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Dissociation FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Dissociation

This FAQ about dissociation was compiled and written by Discord (tina@tezcat.com) with numerous contributions by others.

-1.0 Abbreviations
-1.1 Acknowledgements
-1.1.2 Copyright Notice
-1.2.1 History of Newsgroup
-1.2.2 Who should post here?
-1.3 Posting guidelines and etiquette
-1.3.1 Spoilers
-1.3.2 Flaming and Harrassing Posts
-1.4 Posting anonymously to alt.support.dissociation
-2.0 Overview
-2.1.1 Definition of Dissociation
-2.2 Dissociative Disorders
-2.2.1 Multiple Personality Disorder
-2.2.2 Psychogenic Fugue and Psychogenic Amnesia
-2.2.3 Depersonalization Disorder
-2.2.4 Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified
-2.3 Related Disorders
-2.3.1 Personality Disorders
-2.4 Treating Dissociative Disorders
-3.0 Overview
-3.1 An Essay on Dissociation
-3.2 Problems and Issues
-3.3 The Multiplicity mini-FAQ
-3.3.1 What is/are MP/MPD/multiple personalities, multiplicity?
-3.3.2 How does this differ from different moods in a singular person?
-3.3.3 What precisely do people mean by 'the birth person'?
-3.3.4 What is the core personality?
-3.3.5 What is the host personality?
-3.3.6 Do all multiples have a birth person?
-3.3.7 What causes multiplicity?
-3.3.8 If abuse at an early age can cause multiplicity, why aren't all people abused at that age multiple?
-3.3.9 How many alters can a multiple have?
-3.3.10 I've heard of something called a 'walk-in person', what's that?
-3.3.11 What's an internal landscape?
-3.3.12 Can you explain how the various alters run the body/interact/etc.?
-3.3.13 Isn't this confusing?
-3.3.14 Who has the ultimate control in the body? Is it the host person?
-3.3.15 How do you communicate with other alters?
-3.3.16 Do I have to lose time/have complete amnesia between alters to be multiple?
-3.3.17 What is 'switching'?
-3.3.18 Isn't schizophrenia the same as multiplicity?
-3.3.19 How can I tell if I'm multiple?
-3.3.20 What is an inner child? Is this the same as being multiple?
-4.0 Abuse, Stress and Trauma: Overview
-4.1 Abuse
-4.1.2 Different Types of Abuse
-4.1.3 Effects of abuse
-4.2 Trauma
-4.3.2 Stress
-5.1 The Internet
-5.1.1 Newsgroups
-5.1.2 Web Sites
-5.1.3 IRC
-5.1.4 MUDs
-5.2 Publications
-5.2.1 Books on Multiplicity
-5.2.2 Books on Dissociation
-5.2.3 Books on related topics
-5.2.4 Other Publications
-5.3 Organizations

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