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06 Glossary of terms and acronyms common to this newsgroup. (rec.music.dylan)


This article is from the Bob Dylan FAQ, by Adam K. Powers and John Howells howells@bigfoot.com with numerous contributions by others.

06 Glossary of terms and acronyms common to this newsgroup. (rec.music.dylan)

All areas of knowledge develop jargon and acronyms which inevitably
serve to keep outsiders out and to confuse newcomers. Medical doctors
complicate the simplest things with needlessly difficult terms and
abbreviations, computer experts often make the easy inaccessible to
newcomers with obscure terms and abbreviations by trying to
'simplify' communications, management consultants... Well, you get
the picture. People with a serious and debilitating Dylan habit can
also develop these tendencies. Watch for the following obscure

#Dylan = The name of the Dylan channel on irc.

BoB = Blonde on Blonde [1966] [not a typo for "Bob"!]

b0b = the 2% cream digest of rec.music.dylan

BotT = Blood on the Tracks [1974]

BIABH = Bringing It All Back Home [1965]

boot = bootleg

bootleg = circulating copy of officially unreleased material in any
form. The term is probably derived from 'bootleg' liquor, which was
sometimes smuggled in bottles strapped to one's leg during
Prohibition in the United States, 1918-1933.

Bootleg Series = The Bootleg Series 1961-1991, Rare and Unreleased,
Volumes 1-3 [1991] - not to be confused with 'bootleg' above, this is
an official release that reveals many songs and performances from
throughout Dylan's career that were previously available only on
bootleg media. The liner notes of this boxed set mention that
further volumes would be released, but no reliable source has been
able to determine if and when this might actually happen...

BTW = By the way...

EDLIS = Exchange of Dylan Lyrics - Internet Service

GAIBTY = Good As I Been To You [1992]

H61R = Highway 61 Revisited [1965]

IMO = In my opinion...

IMHO = In my humble opinion...

ISO = In Search Of

irc = Internet Relay Chat, an international live real-time
conferencing system with a channel called #Dylan.

JWH = John Wesley Harding [1967] Some people say this album (and
its title track) were mis-named after outlaw John Wesley Hardin.
Dylan's song has very little to do with the story of the real Hardin;
instead, it's basically just a spin-off of Woody Guthrie's "Pretty Boy
Floyd." Some Dylan fans note the religious bent of this album and claim
that the initials 'JWH' really refer to the Judeo-Christian deity...

Krogsgaard = Krogsgaard's 1991 reference book, Positively Bob Dylan
[listed in question 2c of part 2]. A Krogsgaard number would be in a
form such as [7/201]. This refers to item seven in the Krogsgaard
listing for event 201. Badly addicted rec.music.dylan readers can be
told such a number and then immediately sing the relevant item
without reference to the Krogsgaard book itself!

newbie = Sometimes derogatory term for a newcomer to the Internet.
Usually spotted by the newcomer's tendency to post entire trade lists
to the net or to respond to a thread with a single "me too". :-)
Newbies are also susceptible to trolls (see below for an explanation
of a "troll").

Olof = Olof Bjorner. Often you might come across references to "Olof's
Chronicles" or encounter the phrase "according to Olof...". This is in
reference to Olof Bjorner, who has kindly made available for free an
excellent series of posts to rec.music.dylan covering each and every
year in the career of Bob Dylan. Olof's Chronicles provide a quick point
of reference on just about every aspect of the life and times of Dylan.
Olof's Chronicles can be found at http://www.users.wineasy.se/olof.bjorner.

pirate : an illegal copy of officially released material.

counterfeit : an illegal copy of officially released material made
to be mistaken for an original release.

RAH = Royal Albert Hall. This refers to the famous, but misnamed
Royal Albert Hall 1966 bootleg that is now generally believed to be
from Manchester 5/17/66.

RMD = The Usenet newsgroup rec.music.dylan. Also abbreviated as r.m.d.
or just plain rmd.

smiley = An unusual punctuation device, presumably employed only by
computer-users, which looks like a sideways smiley-face: :-) A
smiley usually means that a comment or article has been written in
jest, and should be read accordingly. A common variant is ;-) with
the 'winking' eye. There are many, many variants on the smiley, and
most are used to represent the flairs of spoken language that are
often hard to perceive in text. :-(

tape tree = A 'pyramid' method of distributing tapes organized by
someone with a good or unusual tape that begs to be circulated. That
person posts an announcement to the newsgroup, asking people to send
e-mail to him to sign up. He collects the names of those interested,
and creates a 'tree' such that no one has to make an excessive number
of copies, and people with better tape decks make copies for those
without, etc. The original tape is the 'seed'. Those who receive
copies from the seed and make further copies are 'branches', and
those who receive copies from branches but don't copy for anyone else
are the 'leaves'. Sometimes a person who makes copies is called a
'parent' and one who receives copies is a 'child'. Each person who
receives tapes is expected to send tapes of other events in return to
their branch. If blanks are sent in lieu of recorded tapes, the
person sending blanks is expected to send double the number of blank
tapes to recorded tapes. A less common method is that the person sendng
blanks is expected to pay postage for both the tapes that sent and
the ones received. If trading with a DAT collector who is supplying
you with an analogue cassette, one blank DAT is adequate double
compensation should they not want any blank analogue cassettes from
you. For more information on tape trees, see the URL
http://www.cs.umass.edu/~greene/files/tape-tree-def.txt. Also see
http://www.dylantree.com for a guide to CDR trading.

TOOM = Time Out Of Mind [1997]

troll = A provocative posting made with the intention of generating
a reaction, ranging from flames and hate mail to trolls which are
intended to spark discussion or controversy. It is best to ignore
the foolish ones, and be alert to the clever trolls if you are

UTRS = Under The Red Sky [1990]

WGW = World Gone Wrong [1993]

WWW = World-Wide-Web

If you're looking for an acronym and can't find it in the above list,
try the acronym server at http://www.ucc.ie/cgi-bin/acronym.


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