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3.2 Mailing lists (soc.history.medieval)


This article is from the soc.history.medieval FAQ, by Stephan Schulz schulz@informatik.tu-muenchen.de with numerous contributions by others.

3.2 Mailing lists (soc.history.medieval)

[This seems to be quite complete now - thanks to Edwin Duncan for
letting us borrow his pre-compiled list. If you know of any additional
mailing lists, or can contribute more information to one of these,
please let me know. Please note that some entries have been updated
or corrected compared to previous postings.]

The most efficient way to find one of the some 32,000 mailing lists
(email discussion groups) is to use your Web browser and go to


Those who have access only to email have a workaround to search for
lists; for info, send a blank message to


Liszt is a search engine that will search for keywords in a database
of list names and *one*-line descriptions, electronically compiled by
a bot or spider. My last search for "medieval" found 23 lists, some
very local (Student Medieval Recreation Club, U of Manitoba), some
very specialized (Medieval Feminist List), some transient (class
forums). You may want to search for related words to pick up pre- or
post-medieval (eg, Anglo-Saxon, Renaissance) or more general but
certainly inclusive of medieval (eg, philosophy, language).

A similar list searcher is organized by hierarchical, browsable


Listserver software looks after the routine administrative stuff on
mailing lists, so you have to be accurate in your typing and precise
in command language. In the list below, the addressee--e.g.,
Listserv--is the listserver robot's address. Later, after you
subscribe and want to post, the addressee is the "name of the list"--
e.g., ansax-l; and you will have to be careful not to embarrass
yourself by sending listserver commands to the entire mailing list.

As a starter, it's helpful to get basic info on using mailing list,
subscription commands etc. from at least one computer run by each of
the software bots. Listserv answers to the command

info <listname>

Mailserv, Listproc, Majordomo, and Mailbase answer to the command


In email to the listservers, leave the "Subject" line blank, and put
in the message only the commands the listserver understands.

Here is a list of medieval discussion lists (partially taken from the
Texas Medieval Association page on "Medieval Academic Discussion
Groups". You can find the original Web page at
http://www.towson.edu/~duncan/acalists.html). Please note that the
original list and parts of this compilation are the property of Edwin
Duncan and are used with permission. Edwin also maintains an
additional list of groups more loesly related to the topic of this
group and offers a lot of advice on using academic discussion
lists. Portions of the original list are copyrighted by the Medieval
English Newsletter. Al Magary deserves to be mentioned as well - he
checked most addresses and added quite a lot of lists.

Some mailing lists have two distinct addresses - a Bitnet address
(ending in ".bitnet") and an Internet address. If you are not on
Bitnet (and probably if you do not know what Bitnet is) you should use
the Internet address.

Mailing list information does change occosaionally. If you note any
incorrect or incomplete information in the FAQ, please drop me a

List Name       List-server                      Topic
AARHMS-L	listproc@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu	Academy of Historians
						of Medieval Spain
ANSAX-L		listserv@wvnvm.bitnet		Anglo-Saxon Studies

ANSAX-L is the discussion group for ANSAXNET, the Anglo- Saxon
Network. It has over 600 members from fifteen or twenty
different countries and, as one would expect from such a large
membership, has a fairly high volume of mail. Discussions
cover not only Old English language and literature, but also
Anglo- Saxon archaeology, history, philosophy, and the arts. As
with other networks, one also runs across calls for papers,
job listings, announcements of new journals, new computer
services, and the like.

ARTHURNET	listserv@morgan.ucs.mun.ca	Arthurian Studies

ARTHURNET, a network devoted to all subjects relating to King
Arthur and the knights of the round table, has apparently
replaced an older and less successful one called CAMELOT, an
English network. ARTHURNET is based in Canada, and the
commands for setting options with the list-server are slightly
different from most of those based in the U.S. The command for
subscribing is the same, though.

