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10.3 How To Use the World Wide Web (James Taylor)


This article is from the James Taylor FAQ, by Joel Risberg (jrisberg@shore.net) with numerous contributions by others.

10.3 How To Use the World Wide Web (James Taylor)

What the Web Is:

First, the World Wide Web (WWW, or the web), isn't based on any particular
program. There are several popular programs to access web resources,
though. These programs will allow you to see the text and--if you have the
right hardware--graphics and sounds provided through the web.

Most web sites like James Taylor Online are made of multiple pages that you
access using a web browser such as Lynx (for those limited to text-based
Internet access), Mosaic (the former web standard), or Netscape (the newer,
most popular web browser).

To view web pages, you'll need to run a browser program and instruct it to
point at the James Taylor Online address.

Text-Based Web Access:

If you are limited to typing text commands in a UNIX shell (text-only)
account, your best bet is to access the web through Lynx. To see if it's
installed on your site, simply type this at your UNIX prompt:

lynx http://www.shore.net/~jrisberg/JT/

This loads the lynx web browser program and points it at James Taylor
Online. If all goes well, you can then use your arrow keys and enter key to
select from highlighted choices, which will lead to other information.

If Lynx doesn't seem to be available, try asking your system administrators
whether another type of browser is installed instead. If all else fails,
you may be able to download and install Lynx yourself, but it isn't for the
faint of heart.

SLIP, PPP or Direct (LAN) Connections:

If you connect to your account using SLIP or PPP from a Mac or PC (running
Trumpet Winsock, for instance), your options are a bit more complicated,
but also more fun. Or if you connect to the net directly over your office
or university's Local Area Network, this also applies to you.

In either case, I'd suggest trying Netscape, which is the browser of
choice for most people these days. If you're familiar with FTP, look for
Netscape at ftp.netscape.com (it's available for PCs running Windows,
Macs, or Unix with Xwindows).

If you do already have Mosaic or Netscape, simply enter the James Taylor
Online address in the "Open URL" or "Open Location" box:


The Major Online Services:

Most of the major online services provide web access now. If you have an
account on Compuserve, America Online, Prodigy, or NetCom, you probably
already have web access through the software you use to connect to the
service. Unfortunately, every service is different, so your best bet is to
call or email the company to ask how to use it.

Once you do find web access through these services, they're generally very
similar to Mosaic or Netscape in how they work.

Try It Out:

This quick overview probably isn't specific enough to cover all the possible
configurations people have, but it should help a new user get on the right
track. Good luck.


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