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4.0 Closing Remarks (The Osbournes)


This article is from the The Osbourne FAQ, by Mike L. with numerous contributions by others.

4.0 Closing Remarks (The Osbournes)

Black Sabbath are undoubtedly one of, if not, THE band, which created the
genre of heavy metal. There are already a handful of tribute albums
dedicated to Sabbath and countless bands who were inspired by Sabbath. Ozzy
has repeatedly said he hates being classified as a heavy metal artist
however since it has become so diverse. Alice In Chains and Bon Jovi are
considered heavy metal. See his point? If you look at his albums lately,
they really aren't heavy metal. His albums contain a diverse mix of gentle
ballads to hard rocking songs with ear splitting guitar licks. There are
fans of metal who listen to Metallica or Slayer but hate Ozzy. Then there
are those who would give their next born child just to be able to meet the
man. These are our own personal tastes, but I think there is probably a
song on every one of his albums that everybody could enjoy. Classify his
music as you will, the man deserves some credit for his part in music

True, he has led a life of ups and downs, much of it under the influence of
various drugs (though he is now sober). He has made McDonald Happy Meals
out of various flying animals. He has been accused by just about every
religious organization to be a devil worshipper, a promoter of Satan's
music. Yes, Ozzy's life has been surrounded by highs and lows, and it is
quite likely that when he dies he will be remembered only as a lunatic
madman. Who is the real John Osbourne? Nobody but him really knows. The
John Osbourne that I know and like is just an ordinary man who plays a
role. He enjoys making kids happy and going crazy on stage. Sure he has
made some mistakes in the past, and the media propagates these because he
is a world famous celebrity. John Osbourne eats and sleeps the same way you
and I do, and he has feelings just as we do. His wife is conservative,
dresses in stylish attire and conducts herself as a professional manager.
She is not a groupie, nor does she conduct herself in any appropriate ways.
Sometimes, because she is the wife of Ozzy she is not taken seriously, but
this woman is every bit competent as the next manager out there. The two of
them have made some excellent business investments which have enabled them
to lead a very wealthy life. They have also helped small bands get off on a
good start. Take for example, Motley Crue. While the Crue was still a club
band, Ozzy allowed them to tour with him and thus helping them become more

It is painfully obvious that he is getting old though. He no longer jumps
up and down like a wild man, no longer runs back and forth from one end of
the stage to the other. His later concerts show him either standing at the
mic, hopping up and down or walking from one end of the stage to the other.
His voice can no longer make all the high notes it once did, and he will
sometimes mouth curses at his frustration with this. Nobody knows what lies
ahead down the road for Ozzy Osbourne. The one thing I do know however is
that his shows continue to sell out, his albums continue to sell millions
and millions. I wonder what will he be doing when he is eighty years old,
if he is alive. I think even if it was Ozzy doing karaoke in a wheelchair
at a small bar, the crowds would still come out to see him. His fans and I
can only hope he will be around to entertain us for some time to come.

With the addition of Ozzy's two daughters into the music scene, we
can be sure that the name Osbourne will by synonymous with music for
some time to come.

We love you Ozzy!


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