BMMR-L		majordomo@cc.brynmawr.edu	Medieval Book Reviews

BMMR-L, the Bryn Mawr Medieval Review, is, as its name
implies, devoted to the review of books on medieval
topics. Members are not only automatically sent reviews of new
books as they become available but may also retrieve older
reviews from the archives. They may also contribute their own
reviews to the network.

BYZANS-L	listserv@mizzou1.missouri.edu   Byzantine Studies
CADUCEUS-L      [Address unknown]               History of Medicine
CARMED          listserv@uncg.edu               North Carolina
                                                medieval scholars
                                                discussion list
  This is an open, unmoderated discussion list. 
CHAUCER		listserv@uicvm.bitnet		Chaucer and Medieval 
		listserv@uicvm.uic.edu		Literature 

CHAUCER, the discussion group for Chaucernet, is, like
Ansaxnet, consistently active in terms of mail. It generally
confines itself to Chaucer studies, although related
fourteenth-century works such as Piers Plowman and Sir Gawain
and the Green Knight also get discussed here. Last fall when I
was teaching a Chaucer course, I found some of the pedagogical
discussions on this network to be especially helpful.

[Normal "subscribe" is insufficient to get on the list. The
listowner at chaucer-request@uicvm.cc.uic.edu needs to approve
your subscription.]

DEREMI-L	listserv@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu	Medieval Military

EARLYM-L	listserv@aearn.bitnet		Early Music 

EARLYM-L, a discussion group for those interested in early
music, is a relatively high-volume network with postings from
musicians both inside and outside academia.

EARLYMEDNET-L	majordomo@cardiff.ac.uk		Early Medieval Studies
                                                (300-700 AD )

A network and discussion for information and queries on Early
Medieval historical and archaeological studies in
Europe. (Chronological range late 4th to late 11th centuries
AD). At least in the initial stages of its existence, it
has seemed to have more of an archaeological bent to its

EARLYSCIENCE-L  listserv@listserv.vt.edu        Early Science History
EMEDCH-L	listproc@usc.edu                Early Medieval China
GEN-MEDIEVAL    listserv@mail.eworld.com        Medieval Genealogy 

[NB--Apple is giving up eworld so, address may change soon.]

GERLINGL	listserv@uiucvmd.bitnet		Older Germanic Languages
		listserv@vmd.cso.uiuc.edu	(to 1500)

GERLINGL, a discussion group for older Germanic language
studies, is a low-volume group, but some good information is
presented on it from time to time. If one has interests in
this area, then one may wish to subscribe to it in addition to
a related higher volume group like Ansax-l.

GERMANIC-L      http://pages.ancientsites.com/~Thiudareiks_Flavius/germanic-l.html

GERMANIC-L is an E-group for the discussion of the early
Germanic peoples from Prehistory to circa 800 AD. To
subscribe, and for more information, go to the above web

H-ALBION        listserv@uicvm.uic.edu          HNET British & Irish

[NB -- To subscribe, you have to fill in a brief survey, and
the listowner must approve subscription.]

HEL-L		listproc@ebbs.english.vt.edu	History of the English

HEL-L, a discussion group devoted to studies in the history of
the English language, is primarily but not exclusively
pedagogical. Postings are infrequent with bursts of activity
(i.e., 3-6 messages per day) followed by periods of relative
silence. There is a WWW page for the list at

INTERSCRIPTA	listserr@morgan.ucs.mun.ca	Directed Medieval

[According to Al Magary, this list is hard to reach. Try mailing to
interscripta-request@morgan.ucs.mun.ca to communicate with the
list owner.]

LT-ANTIQ        LISTSERV@VM.SC.EDU              Late Antiquity

LT_ANTIQ is an unmoderated list that provides a discussion
forum for topics relating to Late Antiquity (c. AD
260-640). For the purposes of this discussion list, "Late
Antiquity" will cover the Late Roman, Early Byzantine, Early
Medieval, and Early Islamic periods. Geograph-ical coverage
will range from western Europe to the Middle East, and from
the Sahara to Russia.

