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3.3 Web sites (soc.history.medieval)


This article is from the soc.history.medieval FAQ, by Stephan Schulz schulz@informatik.tu-muenchen.de with numerous contributions by others.

3.3 Web sites (soc.history.medieval)

[To be completed - suggestions welcome. If possible please
include a short text with each suggestion - the transatlantic
links are awful, and checking even a single site can be quite a
trial for me. Please note that Patrick Tingler <tingler.4@osu.edu>
posts a more complete list of sites (organized by topic)
semi-regularly. It is available on the WWW at

As a complement to the mini-FAQ, you can find "soc.history.medieval's
Question and Answer Pages" at the following link:


Two places to get going quickly in finding medieval resources on the
Web are Catholic University's NetSERF and Georgetown's Labyrinth:


A directory/search homepage that's always on top of what's new in
medieval resources is:


Labyrinth has hotlinks to some Internet search engines (nowadays many
can search the Web, Usenet newsgroups, and gopher/ftp resources). Good
collections of the 250 or so general and specialized search engines are:


Many people consider Google to currently be the best general purpose
search engine. In any case, try one of the following:


Here is a list of some WWW pages with medieval material on it. Some
descriptions have been provided by the page providers or associated
persons, and many have been slightly edited.

Welcome to the Call to Arms Website

Introductory page for the Call To Arms project. Call to Arms is
an international directory of historical re-enactment. It is
essentially an address book, a telephone directory, a resource
guide, a suppliers list, a recruiting arm, a major events guide and
much more besides.

Classical Resources (J. Ruebel)

This page tries to give an overview over classical resources
on the net. At the moment it only covers Greek and Roman
material that could be of borderline interest to medieval

The "Confessio" of Saint Patrick

A English translation of the autobiographical confession
written by Patrick himself, in Latin, around the year 450. It
offers a unique record of life in the British Isles during
those times. The page also has some links to Irish and
Celtic culture.

The Decameron Web

A new Hypertext project at Brown University, dedicated to
Boccaccio's Decameron and to Medieval Studies in general. It
is of general interest to anyone interested in Italian
literature at large and in Medieval society. Further
information about the creation of the project and about the
goals of those in charge of its growth is available at the

Historical Reeneactment in the United Kingdom

A page which links to various resources for hitorical reenactment
and reenactment societies, with particular emphasis on the scene in
the United Kingdom.

Historical Reeneactment - Welcome from the Mining Co.

A general reenactment site with, among other things, sections on
medieval and ancient history, clothing, crafts, etc.

The Knights Templar Preceptory Portcullis

A Finish site with a good introduction to the Templar
military order. Contains a couple of book reviews and a

Labyrinth Home Page at Georgetown University

The Labyrinth is a global information network providing
free, organized access to electronic resources in medieval
studies through a World Wide Web server at Georgetown
University. Highlights include a couple of online
bibliographies and text, image, and archival databases.

Medieval History Resources

This page is a quite complete entry point for medieval
items on the WWW. It contains a lot of link to other sites
with indices.

Medieval Sourcebook

The Medieval Sourcebook is a collection of links to public
domain and copy allowed texts of interest to medievalists. It
includes excerpts suitable for use in survey courses as well
as full texts of many works. The site also provides links to
other medieval studies pages as well as sites devoted to
Byzantine and Classical Studies.

Medieval Studies Home Page at Harvard

The site is small but growing. We now have information about
the committee, its professors, and its classes, as well as
about Harvard in general, plus a whole bunch of links to other
medieval Internet resources. Coming soon: Calendars of
upcoming events.

The Medieval Technology Pages

The Medieval Technology Pages are an attempt to provide
accurate, referenced information on technological innovation
and related subjects in western Europe during the Middle

Medieval Technology -- Reading List

A quite extensive and commented bibliography on many aspects
of medieval live. Most books are seconday works and
overviews, and most are accessible for a casual reader with
some basic knowledge of the era.

Military history: Medieval

This is a bilingual (English/French), regularly updated guide
to Internet resources on military matters during medieval
times. This page also contains links to separate pages on
wars of the period, currently comprising:
100 Year's War (1339-1453)
Norman Conquest (1066)

ORB--Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies

ORB is an academic site, written and maintained by medieval
scholars for the benefit of their fellow instructors and serious
students. It offers a large collection of peer-reviewed essays on a
wide variety of medieval topics.

Ramon Llull (Raymond Lull/Lully) resources

A timeline (with links to various sources on the life of a 13th
century philosopher).

Ravensgard Medieaval Homepage

The page is a large collection of links and resources
organized by general subject. The major categories include
research resources, arts and crafts including a page on
costume, cultures including a separate page on Old Norse
culture, and cultural background material.

The Realm of Chivalry

The Realm of Chivalry is a social and educational organization
located primarily in the Pacific Northwest which is based on
the precepts of Chivalry and Honour as evidenced in the
History and Legends of the Dark and Middle Ages. We strive to
re-create the times of the Heroes, i.e. Richard the Lion
Heart, King Arthur, Beowulf, and in doing so we take on the
personae of one who might have lived in that era

The Richard III Society Homepage

This site offers an introduction and aids to Ricardian
studies, links to medieval resources, and information about
the Society, whose members hold diverse opinions on King
Richard III, the Yorkist era and the Wars of the Roses.

Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

A home-page for the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA),
offering a very complete introduction to the society. Please note
that this site has moved again.

Timber-Framed Houses

A web site for "The History and Construction of Medieval
Timber-Framed Houses." This site describes, for the lay
reader, the development from about 1200 AD in England and
Wales of the cruck and box-frame house from the earlier hut
made from earth-fast posts, and the invention of the chimney,
tiles and window glass. A Bibliography is included.

WebPages von potentiellem Interesse auf dem Gebiet "Geistesgeschichte"

These two German page try to collect links to resources of
potential interest to people interested in intellectual
history. Their main focus is the renaissance, but there are
links to "truly medieval" material as well. Part of the links
are commented upon. The second page is more up to date.


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