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05 Part 4: alt.music. List of Known Newsgroups


This article is from the alt.music.* List of Known Newsgroups FAQ, by Brian Edmonds edmonds@cs.ubc.ca with numerous contributions by others.

05 Part 4: alt.music. List of Known Newsgroups

alt.music.enigma-dcd-etc (Groups blending ambient and cultural influences)
"This group exists for the discussion of both Enigma and Dead Can Dance,
as well as any other musical group that falls into genre (eg. Delerium,
Deep Forest, Enya, Loreena McKennitt, and even Pink Floyd). All these
groups blend ambient and cultural elements, producing a new type of
music that does not fit into any standard classification. Whereas before
information on the aforementioned groups were scattered throughout the
various other newsgroups in the alt.music heirarchy, now
alt.music.enigma-dcd-etc gives this information a home. Since both
Enigma and Dead Can Dance have a large following but no specific
newsgroups, alt.music.enigma-dcd-etc provides a convienent place to
distribute information and promote awareness of these and other groups."
Alex Pomeranz <aapomeranz@ucdavis.edu>

alt.music.enya (Gaelic set to spacey music)
"Enya is an Irish musician, from the same family as Clannad (see
alt.music.clannad). Her unique music is atmospheric and evocative."
Kevin F. Quinn <kevq@banana.demon.co.uk>

alt.music.fates-warning (Fates Warning)
No information available.

alt.music.filk (SF/fantasy related folk music)
No information available.

alt.music.fleetwood-mac (Rock group Fleetwood Mac and its members)
"This group was created in early June of 1994 for the discussion of all
topics relevant to Fleetwood Mac and its members, including their solo
projects. Stevie Nicks is the most popular subject of threads in the
group, but posts having to do with all present and former band members
are welcomed and encouraged. Traffic is steady, if low-volume and the
group becomes more active whenever the group or one of its members has
an album, tour or other project going."
Joseph A. Admire <jadmire@netcom.com>

alt.music.genesis (The rock group Genesis)
No information available.

alt.music.green-day (The rock group Green Day)
An alt.config flamefest receiving occasional traffic.

alt.music.guthrie (Discussion of folksingers Arlo & Woody Guthrie)
"Alt.music.guthrie is a Usenet group for the discussion of the highly
acclaimed folksingers Arlo & Woody Guthrie. Each has carved their own
place in the history of American music. Woody can be remembered for his
song 'This Land Is Your Land' and Arlo for his 'Alice's Restaurant' and
the most widely known version of 'City of New Orleans'. This group
discusses the signifcance of these two songwriters. It will also cover
discussions about Arlo's new releases, concert performances, and his
charity organizations."
Dave Downin <downin@clark.net>

alt.music.hardcore (Could be porno set to music)
I'm told it's kind of like punk.

alt.music.harry-chapin (Discussion about the music and life of Harry
"Harry Chapin was a famous singer-songwriter best known for his `story
songs'. His most well known pieces include `Taxi', `W-O-L-D', and `Cat's
in the Cradle'. In addition to his music, he was also known for being
one of the most politically active musicians of his generation,
responsible for creating the World Hunger Year organization, and the
President's Commission on World Hunger. He was killed in a 1981 car
accident on the Long Island Expressway. Recently, he posthumously
received a congressional gold medal of honor for his efforts towards
ending world hunger."
Brian <BriBieluch@aol.com>

alt.music.hawaiian (Discussion on Hawaiian music and artists)
No information available.

alt.music.independent (Bands without contracts with the major labels)
"alt.music.independent features discussions on independent and
underground bands who choose to remain apart from major labels for
various reasons."
cholera <rockie@neurosis.wariat.org>

alt.music.indigo-girls (The musical duo Indigo Girls)
"Indigo Girls are an Atlanta, GA based acoustic rock duo. The duo of Amy
Ray and Emily Saliers began their partnership while attending H.S. in
Decatur, GA. Their first national release was 'Indigo Girls' in 1989
which produced the hit single 'Closer To Fine'. This release won the
1989 Grammy for Best Contemporary Folk Recording, but they lost the Best
New Artist to Milli Vanilli. Since 'Indigo Girls', they have released:
'Strange Fire' (an Epic Records re-release of their indepentedly
released 1987 recording of the same name), 'Nomads*Indians*Saints'
(1990),'Back On Th Bus Y'All" (1991 EP), 'Rites of Passage' (1992) and
'Swamp Ophelia' (1994)."
* http://www.music.sony.com/music/
* http://www.tezcat.com/~mtp/IG/HTML/ig-page.html
the searcher <kidfears@tezcat.com>

alt.music.info-society (The band InSoc, AKA Information Society)
"Best known for their 1988 hit 'What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)', the
synth band Information Society has earned a large following of devoted
fans. With a new album and tour coming up in 1996, InSoc's consistent
innovation has spurred a wide variety of discussion topics among fans
who have outgrown their mailing list. This news group covers all things
InSoc, from their music to the interests of the group members and fans."
* http://phoenix.creighton.edu/~duke/
BJ Hiorns, c/o <cbeattie@muffin.uscyber.com>

alt.music.james-taylor (JT!)
"With a career than spans more than twenty-five years, it's no great
surprise that James Taylor's musical influence has reached just about
every corner of the globe. Since leading the singer-songwriter movement
in the early 70s, JT has gone on to refine his style, changing over the
years while still maintaining the musical craftsmanship that garnered so
much attention early in his career."
From the alt.music.james-taylor FAQ

alt.music.janes-addictn (The music of Jane's Addiction and its members)
"This group should serve as a forum for any and all discussions relating
to the musicians in Jane's Addiction, Perry Farrell's random concepts,
and the music that has moved so many people. Jane's Addiction may have
broken up in 1991, but their fans remain faithful to the music; Perry,
Dave Navarro, Eric Avery and Steven Perkins will always be together on 3
timeless albums."
Rhiney <rhiney@netcom.com>

alt.music.jethro-tull (Ironman sitting on a park bench)
No information available.

alt.music.jewish (Music from the Jewish heritage)
No information available.

alt.music.jimi.hendrix ('Scuse me, while I kiss the sky)
No information available.

alt.music.jon-spencer (Adulation of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion)
"The alt.music.jon-spencer newsgroup will be open to any and all
discussion of the music of and information about The Jon Spencer Blues
Explosion. Discussion will include (but not be limited to):
* Albums - People's thoughts on the various records
* Related - Related bands (i.e. The Jesus Lizard, et al)
* General - Sightings, tour info, release dates, etc.
This group is not affiliated with The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion or
Matador Records, though input from either of those would be most
Pujeeb Rastanfani <s0n1c@ripco.com>

alt.music.journalism (Talk about talking about music)
No information available.

alt.music.karaoke (Please make it stop!)
No information available.

alt.music.kylie-minogue (Music of Kylie Minogue)
No information available.

alt.music.led-zeppelin (Discussion about Led Zeppelin and their music)
No information available.

alt.music.leonard-cohen ()
Canadian poet, singer and songwriter.

alt.music.lightfoot (The music of Gordon Lightfoot)
"This newsgroup was created in December 1994 to discuss the music of
Gordon Lightfoot. Lightfoot helped define the singer-songwriter movement
of the 60's and 70's and remains an active player in the music scene
today, performing 40-50 concerts each year throughout the U.S. and
Canada, with occasional tours to Europe and Australia. His most recent
album was 1993's Waiting For You and plans are to release a new album in
1996. With each successive album, he adds to the tens of millions he has
already sold over the years and to his reputation as the consummate
songwriter and troubadour of our time."
Wayne Francis <wfrancis@bud.peinet.pe.ca>


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