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3.11 Where are they now? (The Osbournes)


This article is from the The Osbourne FAQ, by Mike L. with numerous contributions by others.

3.11 Where are they now? (The Osbournes)

AIMEE OSBOURNE moved out of the house and chooses not to participate in
The Osbournes. She doesn't wish to be typecast or judged. Still nothing as
far as a music album. Good luck to you :)

KELLY OSBOURNE sang at the MTV 2002 Movie Awards. She continues to
establish her music career. Sales of her album are doing well.

JACK OSBOURNE says he doesn't ever plan on moving out from his parent's
house. Jack scouts new talent for Epic records.

BILL WARD left black Sabbath in August of 1980, a day before they were to
play in Hawaii. He gave personal reasons for his reason, however his
constant alcohol and drug abuse also played a part in his decision. Bill
has gone on to release two solo albums, "Ward One" in 1990 and, "When the
Bow Breaks", released April 29, 1997. Shortly before the 1998 Ozzfest
was to begin, Bill Ward suffered a heart attack while rehearsing. His latest
album is titled "Beyond Aston" (his hometown) which is set for release in
Bill has his own web site at www.BILLWARD.com

GEEZER BUTLER continued to shuffle between Ozzy Osbourne's band and Black
Sabbath. His last words on Black Sabbath were, "I am never playing with
Black Sabbath again". He teamed up with Fear Factory's Burton C. Bell and
now has a band of his own called "G/Z/R" (pronounced Gee Zee R). His band's
first album was the 1995 "Plastic Planet". Most of the songs for the album
were written during a two week period at a Massachusetts farm. "Giving Up
the Ghost", is a song from the album which describes his feelings about
Black Sabbath, and how he feels the band should be put to rest. There is
a website at www(dot)geezerbutler(dot)com which has yet to be opened.

TONY IOMMI is still with Black Sabbath. From the beginning, Tony would
always want to be part of the band, and according to Ozzy, to be in control
of the band. Black Sabbath went on to release many albums after Ozzy's
departure. Tony has a new web site at www(dot)iommi(dot)com. He released
an album in October 2000 titled Iommi (CDPTY207).

BLACK SABBATH was awarded a Grammy Award for their song "Iron Man" from the
Reunion album. The ceremonies were held Feb. 23, 2000 in Los Angeles.
Black Sabbath won the award for "Best Metal Performance", with Bill Ward
picking up the award on behalf of the band. He had this to say, "I think
it's totally cool," he said. "I didn't think that 31 years ago, I'd be
standing up in a suit. I feel more like an accountant than the guy who
plays drums in Black Sabbath." (www(dot)blacksabbath(dot)com)

JIM SIMPSON won the lawsuit against Sabbath and their managers. He was
awarded 35,000 pounds. He now manages the Birmingham Jazz Festival. He
was asked to provide information for this FAQ, but has not responded. You
find him at www(dot)bigbearmusic(dot)com.

RONNIE JAMES DIO (www(dot)ronniejamesdio(dot)com) will be releasing
"Stand Up and Shout: The Dio Anthology" in 2003. His latest album is Killing
The Dragon. There is no love lost between him and Ozzy. Dio calls Ozzy 'a
fat slob who looks like Benny Hill' and Ozzy used to use a dwarf in his
shows whom he would call "Ronnie" :).

PHIL SOUSSAN (www(dot)philsoussan(dotcom) says he didn't like waiting
around during the retirement of Ozzy (No More Tours) and quit the band. He
is currently a house producer for Bronze Records and has produced a debut
album for Jet 68.

JAKE E LEE (www(dot)jakeelee(dot)com) went on to join Ray Gillen
in Badlands for two albums (Badlands, 1989 and Voodoo Highway, 1991),
until Ray's unfortunate death. For more information, visit the website.

BRAD GILLIS (www(dot)bradgillis(dot)com) is still touring with Night
Ranger and has a tour set for 2003.

TOMMY ALDRIDGE, is going to be touring with Whitesnake again in 2003.
He gave up touring for a while to concentrate on freelancing. He has a
at www(dot)tommyaldridge(dot)com.

BOB DAISLEY still lives in London and is close friends with Ozzy and has
been doing session work for studios around London. However in early
2000, he and drummer Lee Kerslake filed a $20 million suit against
the Osbourne's. They claim they haven't been properly credited for
their songwriting contributions and haven't been paid for the use
of those songs on subsequent compilation albums. He has a website
at www(dot)bobdaisley(dot)com. Bob is now living in Syndey, Australia.

RUDY SARZO (Quiet Riot/ Whitesnake/Sun King) is back in Quiet Riot
and still touring.

SHARON OSBOURNE sucessfully completed chemotheraphy for her
cancer. She remains Ozzy's wife and manager. Sharon may be getting her
own talk from Telepictures Productions in Fall 2003.
She states the three people she'd like to interview the most are Ben
Justin Timberlake, and Eminem.

ZAKK WYLDE has his own website at www(dot)zakkwylde(dot)com and
is still in Black Label Society. He is still touring and can be found at the
venues as Ozzy now and again.

DON ARDEN still scouts for new talent and dreams of a comeback.
His Jet records folded in 1986 due to legal bills accumulated in
connection with the assaults and other illegal activities.


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