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13. Blade Runner Questions part3


This article is from the Blade Runner FAQ, by Murray Chapmanmuzzle@cs.uq.oz.au with numerous contributions by others.

13. Blade Runner Questions part3

Q: Is there going to be a sequel to Blade Runner?
A: In "Newsday", October 6, 1992, Scott is quoted as saying: "I'd really like
to do that, I think 'Blade Runner' made some very interesting suggestions
to the origins of Harrison Ford's character, addressing the idea of
immortality. I think it would be a very intelligent sequel."

In ``Screen International'' May 5-11:

"A slew of big-budget productions - likely to include Ridley Scott's
sequel to Blade Runner - are heading for Shepperton Studios (UK), which
is shaping up to become the leading special effects studio outside the

"Speaking from Grenada, Scott confirmed that the sequel to Blade Runner
will probably be shot at the studio, but he gave no starting date."

"The prospect of a Blade Runner sequel has been bruited around for years
- although without Scott's active involvement. Scott, who shot Alien at
Shepperton, confirmed that he is planning to make a sci-fi film 'in the
near future that I would shoot almost entirely' at the London studios."

See section 7 for a description of the Blade Runner novel sequel.

Q: Is there a Blade Runner computer game?
A: Yes. The official BR computer game was released for the Commodore 64
around 1982-1983. It featured the player as Deckard, tracking down the
replicants on an electronic map. Upon locating one, you had to chase them
down a crowded street and shoot them. The music in the game is
a Commodore 64 rendition of the End Title track by Vangelis. Copyright
problems with the name ``Blade Runner'' resulted in CRL (the game's
producers) obtaining the rights to the music, thus allowing them to refer
to ``A game based on the music of Vangelis' "Blade Runner"''.

Q: Where can I get a gun like Deckards?
A: The gun that Deckard uses is an Austrian Steyr/Mannlicher bolt-action
rifle with the stock and barrel removed, leaving just the receiver. A
pistol-grip was added for effect. The Steyr rifle action has a very
distinctive bolt-handle and trigger-guard; in fact, the particular receiver
used possessed the target-style set trigger system (two triggers).

Q: Video Watchdog (November-December 1993) contains a lot of information
on different versions of the film that contradicts things in the FAQ and
in other accounts. Who is right?
A: The Video Watchdog article, while extremely detailed and authoritative,
contains a lot of misinformation and errors. For example:

- There are only five versions seen by the public, not seven as claimed
in the article. These are (1) the Dallas/Denver sneak preview, (2)
the San Diego sneak preview, (3) the 1982 US theatrical release, (4)
the 1982 Euro-release, and (5) the 1992 Director's Cut [see section 7].
- The "Workprint" is the same as the Denver/Dallas Sneak Preview, the
Fairfax Theater Cut, the UCLA showing, the Nuart Theater showing and
the Castro Theater showing. The first three were in 70mm while the
Nuart and Castro showings used a 35mm reduction print. The London
sneak preview was probably the same as well.
- Michael Arick, rather than Haver and Harris, should be credited for
uncovering the workprint. Arick was certainly the most involved in
bringing that print to light and making the Director's Cut.
- All versions of the script had narration to some extent but Scott was
not in favor of it [see section 6]. Scott's shooting script had about
100 words of narration, his workprint had about 50, and his Director's
Cut had none.
- Scott actually scripted and filmed the unicorn scene for a pre-release
version of BR that was never shown outside the studio [see his comment on
this in Section 9]. The original unicorn footage was recovered in 1992
and restored in the DC. The persistent rumour that this footage came from
"Legend" is hard to understand since any side-by-side comparison between
the animals and settings in "Legend" and BRDC clearly reveals they are not
the same.


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