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1.2.1) Radio/TV/Stage production (Firesign Theatre Published Works)


This article is from the Firesign Theatre FAQ, by Niles D. Ritter ritter@earthlink.net with numerous contributions by others.

1.2.1) Radio/TV/Stage production (Firesign Theatre Published Works)

There is/was a new special on PBS radio: M. Packer writes:

1. "The Firesign Theatre -- Back From The Shadows Again"
hosted by Steve Allen was "officially" announced to
Public Radio affiliates today. There is no current
scheduled time for the program, and its feed will be
based on the number of stations interested in it. The
special consists of three one-hour modules, each of
which is self-contained and can be carried seperately.
Check with Public Radio stations in your area to see if
they plan to air this three part special on the
Firesign Theatre.

David Ossman's 1988 remake of "War of the Worlds":

Both versions, 1938 and 1988, are available on cassette, as a
package, for $14.95, from:

The Mind's Eye
P.O. Box 1060
Petaluma, California 94953
Tel: 1-800-227-2020
FAX: 1.415-883-1849

In addition to old-time radio, The Mind's Eye carries lots of
other good stuff from BBC radio (including "The Hitchhiker's
Guide to the Galaxy") to the up-to-date "Bradbury 13."

The following are the entries from the complete movie/TV credit
databases (portions of which are on refuge.colorado.edu) for the FT

All 4 wrote the 1971 movie Zachariah (along with Joe Massot).

Details from David Miller:

The "original" FST movie is 1971's (?) _Zachariah_. That is, they wrote
the first version and have small parts in it, but it was rewritten by
its producers, and shows only occasional FST touches. They now refer to
it in very unkind terms, and boy does it look dated--wild west rock 'n
roll starring an unbelievably young Don Johnson. The movie "foundered on
the glistening rocks of cocaine...and the breakup of MGM". It's still
available from Playhouse Video, 39000 Seven Mile Road, Livonia,
MI 48152. It turns up sometimes *real* late at night..."

Acting credits for Peter Bergman:

Fantasies (1980) (TV)
Money, Power, Murder (1989) (TV) [Brant]
Woman on the Ledge (1993) (TV) [Bob]
"All My Children" (????)

Acting credits for Phil Proctor:

Lobster Man from Mars (1990)
Bad Attitudes (1991) (TV)
Tunnel Vision (1976)
A Safe Place (1971)
Diana Rigg Show -- played fashion designer "Mr. Vincent" who
was Diana Rigg's boss.
also appeared as Archie Bunker's
nephew on "All In The Family" and is a Smurf.
...often appears elsewhere on TV


Americathon (writing credits for Proctor & Bergman)

Thomas M. Niccum writes of yet another (dare we call it?) credit:

In about 1976 I was present at a lunch with a few friends and Phil
Proctor was there - my friend was a reporter for the U of Minnesota
Daily, and had volunteered to do a piece on Proctor and Bergman who were
in town to open for (get ready) Sha Na Na (ook). Anyway, he told us
that he had met up with the Starland Vocal Band (who had a hit entitled
"Afternoon Delight" if I'm not mistaken). The band had been offered a
summer replacement show, and Proctor and Bergman had volunteered to

Thus forewarned, I looked for it the next year, and managed to catch
one episode. It was pretty normal "variety" show type TV. I'm pretty
sure they did the "Shoplifters" supermarket commercial, which shows up
in their Eat or be Eaten CD and Video.


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