of the music in such hit shows as
Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Sunset
Boulevard. While not an artistic purist, his melodies are very catchy
and he has a good backer in Cameron Mackintosh."
Andrew S. Damick <asdamick@unity.ncsu.edu>

alt.music.lor-mckennitt ()
Canadian singer and songwriter.

alt.music.luis-miguel (The art, the music and the life of Luis Miguel)
"Already an international superstar at age 25, Luis Miguel, his
recordings, videos, concerts and future plans are the topics of
discussion for this newsgroup. Having sold over 18 million albums
worldwide, won three Grammys, and with years of sold out concerts to his
credit, this electrifying singer and performer is destined to become a
household name in the U.S.A. in the very near future. His appeal
transcends age. With his 1993 ROMANCE album he popularized the bolero to
an entire new generation."
Bobbie Leslie <bleslie@ucla.edu>

alt.music.lyrics (Discussion of song lyrics)
"Alt.music.lyrics is a forum for the discussion of all song lyrics. The
traffic predominantly consists of requests for lyrics and answers to
those requests, denoted by 'REQ' and 'LYR' respectively in the Subject:
lines of posts. Other appropriate traffic includes any sort of
discussion of song lyrics, including misheard lyrics, requests for
translations, lyric-related humor, philosophical underpinnings of
vocals, etc."
* ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/news.answers/music/lyrics-faq
Dave Filippi <dhalgren@netcom.com>

alt.music.makers.dj ()
No information available.

alt.music.makers.electronic (The art of creating techno, ambient, etc)
No information available.

alt.music.makers.theremin (Making and playing this bizarre instrument)
"This newsgroup is for the electronic music instrument called the
theremin. The theremin was invented in 1918 by Lev Termen and is
credited as the first synthesizer. A documentary film, 'Theremin: An
Electric Odyssey' is currently showing around the country and has
generated considerable interest for building custom theremins."
Ray Iaea <iaea@calweb.com>

alt.music.makers.woodwind ()
No information available.

alt.music.marillion (A progressive band; the Silmarillion is a book)
No information available.

alt.music.marilyn-manson (You've been a good little boy!)
No information available.

alt.music.mexican (Mexican influenced music)
"This newsgroup is intended to cover the wide panorama of Mexican
musical styles, and naturally, those artists who make such music. Some
of the major movements in this universe are Tejano, Ranchero, Banda,
Norten~o and Mariachi, to mention a few. Also of interest are singers
and musicians from the Mexican balada, pop, rock and hip hop
categories. Beyond this primary focus, other kinds of Latin American
music may get attention here, although for Tropical/ Caribbean styles
the newsgroup rec.music.afro-latin would be more appropriate. Commonly,
posts will be in Spanish, English, or a combination of both."
Roy Sette <kl7@rahul.net>

alt.music.midi ()
"Discussion of electronic music creating using the electronic linking
system Musical Instrument Digital Interface, which allows the
properly-equipped user to link two or more such instruments together for
simultaneous or synchronous use."
Myke <jerk@earth.execpc.com>

alt.music.misc (Like rec.music.misc, only different)
No information available.

alt.music.monkees (Hey, hey, they were the Monkees)
"The Friendliest Place in Cyberspace![tm], this group has been
officially declared a "flame-free zone". It is dedicated to the
discussion of The Monkees (Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz, and
Davy Jones) and their fans. Discussion encompasses the past (TV, albums,
concert performances, movie), the present (solo projects, personal
appearances, reissues), and the future (???) of The Monkees, as well as
fan experiences, debates over lyrics, the meaning of "Head", and other
related topics."
* http://www.primenet.com/~flex/monkees.html
Torkaholic <torkhlic@ix.netcom.com>

alt.music.moody-blues (Still In Search of the Lost Chord)
"The Moody Blues are usually considered a 'classic rock' group, although
their music is so diverse that it cannot really be placed into one
category. The Moodies have been highly successful in producing R&B,
classical/progressive rock, and '80s' pop music. The Moodies have sold
over 55 million albums worldwide and are one of a small handful of
groups to have a top-ten hit in each of three consecutive decades."
* http://www.imsa.edu/~locutus/moody-blues.html
Michael Holl <locutus@imsa.edu>

alt.music.new-order (The music of New Order and its memebers)
"New Order were formed from the ashes of Joy Division, after Ian Curtis
commited suicide. Recently the band has not been very active, although I
think it has not been dissolved, and there are/have been 3 new bands:
* Electronic (Bernard Summer, New Order singer and ... + John Marr,
Smiths guitar)
* Revenge (Peter Hook, New Order bass)
* The other two (the other 2 members of New Order whose names I can't
remember at this time)"
Rui Pedro Mendes Salgueiro <rps@mat.uc.pt>

alt.music.nin (Nine Inch Nails, aka Trent Reznor)
And other appearances by the nightmare that is Trent.

alt.music.nirvana (Generation X's Seattle leaders, leaderless)
No information available.

alt.music.oasis (The music and members of Oasis.)
No information.

alt.music.offspring ()
"The band Offspring is basically the same punk-style as Green Day, but a
bit more chaotic.... oh, they've sold about as many records."
Christopher Bird <cbird@chat.carleton.ca>

alt.music.orb (Little fluffy clouds...)
"Discussion of the Orb, one of the best known ambient techno/dub groups,
and their numerous spinoff projects (including System 7 and Fortran
5). The group is very poorly propagated and the Cumulonimbus list
(orb-request@xmission.com, I think) is a much better place for
Gnosis <gnosis@brahman.nullnet.fi>

alt.music.ozzy ()
No information available.

alt.music.pantera (I'm broken)
No information available.

alt.music.pat-mccurdy (Milwaukee's finest export)
"Discussion, praise, worship and griping about Milwaukee's finest export
(beer included). Pat plays regularly in Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison,
Green Bay, Minneapolis, and does the occasional college tour to parts
beyond. Four CDs out. Wacky stuff. Come find out about it."
Colette D. Marine <cdm@nwu.edu>

alt.music.pat-metheny (The music of Pat Metheny and Group)
No information available.

alt.music.paul-simon (Discussion of Paul Simon's music)
No information available.

alt.music.pearl-jam (The music of the alternative rock band Pearl Jam)
"This newsgroup was formed in late 1993 for discussion of all topics
concerning the Seattle group, Pearl Jam. Pearl Jam was formed in late
1990 and includes band members Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard, Mike
McCready, Jeff Ament, and Jack Irons. Topics of discussion have included
lyrical interpretations, postings of newspaper and magazine articles,
concert reviews, tour information, bootleg information tape trading, and
just general information/comments about the band. In addition, the
newsgroup also has a Pearl Jam FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions),
Discography, Songbook, and Tourbook files that are posted regularly on
* http://www.engin.umich.edu/~galvin/pearljam.html
* http://www.skypoint.com/members/calebl/gos.html
Grace Mendoza <mendoz@vaxd.gat.com>

alt.music.peter-gabriel (So, it's the music of Peter Gabriel, sans
No information available.

alt.music.pink-floyd (Sold out shows everywhere)
No information available.

alt.music.posterkids (Poster Children)
"This newsgroup is for discussion between fans of the band 'Poster
Children.' Talking about the band is definitely on topic, and so is
anything else that's of interest to at least one PC fan -- although
stuff that's interesting to *two* of us might lead to better
conversation. Obviously, a high signal/noise ratio is expected, and junk
mail, spam, and commercial posts are not welcome."
* http://www.prairienet.org/posterkids
* http://discordia.tln.net/posterkids
Matthew Miller <mattdm@discordia.tln.net>


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