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2.4. How does the Wake-Initiated Lucid Dream (WILD) technique work?


This article is from the Lucid Dreaming FAQ, by "Lars Rune Foleide" larsrune@sf.telia.no .

2.4. How does the Wake-Initiated Lucid Dream (WILD) technique work?

It works by remaining conscious until you start dreaming. The Lucidity
Institute also first presented this technique, but it is not easy if
you don't have a clue what to do. But it is quite easy and effective
if you do it right. Again, you need to sleep 5-6 hours before trying
this. This is because you don't dream much the first 5 hours, it is
mostly non-REM sleep. You enter REM a lot faster after 5-6 hours with
sleep, and you don't go down to stage 3 and 4 as you do when you first
go to bed. The problem is remaining conscious until your dream start.
Many strange things may happen when you remain conscious until the
REM-period starts. The first thing you see may be Hypnagogic
Imagery. It is a pattern, like the one you see when you press your
fingers against your closed eyelids. Remember that this is hypnotic,
and getting too involved with them will induce unconsciousness. Just
let it flow, don't get too involved and don't suppress them
either. The next thing you may experience is Hypnagogic Sounds. It may
be as real as the sounds you hear in waking reality, but they are
nothing to be afraid of. It is a good indicator that the REM-period is
right around the corner. Just don't let these sounds scare you. If you
start to experience Abstract Thoughts, the logical part of your brain
is falling asleep and you are not far from losing consciousness. You
might be lying in bed thinking about a friend and the hypnagogic
imagery starts and you see your friend's face. You have also worked a
stressful day so you start to remember stocking the shelves at
work. Soon you are thinking that you are putting cans of food on the
shelves with pictures of your friend on them. All this might seems
perfectly normal. But it's not logical. What you need to do is try
thinking logical, do some math or start over again. Tactile Sensations
can feel like you are paralyzed and high-voltage painless electricity
is jolting through your body. You may experience these vibrations and
find yourself leaving your body or having a Lucid Dream. But remember
that all this is nothing to fear, it happens every night, whether you
are consciously aware of it or not.

Now that you know what you might experience when trying to consciously
enter the REM-period there is another problem we need to conquer. And
that is losing consciousness, a very common problem that is rather
easy to overcome. A good solution is Caffeine and
Theobromine. Caffeine is found in Coffee, Tea, Coke, Chocolate and
Pills. Theobromine is found in Chocolate. The problem is finding out
how much Caffeine works for you. A lot of experimenting has to be
conducted. A good place to start is with 0.5 liter Coke, a cup of
Coffee or Tea, half a pill or a chocolate bar. If you take too much
you will not start to dream at all, if you take too little you may
lose consciousness. But drinking 0.5 liter Coke is not very wise, it
has a very disturbing side effect. You should also stay up for about
30-60 minutes after waking up after 5-6 hours with sleep. This because
it takes about 45 minutes before the Caffeine reaches its full
effect. You might experience a DILD if you go to sleep right after
some caffeine intake.

Another way for keeping the mind active and to bring on the hypnagogic
images is to imagine doing something that involves imagery, audible
and tactile sensations. Like driving a car, imagine the car and the
road, hear the engine-/radio and feel the steering wheel. Remain
focused on what you are doing and avoid thinking about anything else
than driving that car. Or you might include smell and taste, by
imagine a good meal. This works best in combination with NILD, it
takes far more time when done as you go to sleep for the first
time. But done with NILD can you find yourself in a dream in as little
as 5-10 minutes.

Or you can try lying on a 30 degree incline mattress (can be done by
stuffing pillows under it). And keep the room as dark as
possible. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing, the
slower the better. Breath with your stomach, making an "Ahhh" sound at
the end of the exhalation, that will help your mind to stay awake
while your body fall asleep. With time may you notice mild vibrations
and that your body becomes paralyzed. At that point will you notice
that you no longer have any problem concentrating, everything becomes
clear. In this state stop concentrating on your breathing and just be
aware of your surroundings. If you begin to loose consciousness, start
paying attention to any light in your vision or any internal
sound. Some time later will you begin to experience the second
vibrations. It will quickly rush throughout your body, sometimes
accompanied by various sounds and then end. This is your astral body
being released. Dream images will start to form. You can go with these
images and enter a Lucid Dream, or you might just sit up and walk away
from your physical body.


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