At Taganrog’s Radiotechnical University the department of medical electronics “MIDAS” which was given a new name – Special Construction Bureau “RITM” in 1980s. Its first directors were L.Tatoev and V.Zacharevich. The first device incorporating SCENAR technology emerged towards the end of the 70s, from OKB “RITM”, and was named Electro Neuro Stimulator - ENS. It was developed by an engineer by the name of Alexander Karasev, whose department was headed by Misha Rudenko.


A. Karasev gave one of the few ENS – devices to Dr. A Revenko for trials. He worked at that time in Taganrog’s neurology clinic, and received unexpected and distinctive responses with the device. For a few years from then on Revenko worked alongside A.Karasev, during which time much excellent effort resulted in the development of the device, now named by Revenko "Energy Neuro Adaptation Stimulator" – ENS- 01. At the same time also Revenko also cooperated with other engineers in “MIDAS” and developed with them a range of ENS devices : ENS-02, ENS-03 etc. These ENS devices were given for trials to a number of doctors in Rostov and Taganrog.


The director of OKB “RITM” Vladislav Zacharevich monitored the development of ENS and introduced it to Military and Space organizations.


Revenko suggested a new name – CENAR, Zacharevich introduced CENAR to Alexandr Nechuschkin (President of Russian Acupuncture Association and Expert of USSR Health Care Ministry) and Prof.med. Arseny Medelyanowsky. In Russian, this name sounds like "canary" and at the suggestion of Arseny Medelyanowsky and Alexandr Nechuschkin, CENAR became SCENAR.


Revenko presented first SCENAR to USSR Health Care Ministry in order obtain permission to produce the device and use it in clinical practice. OKB “RITM”, at its factory “Pryboj”, started preparations for the production of SCENAR – devices.

1986, 1987

SCENAR was awarded Silver and Bronze Medals at the Main Exhibition of the USSR.


The first SCENAR – patent was awarded to the following five individuals - A.Revenko, A.Karasev, A.Kibirev, V.Zacharevich, A.Nechuschkin. At this same time, OKB “RITM” opened its first Medical Centre, where the first SCENAR practioners were: Peter Kruglov, Alexandr Dogadkin, Yuri Gorfinkel, Leonid Pac, Sergej Pobokin. Revenko simultaneously opened his own Medical Clinic “Biocorrection”, where he practiced SCENAR therapy, together with 10 other SCENAR Practitioners.

From 1989 to Now

Trade mark “SCENAR” absolutely belongs to OKB “RITM” all over the world.

From 1989 to 1995

The engineers of OCB “RITM” (A.Kibirev, M.Zenkin, Y.Koretsky) developed and produced many different types of SCENARs : SCENAR-033 with solar-powered batteries, SCENAR-033M, SCENAR-032, SCENAR-035.  During this time A.Karasev continued to work as an engineer in OKB “RITM” until in 1990, he, with the assistance of OKB “RITM”, opened his own laboratory “Let Medical”.


A.Revenko works in Russian Health Care Ministry.


J.Grinberg created new concepts for the marketing and promotion of SCENAR-devices, which included running SCENAR Training Seminars. The first SCENAR Training Seminar was held in Divnomorsky, on the Black Sea; the first teacher was Alxander Revenko. Since then, SCENAR Training Seminars have been held regularly and A.Revenko invited P.Kruglov, S.Pobokin and Y.Gorfinkel to become his teaching team.


The medical centres of OKB “RITM” and “Biocorrection” were joined to form one SCENAR centre, which became the first SCENAR-clinic in the world. Its principal doctors were A.Revenko and Y.Gorfinkel.


The first International SCENAR conferences were developed, and since then occur regularly.


As SCENAR became very popular the world over, some people felt encouraged to produce copies of SCENAR : first came Boris Vernik with “SCENAR-032A”; next was Armen Avakyan with “AcuSCEN”; then A.Ryavkin with “DENAS”; “Fenzian’ with James Colthust, “Inter-X” with Zulia Frost and her Neuro Energy Group. A.Karasev continues to produce many devices under the name SCENAR, for which he has no permission from OKB "RITM", and commences developing his own trade mark – Cosmodic. OKB “RITM” creates, develops and produces a new device, the SCENAR-97.  The principal developers of this model are Misha Unakafov and Max Zenkin, who hold the patent together with A.Revenko, J.Grinberg amd Y.Gorfinkel.


The first international SCENAR Training Seminar took a place in Nassau in the Bahamas. The first teachers were Alexander Revenko and Yuri Gorfinkel, with interpretation provided by Irena Kossowskaia, the event's facilitator.


The international production company “Intermediate Services” is established in Holland (it has since been re-named “RITMEDIC”) and commences production of the SCENAR-97 device, under licence from for OKB “RITM” for Europe and the UK.

Today in excess of 44 countries in the world know and use SCENAR-therapy.


Every year OKB “RITM” develops new models of SCENAR, improves them, takes out patents, conducts clinical trails, organizes international conferences and publishes articles, books, magazines, etc.