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19 Are there magazines about Dylan to which I could subscribe?


This article is from the Bob Dylan FAQ, by Adam K. Powers and John Howells howells@bigfoot.com with numerous contributions by others.

19 Are there magazines about Dylan to which I could subscribe?

There are several highly regarded periodicals devoted to Dylan's
career - again, this is not a complete listing, but merely a guide:

The Telegraph is the oldest and perhaps best known Dylan fan magazine.
Sadly, its future is uncertain with the passing of editor John
Bauldie. Back issues are well worth seeking out. For more
information, see the Telegraph web site

Isis (UK - P.O.Box 1182, Bedworth, CV12 0ZA. England.
bi-monthly, subscriptions currently $64.95/yr. via Rolling Tomes)
is excellent for information regarding bootleg audio & video material
plus a comprehensive guide to Dylan's constant touring. For more
information, see the Isis web site
E-mail address is is@netcomuk.co.uk.

ICE (US, P.O. Box 3043, Santa Monica, CA 90408, monthly, subscribe
directly for $30/yr in North America, $40/yr elsewhere) is a newsletter
that provides information on new CDs, re-issued CDs, underground CDs,
and planned releases, all from reliable sources. Again, not a Dylan
magazine, but usually contains something regarding Dylan CDs...
ICE can be reached by email for questions and comments regarding
compact discs, as well as subscription information, at: EMAILICE@aol.com
A sample copy can be obtained from their web site at

Goldmine (US, 700 E. State St, Iola, WI 54990, (715) 445-2214,
FAX (715) 445-4087. Subscriptions $35/yr.)
This is a record and CD collectors' publication, published
twice a month, known for being a forum for bootleg buyers and
sellers. Goldmine has phased out detailed advertisements from all
but the largest dealers, including a crackdown on classified ads.
This includes tapes and videos, but *not* CD's. Subscriptions are $35
for a year; you can call and order by Visa/MC, or mail them a check or
money order. If you call them they will send you a free sample copy.
You may also subscribe over the web at

On The Tracks: The Unauthorized Bob Dylan Magazine (US - published
by Rolling Tomes [address above], quarterly, US subscriptions currently
$24.95/yr, or $39.95/yr to also receive the monthly newsletter,
Series of Dreams) Features interviews, columns by well-known Dylan
commentators, such as Paul Williams, and importantly, includes the
Rolling Tomes catalog within its pages. The companion newsletter
covers the gritty details such as concert dates, setlists, news events
and rumors.

Who Threw the Glass (Australia - quarterly, AUS$12 for subscription,
contact Shane Youl <sfy@mel.dit.CSIRO.AU> for more information) contains
analysis & discussion of Dylan's ongoing works...

Taper's Quarterly (US - quarterly, $10/yr) published by the Live Audio
Video Association (LAVA), 1726 Sacramento St., San Francisco, CA 94109-3643
(or contact: lava@well.sf.ca.com) is a forum for those who record live music
of all sorts, and contains information reagrding equipment, techniques, etc.

The Famous Etiquette Book (UK, available from PO Box 2935, Solihull,
West Midlands, B91 2LQ, UK. Subscription is 5 pounds sterling for 5 issues,
payable to Phill Townsend) TFEQ is a news-sheet produced by Phill Townsend
(Crazy Joe in ISIS) that gives updates on Dylan CD boots as they become
available. This information later becomes available in ISIS and Series of
Dreams, and eventually in Townsend's book(s).

Why A Pig? (UK, subscriptions are for 4 issues, c/o PO Box 3239,
London SW6, UK. Cheques/POs/IMO should be made payable to "Why A Pig?"
UK subs: 10 pounds; Europe subs: 12 pounds; USA subs: $15 sea, $20 air)
Devoted to covering the 'underground' CD market regarding many performers.

Dignity (UK, available from: Desolation Row Promotions John Baldwin, 57
Tempsford, Welwyn Garden City, Herts., AL7 2PA, ENGLAND. 6 issues a
year, subscription: Pounds 17.94 UK, 23.94 Europe, 29.94 USA, 32.94 ROW
Air Mail, or Pounds 22.74 USA / Rest of World by Surface Mail).
Objective is to provide serious Bob Dylan analysis. This includes song
and concert commentary (any show any date), books, reader ads, etc.
Issue one is 40 A4 pages.

The All Night Cafe (1994- )
P.O. Box 632, Carlton South, Victoria 3053, Australia

The Bridge - Mike Wyvill and John Wraith, who have long contributed
the Jotting Down Notes section to the Telegraph, are continuing
the tradition of an A5 sized magazine which follows John's format
of commissioned factual and interpretive articles, interviews and

  Subscription costs (three issues a year) are as follows:
            UK -                    M-#20.00
            Europe-                 M-#24.00
            USA/Rest of the World - M-#30.00/$52.00

If sending cheques, please ensure they are drawn on sterling.

Contact address: The Bridge, c/o Wardley Post Office, Wardley,
Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, NE10 8AT, UK

For more information, see the Bridge web site:

Rolling Thunder magazine, published 3 times a year plus 4 newsflashes
a year. The magazine has a professional lay-out with a color cover
printed on glossy paper. Every magazine is written in Dutch and
has extensive tour reports, CD reviews, book reviews, a news section,
an essay on Bob Dylan, articles about Bob in the press plus a
special that covers a period in Bob Dylan's career. Subscriptions
cost 700 BEF (about $19), payable by IMO to the address mentioned
further on. Belgian and Dutch subscribers can also pay by bank
transfer. More information can be obtained from Peter Mestach,
Hundelgemsesteenweg 409, 9050 Gentbrugge, Belgium. Rolling Thunder
also organizes Dylan parties.

There are a number of discontinued magazines that are still in print
or available as back orders, such as Homer the Slut (UK) and Look Back
(US). For more information, contact Rolling Tomes.

PARKING METER is the only German language Bob Dylan magazine, published
in Vienna, Austria. The first issue was published in May 1997.
PARKING METER is published four times a year and information
regarding the magazine can be obtained from its editorial address:
Postfach 45, A-1092 Vienna, Austria or via their website:
http://members.eunet.at/meter/ .
The magazine editors Burkhard Schleser & Rainer Vesely can also be
reached by email at meter@eunet.at .
UPDATE: PARKING METER has ceased publication with issue 16 and is
now available only on the web at http://members.eunet.at/meter/ .

Under Your Spell - the best Dylan fanzine in the whole of Poland!
e-mail bobdylan@poczta.onet.pl for more details.

Freewheelin' is a A5 publication with a full colour cover and
90-plus text pages dealing with all aspects of Dylan's work.

The electronic version will be E-mailed on the publication dates.
A copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 4.0 would be required to
open the attachment.

Cheques should be made payable to 'Freewheelin' and sent to:

Keith Wootton
35 Nursery Gardens
St Ives
PE17 6NL

For more information E-mail Keith Wootton: mace44@dial.pipex.com

Finally, you might want to check out Helter Skelter Books.
Website: http://www.skelter.demon.co.uk/
General Information: helter@skelter.demon.co.uk
Webmaster: Homer@zimmy.demon.co.uk


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