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13. Blade Runner Questions part2


This article is from the Blade Runner FAQ, by Murray Chapmanmuzzle@cs.uq.oz.au with numerous contributions by others.

13. Blade Runner Questions part2

Q: Batty calls Deckard by name during the chase at the end. How did he know
Deckard's name?
A: This is either a technical error in the film, or an indication that Batty
knew Deckard, and Deckard doesn't know Batty. One idea is that Deckard
(and possibly Rachael) were replicants, and part of the rebellion. They
were caught entering the Tyrell building and, as an experiment, they
were retrained as an ex-Blade Runner and a replicant who thinks she's a
human. The experiment is to see if a replicant could turn on other
replicants that he/she used to know. This explanation is a bit weak and
far fetched, as it relies on the Tyrell Corporation retraining Deckard but
not changing his name. (Imagine if Roy had called him "Mr Smith"!). This
makes the Deckard/Zhora confrontation more interesting: she would have
recognized him, and would be wondering if he was having a joke or not.
When she realized that he was for real, she clobbered him. This could
also give Bryant an excuse for getting the number of escaped replicants
wrong. Different versions of the script have Deckard as a well-known
Blade Runner, so in that case it would be reasonable for Batty to know
about him. A likely explanation is that Leon was within earshot when
Deckard showed his ID to a cop and gave his name; in an earlier script,
Batty then had Leon go after Deckard for killing Zhora.

In Hampton Fancher's script dated 7 January 1980, Bryant tells Deckard
that the replicants may have tapped into the ESPER computer and that it
will take about a day to secure the system. Later, at Sebastian's
apartment, Batty tells Pris and Mary that Leon and Zhora are dead and that
the police have discovered he has been tapping into their computer. He
informs them that he can't monitor what the police are doing anymore.
This is what causes Pris to say, "Then we're stupid and we'll die," and
why the replicants are expecting Deckard to come for them.

Q: How did Deckard manage to haul himself onto the ceiling with two fingers,
with two other dislocated fingers on the same hand?
A1:He only holds on with his bad hand until he can get his other arm over
the edge. Experienced rock climbers can achieve single-finger chin-ups.
Whether or not they can do this in the rain while wearing a sodden trench-
coat, with two dislocated fingers, a history of alcoholism, and being chased
by a homicidal replicant is another matter. Postings from rec.climbing
suggest that this kind of stunt is as much a matter of technique as
A2:Easily. He's a replicant [see section 14].

Q: How can Deckard be a replicant, when he's physically outmatched by Roy,
Leon, Zhora, and Pris?
A: The videos that Bryant shows Deckard include a mental and physical rating
for each of the replicants. In all cases, they are rated "A" physically.
If Deckard was a replicant designed to think it was human, it would
probably be made a "B" physical, which would correspond to average human
strength. The fact that Deckard could slam shut a door that the replicant
Rachael was trying to open hints that Rachael was a "C" physical.

Q: Batty's incept date of January 2016 means that he should have lived to
January 2020. Why did he die in November 2019?
A1:The margin of error on a replicant's lifespan is probably the same as that
of any human with a fatal disease. It was suggested earlier that the short
lifespan was a trade-off for increased performance. It is clear that Roy
had exceeded even Tyrell's expectations, and so we could expect him to
wear out that little bit before his due expiry date.
A2:Earlier versions of the story were set in 2020, but this was changed when
it was decided that it sounded too much like an eyesight test. The date
was changed to 2019, but this inconsistency remained.

Q: How did Gaff get Deckard's gun? Was he following them?
A: Deckard sits on the roof for a long time. In the Workprint, Deckard says
he watched him die all night and that it was a slow, painful thing. Gaff
may have followed Deckard's groundcar, or checked out the radio reports of
Sebastian's death, walked around to piece things together and found
Deckard's gun. It would also be in character if Gaff was simply lurking
in the background hoping for Deckard to get himself killed.

Q: Why does spike in Batty's hand disappear when he catches Deckard?
A: The bottom of the frame is slightly cropped (even on the Criterion disc),
which prevents us from seeing the nail. Nevertheless it is there and can
be seen for a single frame on the Criterion disc at C-19 24493.

Q: What companies/products have their logos appearing in BR?
A: ANACO, Atari, Atriton, Bell, Budweiser, Bulova, Citizen, Coca-Cola,
Cuisine Art, Dentyne, Hilton, Jovan, JVC, Koss, Lark, Marlboro, Million
Dollar Discount, Mon Hart, Pan Am, Polaroid, RCA, Remy, Schiltz, Shakey's,
Toshiba, Star Jewelers, TDK, The Million Dollar Movie, TWA, Wakamoto.

Q: What is this "Blade Runner Curse"?
A: Someone once noticed that a number of the companies whose logos
appeared in BR had financial difficulties after the film was released.
Atari had 70% of the home console market in 1982, but faced losses of
over $2 million in the first quarter of 1991. Bell lost it's monopoly in
1982. Pan-Am filed for bankruptcy protection in 1991. Soon after Blade
Runner was released, Coca-Cola released their "new formula", resulting in
losses of millions of dollars. It is interesting to note that since then,
the Coca-Cola company has seen the biggest growth of any American company
in history. Cusinart filed for bankruptcy protection in July 1989.


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