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1.2.2) Vinyl (Firesign Theatre Published Works)


This article is from the Firesign Theatre FAQ, by Niles D. Ritter ritter@earthlink.net with numerous contributions by others.

1.2.2) Vinyl (Firesign Theatre Published Works)

Firesign Theatre:
1968 - Waiting for the Electrician or Someone like him Columbia CS 9518
1969 - How Can you be in two places at once, when you're not
anywhere at all? Columbia CS 9884
1970 - Don't Crush that Dwarf, hand me the pliers: Columbia C 30102
1971 - I think we're all Bozos on this bus: Columbia C 30737
1972 - Dear Friends: Columbia PG 31099
1972 - Not Insane or Anything You Want To: Columbia KC 31585
1974 - Everything you know is Wrong!: Columbia KC 33141
1974 - The Tale of the Giant Rat of Sumatra: Columbia C 32730
1975 - In the next world you're on your own: Columbia PC-33475
1976 - Forward into the Past: Columbia PG-34391
1977 - Just Folks ... A Firesign Chat: Butterfly FLY 001
1979 - Fighting Clowns: Rhino (###-same as Carter/Reagan ?)
Lawyer's Hospital
1985 - Eat or be eaten (PB,PP,PA)
???? - Shakespeare's Lost Comedie (Rhino Records)

Quadrophonic Albums:
1971 - I think we're all Bozos on this bus: Columbia CQ 30737
1974 - Everything you know is Wrong!: Columbia CQ 33141

Proctor & Bergman :
1973 - TV OR NOT TV: Columbia KC-32199
1975 - What this Country Needs: Columbia PC-33687
1978 - The Comedy of Proctor and Bergman / Give Us A Break:
Mercury SRM-3719

Solo/Subgroup Albums:
1974 - Roller Maidens from outer Space: Epic (Phil Austin)
???? - The Three Faces of Al (PB,PP,DO)
1973 - How Time Flys: Columbia C 32411 -- David Ossman
1979 - Nick Danger and the Case of the Missing Shoe
(Rhino - RNEP506)

45 Singles:
1980 - Firesign Theater Presents "Fighting Clowns"
(Rhino # RNPD 904) "Special Limited Edition 7"
Picture Disc From Their New LP" Carter/Reagan

A Head Of His Time (Zachariah Soundtrack)
See For Miles Records, Ltd. SEE 91 (British)

According to the Hot Wacks Press Book XV (probably the most complete
bootleg guide around), there is one FST bootleg LP. Called _Firesign
World_, it was released by Wizardo Records, WRMB 512, and consisted of,
on side one, "Firesign World", and "Thanksgiving Or Pass The Indian
Please" on the other side. The only other info given is that the
recording is supposed to be in excellent stereo and is a live recording.

Syndicated Radio Pressings and other stuff:

Carl M Stone writes:

An apparently promo-only 12" single was released by Polygram from the
"Eat Or Be Eaten" LP in 1985. Titled _Bites from "EAT OR BE EATEN"_,
it featured on side one, "National Toliet/Dylan At The Met/Shoplifters
Market/Neighboorhood Survival Gunstore" (3:52) and "Art Snob/Tonto's
First Cowboy Bank/Wimpy's Software/Kamikaze Recall" (4:06) on
side two.

In some copies of the _Nick Danger Case Of The Missing Shoe_ there
came a flyer/order form for "two fabulous offers:" 1)_The Firesign
Theatre Cassette Chronicles_, a six cassette series, delivered one
every two months, begining in January of 1980, for the subscription
price of $30. Is this the item listed in the FAQ as "Carter Reagan"?
2)A Nick Danger T-Shirt, "a suitable-period brown shirt with Bill
Stout's Nick Danger drawing, as depicted on..'Nick Danger in the Case
of the Missing Shoe'". It sold for the price of "$5.95, plus $1.05
postage and handling" (which conveniently comes out to $7.00), and was
available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Howard Landman writes:

In the booklet of the Mobile Fidelity CD of DEAR FRIENDS, it says
that there was a 12 hour syndicated version released to radio stations
(on 12 vinyl records, of which only 100 copies were pressed.

John Leving writes:

FYI, when Proctor and Bergman were at Yale, they did a lot of goofing
around on WYBC-FM, the student radio station. There may still be old
airchecks of theirs lying around on tape cartridges.

Michael Packer writes:

re: syndicated Radio Shows; "Let's Eat" was also
syndicated (on tape) and in 1983 a pilot program, called
"Firesign Radio" was syndicated by the Global Satellite
Network (it featured "Nick Danger Meets ET - Or Is It
Ghandi?"). It was distributed on VINYL.

Here's a list of of the "Dear Friends" syndication albums:

Dear Friends Volume 01 "Live At The Ash Grove"
Dear Friends Volume 02 "Power Is Trouble & Trouble's Not Funny!"
Dear Friends Volume 03 "... I Could Always Shoot Him With A Camera"
Dear Friends Volume 04 "Somebody Put A Mickey In The Ground Zero!"
Dear Friends Volume 05 "All We Have To Fear Is Me"
Dear Friends Volume 06 "Deputy Dan Will Find Us No Matter Where We Go"
Dear Friends Volume 07 "Was There A Cow On the Moon?"
Dear Friends Volume 08 "Being On Radio Is More Fun Than Watching T.V."
Dear Friends Volume 09 "Dr. Memory's Laff-A-While News"
Dear Friends Volume 10 "All Nite Images"
Dear Friends Volume 11 "Welcome To Microorganism State Park"
Dear Friends Volume 12 "Is This the Machine That Registers No 'n' Yes?"

Cassette versions of these are available through Sparks Media,
mentioned elsewhere in this file.


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