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7.2 Where do I find Esperanto classes, textbooks, etc.?


This article is from the Esperanto FAQ, by Mike Urban urban@netcom.com and Yves Bellefeuille yan@storm.ca with numerous contributions by others.

7.2 Where do I find Esperanto classes, textbooks, etc.?

Macintosh owners with HyperCard and MacinTalk can take advantage of an
introductory HyperCard course on Esperanto. This can be downloaded from
(See under "FTP archives".)

Each summer, San Francisco State University and the University of
Hartford (Connecticut) offer a curriculum of Esperanto courses, in which
one may participate at beginning, intermediate, or advanced levels.
These courses are available for credit or on a non-credit basis. They
are widely considered to be one of the best opportunities to learn to
speak Esperanto "like a native", and draw students and faculty from
around the world.

San Francisco State University:

Ellen M. Eddy
11736 Scott Creek Dr SW
Olympia WA 98512
tel. (360) 754-4563
E-mail: eddyellen@aol.com
information at http://www.best.com/~donh/Esperanto/sfsu/

University of Hartford:

tel. (800) 234-4412 or (860) 768-4978

Other institutions offering Esperanto courses on a regular basis

In France:

Chateau Gresillon, 49105 Bauge, tel. 02 41 89 10 34

La Kvinpetalo, rue de Lavoir, 86410 Bouresse, tel. 05 49 42 80 74

In Poland:

Dr. Ilona Koutny, Linguistics Institute, Adam Mickiewicz University,
ul. Miedzychodzka 3-5, 60-371 Poznan, tel. 61 861-85-72,
E-mail: ikoutny@main.amu.edu.pl

Jagiellonian University, Krakow. Contact: Maria Majerczak,
ul. Armii krajovej 7 M, PL-30-150 Krakow, tel. 12 638-14-49

In Sweden:

Karlskoga Folkh"ogskola, Box 192, 691 24 Karlskoga, tel. 0586-64600,
E-mail: info@fhsk.karlskoga.se

In Switzerland:

Kultura Centro Esperantista, C.P. 311, 2301 La Chaux-de-Fonds,
tel. (032) 9267407

In the following countries, you may contact the national Esperanto
organization to receive information on courses, buy books, etc.

In Australia:

Australia Esperanto-Asocio, 9 Ballantyne Street, Thebarton SA 5031,
tel. (08) 8443-8997


Book Service: c/o T. Elliott, PO Box 230, Matraville NSW 2036,
tel. (02) 9311-2246

In Brazil:

Brazila Esperanto-Ligo, C.P. 3625, 70084-970 Brasilia (DF),
tel. (061) 226-1298

E-mail: bel@esperanto.org.br, http://www.esperanto.org.br/

Book Service: Same as above

In Canada:

Kanada Esperanto-Asocio, P.O. Box 2159, Sidney BC, V8L 3S6


Book Service: 6358-A, rue de Bordeaux, Montreal QC, H2G 2R8,
tel. (514) 272-0151, E-mail: esperanto@sympatico.ca

In China:

Cxina Esperanto-Ligo, P.O. Kesto 825, 100037 Beijing,
tel. (010) 68326682

Book Service: El Popola Cxinio, P.O. Kesto 77, 100037 Beijing

In France:

Unuigxo Franca por Esperanto, 4 bis, rue de la Cerisaie,
75004 Paris, tel. 01 42 78 68 86

Book Service: Same as above

In Germany:

Germana Esperanto-Asocio, Immentalstr. 3, 79104 Freiburg,
tel. (07 61) 28 92 99

E-mail: gea@esperanto.de, http://www.esperanto.de/gea/

Book Services: M. Fuehrer, Am Stadtpfad 11, 65760 Eschborn,
and Rolf Beau, Saxoniastr. 35, 04451 Althen,
E-mail robo.espero@t-online.de

In Italy:

Itala Esperanto-Federacio, Via Villoresi 38, 20143 Milano,
tel. (02) 58 100 857

Book Service: Cooperative Editoriale Esperanto, same address
as above

In Japan:

Japana Esperanto-Instituto, Waseda-mati 12-3, Sinzyuku-ku,
JP-162-0042 Tokyo-to, tel. (03) 3203 4581

E-mail: jei@mre.biglobe.ne.jp

Book Service: Same as above

In Russia:

Rusia Esperantista Unio, P.f. 74, 367000 Mahackala,
tel. (8722) 630643,
Moscow office: P.f. 57, 105318 Moskva, tel. (095) 2437456,
(095) 9239127

E-mail: junusov@dagestan.ru,

Book Service: Same as Moscow office

In Sweden:

Sveda Esperanto-Federacio, Vikingagatan 24, 11342 Stockholm,
tel. (08) 34 08 00

E-mail: sef@esperanto.se

Book Service: Same as above

In Switzerland:

Svisa Esperanto-Asocio, Jurastrasse 23, 3063 Ittigen (Bern)

Book Service: Kultura Centro Esperantista, C.P. 779,
2301 La Chaux-de-Fonds

In the UK:

Esperanto-Asocio de Britio, 140 Holland Park Avenue,
London W11 4UF, tel. (0171) 727-7821

E-mail: eab@esperanto.demon.co.uk, http://www.esperanto.demon.co.uk/

Book Service: Same as above

World Esperanto Association:

Universala Esperanto-Asocio, Nieuwe Binnenweg 176,
3015 BJ Rotterdam, The Netherlands, tel. +31 10 436 1044

E-mail: uea@inter.nl.net,

Book Service: Same as above
Book catalogue available online in WAIS format at:

These are just some of the countries with Esperanto organizations; many
more are listed at


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