Every new discipline and scientific breakthrough rests on the shoulders of those who went before; far too often these shoulders are only discovered and identified long after the event.

ISTA aims to be a vibrant, dynamic organisation; one way in which we wish to signal this is by acknowledging on these pages those who have in some outstanding manner contributed to the development and dissemination of S.C.E.N.A.R.

Anybody may be nominated for inclusion in this roll call of honour.  The Steering Committee will give consideration to each nomination.  Nominations require 2 sponsors and a written explanation; all nominations are kept confidential until either accepted into the Roll Call of Honour, or remain undeclared if rejected.  No reasons are given for rejections.

SCENAR's Roll Call of Honour currently embraces the following -

For Inventing and Developing the Technology

              Mr Alexander Karasev, RU

              Mr Max Zenkin, RU

              Mr Alex Kibirev, RU

              Mr Michael Unakov, RU

For Interfacing Clinical with Technology & Design

             Dr Yuri Gorfinkel, RU (1961 - 1998)

             Prof. Alexander Revenko, RU


For Clinical Trials and Statistical Evaluation

             Prof. Arsen Mendelanovsky, RU  (19.. - 19 ..)

             Academician Prof. Alexander Netchuskin, RU (19.. - 19..)

             Prof. Alexander Revenko, RU

             Prof. Alexander Tarakanov, RU

             Dr Inna Minenko, RU

             Dr Lubov Chavkun, RU

             Dr Yuri Kamenev

             Dr Peter Lashedko

             Dr Arkadi Livshiz


For Contributions to Developing SCENAR Training

              Prof Alexander Revenko (RU)

              Dr Galina Subbotina (RU)

              Dr Zulia Frost (UK/US)

              Dr Irena Kossovskaia (CA)

              Dr Klaus Schustereder (GE)

              Dr Josef Semikatov (RU)

              Dr Jerry Tennant (US)

              Dr Marieta Zheleva (BG)

              Prof Alexander Tarakanov  (RU)

              Dr Yura Starovotja (RU)

              Dr Peter Shamarikov (RU)

              Dr Elena Kupzova (RU)

              Dr Vladimir Lopatko (RU)

              Dr Natalie Lojko (RU)

              Dr Elena Kossomachina (RU)


For Contributions to the Internationalisation of Scenar

              Prof Alexander Revenko (RU)

              Mr Philip Barker (UK)

              Dr James Colthurst (UK)

              Mr Garnet Dupuis (US)

              Dr Zulia Frost (UK/US)

              Mr Jan de Jong (NL)

              Mr Jakob Grinberg (RU)

              Dr Irena Kossovskaia (CA)

              Mr Gerhard Langmann (AU)

              Mr Alexander Natotchi (RU)

              Dr Vasil Stanchev (BG)

              Dr Jerry Tennant (US)

              Mr Ognan Landov (BG)

              Mr Douglas Walker (CA)

              Mr John Garvey (IR)

              Mr Paul Keetley (ANZ), and for arranging & publishing the results of the first clinical trials

                   outside Russia