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18 Reference books (Bob Dylan)


This article is from the Bob Dylan FAQ, by Adam K. Powers and John Howells howells@bigfoot.com with numerous contributions by others.

18 Reference books (Bob Dylan)

"Lyrics 1962-1985" by Bob Dylan. New York: Knopf, 1990 [reprint of
1985 revision of "Writings and Drawings"]. 527 p.
ISBN: 0-394-54278-9 LCCN: 85-40408
"Writings and Drawings" by Bob Dylan. New York: Knopf, 1973 317 p.
ISBN: 0-394-48243-3 LCCN: 72-2339
Also UK: Jonathan Cape Ltd, 1973
London: Panther Books (Granada Pub), 1974, 1977, 1978, 1979
ISBN: 0-586-04088-9
[The official lyric book, covering *most* of Dylan's songs - but the
printed lyrics sometimes don't match the recordings, and there are
many songs omitted...]

"Bob Dylan: In His Own Words" by Christian Williams. London: Omnibus Press,
1993. 112 p. Music Sales Corp., 225 Park Ave. S., New York, NY 10010.
ISBN: 0-7119-3219-0 0-7119-3213-1 (pbk)
[A collection of Dylan quotations from interviews, etc. This is an update
of a 1978 version - several readers of this newsgroup have indicated
a strong preference for the 1978 version]

"Positively Bob Dylan: A Thirty Year Discography, Concert & Recording
Session Guide, 1960-1991" by Michael Krogsgaard.
Ann Arbor, MI: Popular Culture, 1991. 498 p.
ISBN: 1-56075-000-6 (hb) LCCN: 89-92336
[The most frequently quoted reference guide on rec.music.dylan,
and a truly massive undertaking - this book provides an exhaustive
list of every Bob Dylan recording in circulation. There are minor
errors throughout, and new tapes surface regularly, but this is an
essential guide for any serious collector...]

"Stolen Moments: The Essential Bob Dylan Reference Book" by Clinton
Heylin. Romford: Wanted Man, 1988. ISBN: 0-947730-05-2. [Another guide
to Dylan, this one takes a chronological approach, a sort of diary
of Dylan]

"Bob Dylan: The Recording Sessions [1960-1994]" by Clinton Heylin.
New York: St. Martin's Press, Dec 1995 233 p. $24.95 US; $35.99 CAN
ISBN: 0-312-13439-8. LCCN: 95-23265

"Tangled Up in Tapes: The Recordings of Bob Dylan" by Glen Dundas.
Thunder Bay, Ontario: SMA Services, 1994 Third edition
[ditto, preferred over Krogsgaard by some, although the format is quite different]

"Strangers and Prophets: Bob Dylan CD Boots: Vol 1" by Phill Townsend.
Solihull, West Midlands: Next 2 Last Pubs, Oct 1992 160 p.
[A guide to compact disc bootlegs, provides photos and detailed
information. Replaced by "Galileo's Math Book". See entry below.]

"Galileo's Math Book" by Phill Townsend. [an updateable catalogue of
Bob Dylan Bootleg CD releases, designed to fit into loose leaf binders.
(Binders with a 4-colour cover can be bought. At the moment, GMB fills
two binders.) Each catalogued disc has its own page entry, detailing
track and source information, etc. At regular intervals, he will be
issuing GMB updates, cataloguing new releases, and updating information
on old releases. This replaces the main Strangers & Prophets book; a
companion volume containing ratings and opinions of the discs will
appear sometime soon.]

Galileo's Math Book can be ordered from Crazy Joe at P.O. Box 2935,
Solihull, West Midlands B91 2LS, England. Cost is 30 pounds. Air postage
(in pounds):
UK 6
Europe 12
USA/Canada 28
Australia/Japan 34
(or surface postage: 12 pounds to anywhere).
For the binders, it's 16 pounds for two, plus the following postage:
UK 3
Europe 4
USA/Canada 12
Australia/Japan 15
(or surface postage: 6 pounds to anywhere).
(Binders are labelled Vol 1 and Vol 2. The pages released so far will fill
these two binders. If ordering as additional binders, please request
Vol 3 and Vol 4.)

"Bob Dylan's Words: A Critical Dictionary and Commentary" by Richard Wissolik
and Scott McGrath.
Greensburg, PA: Eadmer Press, 1994 Vol 1 ISBN: 0-929914-11-2 (hb)
Greensburg, PA: Eadmer Press, 1995 Electronic edition ISBN: 0-929914-17-1 LCCN: 95-5048
[An analysis of 800 terms in evry Dylan song between 1962-1985, including "Tarantula".]

"The Bob Dylan Concordance" by Steve Michel.
Grand Junction, CO: Rolling Tomes, Jun 1992 153 p.
ISBN: 0-9635031-0-3
[Provides a comprehensive index to Dylan's songs by the lyrics.
If you ever wonder what song that line stuck in your head came from,
this book is for you. An excellent companion to the 'official' lyric
book, and a great resources for fans of Dylan's writing]

"I Just Write 'Em As They Come: An Annotated Guide to the Writings
of Bob Dylan" by Tim Dunn.
Painesville, OH: NOT-A-CES Pub, 1990 249 p.
["The Dylan song encyclopedia"]

"The Bible in the Lyrics of Bob Dylan" by Bert Cartwright.
Bury, Lancashire: Wanted Man Study Series #4, 1985; rev & enlarged 1993
[A good look at Dylan's use of biblical references in his lyrics. Flawed but fascinating]

"The Dylan Companion" edited by Elizabeth Thomson & David Gutman.
New York: Delta Book (Dell Pub), May 1991. 335 p.
ISBN: 0-385-30225-8 (pbk) LCCN: 90-38926
Originally London: Macmillan London Ltd, 1990 335 p.
[At the back it has a 20 page bibliography, listing tons of books and
articles about Dylan from the very beginning forward]


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