MDVLPHIL	listserv@lsuvm.bitnet		Medieval Philosophy
		listserv@lsuvm.sncc.lsu.edu     & Political Thought

MDVLPHIL, devoted to medieval philosophy, does not have many
postings. [Note: The new internet address has been confirmed.]

MED-AND-REN-MUSIC mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk       Music of the Medieval
                                                and Renaissance
MEDART-L	listserv@listserv.utoronto.edu	Medieval Art 

[According to Al Magary, the bitnet address is reachable by
internet mail, and the internet address only forwards to it. Also
note that the internet address changed recently]

MEDEVLIT        listserv@siucvmb.bitnet        Medieval Literature
  [No internet address given]
MEDFEM-L	listproc@uwavm.bitnet		Medieval Feminist
		listproc@u.washington.edu	Studies 

MEDFEM-L is a fairly high-volume discussion group which covers
a wide range of issues related to medieval feminist studies.

MEDGER-L	listproc@csuohio.edu		Medieval German Studies

[This list seems to be unaccessible at the moment. Any
more information?]
MEDGER-L is a very low volume discussion group for medieval
German studies on all topics besides linguistics. Messages
here are typically few and far between.

MEDGAY-L	listserv@ksuvm.ksu.edu		Medieval Gay Studies 
MEDIBER		listserv@merle.acns.nwu.edu	Medieval Iberian Studies

[The listserver at the given address responds with an erro
message. What became of the list?]
MEDIBER is a discussion group devoted to medieval Iberian
literatures, languages, histories, and cultures. It is fairly
active. Many of its postings are in Spanish

MEDIEV-L	listproc@raven.cc.ukans.edu	Medieval History

[The address for this list has changed recently!]
MEDIEV-L is a discussion list for medieval history and
topics relating to the teaching of the middle ages,
ca. 500AD-1500AD. Circulation is approximately 2,000,
unmoderated. Anyone with an interest in the middle ages is
welcome to join; most subscribers are faculty or graduate

MEDIEVAL-RELIGION   mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk	Medieval Religion

MEDIEVAL-RELIGION is a forum for discussions related to
religious life and thought in Europe from late antiquity to
the early modern period. Its mail archives are located at

MEDIEVALE	listproc@uqam.ca		Medieval History (in

MEDIEVALE is a new medieval history network from Canada whose
postings are all in French.

MEDLIT-L        listproc@bgu.edu                 Medieval Literature
MEDLITERACY-L	listserv@uclink.berkeley.edu	 Medieval Literacy
MEDSCI-L	listserv@brownvm.brown.edu       Medieval Science
   [This list seems to have been closed down.]
MEDTEXTL	listserv@uiucvmd.bitnet		 Medieval Languages &
                listserv@postoffice.cso.uiuc.edu Literature

MEDTEXTL, the discussion group for medieval languages and
literature, also has a large number of messages. In contrast
to ANSAX-L and CHAUCER, it has more postings for continental
languages, literature, and the arts, and perhaps for that
reason has a rule that any postings or quotations in any
language other than English include translations along with
the originals. This can be a real help for, say, a Germanic
scholar trying to follow a conversation quoting medieval
Italian or for a Romanticist trying to decipher something from
Old Norse.

NUMISM-L	listserv@univscvm.csd.scarolina.edu  
						Medieval (& Ancient)
OLDNORSENET	listproc@vinga.hum.gu.se	Old Norse Studies

The aim of OLDNORSENET is to provide a forum for discussion of
problems that concern the medieval Scandinavian and North
Atlantic societies. The network will be open for contributions
from researchers in all branches of medieval studies
concerning the Nordic area. Our hope is to start a lively and
open discussion of new and old problems within the subject,
and that ideas and suggestions will be presented and discussed
by the members of the network.

PERFORM		listserv@iubvm.ucs.indiana.edu	Medieval Performing
RENAIS-L	listserv@ulkyvm.louisville.edu	Renaissance & Early
                                                Modern History 
SIEGE		listserv@morgan.ucs.mun.ca	Medieval Siege

[Please note that this list has moved!]


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