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5.1.1 Newsgroups


This article is from the Dissociation FAQ, by Discord (tina@tezcat.com) with numerous contributions by others.

5.1.1 Newsgroups

There are a number of newsgroups that are, in some way, related to this
one; the abuse support groups, due to the large number of dissociative
people who have suffered abuse; the other support groups due to the
people who have other difficulties besides their dissociation.

* alt.sexual.abuse.recovery, commonly known as ASAR, is primarily for
survivors of sexual abuse. Survivors of other forms of abuse have been
welcomed there, and discussion of non-sexual abuse is often found,
although many of the people there have suffered more than one typ eof
abuse. The group also has SO's of people who have been abused, and even
a few people who have not been abused at all, but have some other
interest in reading the group. PLEASE read the FAQ before posting to
ASAR, at least the section on posting etiquette.

* alt.abuse.recovery is for survivors of all forms of abuse, as well as
other people with abuse-related concerns. To my knowledge there is not
currently a FAQ.

* alt.abuse.transcendence is for survivors of all forms of abuse, but is
modeled differently than ASAR and aar. The newsgroup is very blunt and
discusses non-traditional approaches to dealing with the effects of
abuse. Newcomers should be warned that a.a.t. does NOT use any spoilers
of any kind. There is a FAQ in progress for the group.

* alt.support.abuse-partners is a group for SOs of abuse survivors, who
have a unique set of issues of their own.

* alt.support.depression
* alt.support.anxiety-panic

I include these because of the large number of multiples (and abuse
survivors) who experience these difficulties.

* alt.support.personality is a new group, currently of rather low
traffic, for people with personality disorders. It would seem that BPD
(borderline personality disorder) is a common topic there. People who do
not have personality disorders but who are dissociative may still find
the group to be of use to them.

Other groups in the alt.support.* hierarchy may be of use to readers of
this group; a complete list is maintained by Jonathon Grohol and is
posted every 2 weeks to the support groups, including this one.

Groups outside of the alt.support.* hierarchy:

* sci.psychology is general discussion of psychology

* sci.cognitive is discussion, among other things, of memory and
reasoning, and might be at least of academic interest to dissociatives
and/or abuse survivors.

* alt.psychology.help is a general support group for people experiencing
psychological difficulties.

I urge you to read a group for several weeks prior to posting to it,
as well as reading the FAQ for the newsgroup.


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