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05 How do I access rec.music.dylan?


This article is from the Bob Dylan FAQ, by Adam K. Powers and John Howells howells@bigfoot.com with numerous contributions by others.

05 How do I access rec.music.dylan?

There are two main ways in which to access rec.music.dylan:

a. Usenet news

1. Contact your Internet provider for instructions on how to access
Usenet locally, and the newsgroup "rec.music.dylan".

2. "DejaNews" (now Google) provides a reading and posting service.
Refer to the Google posting FAQ for complete information:


3. Read rec.music.dylan via the World Wide Web. Newsguy (formerly
Zippo) provides access to rec.music.dylan at:


To use this service properly please note that when posting via
Newsguy you need to include in the "From" box your full e-mail

This service used to be free, but it seems that Newsguy now
wants to charge a fee.

4. If Usenet is not available at your Internet site, try joining a
'freenet' and using their facilities.

b. rec.music.dylan Digests

Obviously rec.music.dylan is a Usenet newsgroup and is best
read with newsgroup reading software like Agent, tin, trn,
or the like. Then you have full use of threaded subjects
and most importantly KILL files so you can tailor what you
see and what you read exactly to your tastes. Seeing the
whole of rec.music.dylan without any KILL file would put
any normal human being off computers for life!

If you have no Usenet news reading software you might
have a Web browser and then you can read Usenet news.
Netscape, Explorer, Opera, lynx or the like are possible
ones to try. Look for some header like News or the like
in the pull down menus...


gives information on free public Usenet news servers at
which to point your software... You need a newsfeed if
using your own software.

Also you might wish to look at:


If you wanted a commercial service you can pay to join


You don't need anything more than e-mail to post to
rec.music.dylan, just e-mail your posting to one of the

mail2news@news.demon.co.uk with header Newsgroups: rec.music.dylan

(For an updated list send e-mail to mg5n+remailers@andrew.cmu.edu)

But if you have no News reading software and no access to the
World Wide Web or to telnet, then your best bet may be
an e-mail digest!

For many years there have been other specialised digests but they
have tended to be amateur and not public. EDLIS has decided
to make its own main digest better known, it has always been open
to all but not all knew about it! :-)

It is a feed for those who cannot take the time to sift
through the total madness of rec.music.dylan more widely available.

It is called b0b. To subcribe send

subscribe b0b-List your@email.address

in the body of your e-mail to


b0b = b zero b NOT b oh b. Anyone who wishes to can subscribe to b0b

No one can post to it.

Subscribers receive about 2% of rec.music.dylan postings.
No spam. No insanity unless Bob related. No religious wackiness
unless Bob related. No insults. No negative posts on any subject,
including Bob. Sister principle.

If this does not suit you just say. We will help you set up
a feed that suits your own tastes.

So if no one can post how do you post? You post well to
rec.music.dylan. Simple as that.

Many fine postings will not be included. Setlists for example.
XREFs. And so on. These can easily be seen on rec.music.dylan,
and elsewhere. For example setlists are on


b0b is lean. Reading it will give you one person's view
of the top two percent of rec.music.dylan. You can Followup-To:
any post by posting to rec.music.dylan. And you may find it
causes you to turn to the complete rec.music.dylan to follow
the occasional thread in its complete form, or to read all
the postings there. When you have the time.

Followup-To:s should carefully cut and paste the subject header,
adding a Re: where appropriate.

The purpose is to attract high quality posting, often well
thought out and sometimes researched in detail. And to
attract readers who would never read rec.music.dylan as they
won't take the time, to read it, or to learn to tailor it
to manageable size with a vicious KILL file. If you like Bob
Dylan but only want to read about him for few minutes a
week, then b0b may suit you.

If you want to read about Bob Dylan 24 hours a day, then you'll
prefer the original rec.music.dylan, the Usenet NewsGroup.


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