10.1 Official review / toxicology handbook.

The WHO report from 1991. It is over 5 years since the meeting that this WHO-report is grounded on was held, but it still is a good source of knowledge in this field.

The "Handbook on the Toxicology of Metals" (Friberg 1986) is, in my eyes, a good handbook in metal-toxicology. Even though it is about 10 years old it outlines the toxicological principles / symptoms / and methodologically problems in a nice form. However, figures are some-times not up-to-date when seen in light of more recent science in the field.

10.2 Pro-amalgam papers.

  • DHHS (1993) states:
    "it is inappropriate at this time to recommend any restrictions on the use of dental amalgam"

    This statement is based on lack of evidence for risk rather than evidence of safety as can be seen from the following statement:

    "health risks cannot be totally ruled out because of the paucity of definite human studies... additional research is needed to resolve the question of whether the mercury in dental amalgam poses any significant health risk to patients"

  • NIH (1992) states:
    "Available data do not justify discontinuing the use of any currently available dental restorative materials or recommending their replacement"

    This statement is based on lack of evidence for risk rather than evidence of safety as can be seen from this statement:

    "Lack of reliable quantitative estimates of the risks and benefits of the various dental materials discussed at this conference precludes calculation of benefit/risk ratios. The paucity of data concerning predictable risks associated with restorative dental materials was striking... While the current evidence supports the concept that existing dental restorative materials are safe, it must be recognized that the supporting data are incomplete"

  • Bergman (1992) states:
    "Available data do not justify discontinuing the use of silver-containing dental amalgam fillings or recommending their replacement"

10.3 Anti-amalgam papers.

  • Lorscheider (1995)states:
    "Although human experimental evidence is incomplete at the present time, the recent medical research findings presented herein strongly contradict the unsubstained opinions pronounced by various dental associations and related trade organisations, who offer assurances of amalgam safety to dental personnel and their patients without providing hard data"
  • Pleva (1994) states:
    "The potential risk from amalgam mercury can hardly be compared to other risks such as lead from car exhaust gases or mercury from fish. There are substantial differences as regards continuity and levels of exposure and chances to avoid the exposure... The dental profession has been reluctant to publish the whole truth about Hg exposure from DA and to initiate corrective measures. This reluctance is possibly due to the symbiosis existing between dental scientific organisations and the dental industry... It might not be possible to reach a complete scientific proof of Hg poisoning by DA. However, in science this is not a new situation"
  • Hanson M & Pleva J (1991)states:
    "The extensive published knowledge about mercury toxicology indicates that toxic effects from amalgam mercury can not be excluded... A comprehensive bibliography with over 8000 titles on mercury and its health effects can be obtained from the authors."
  • "Bio-Probe Newsletter", is a bi-monthly published newsletter with abstract of and comments on science in the field... It costs USD 65 / year. Editorial office is at:
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    Bio-Probe has an homepage from where you can order many different books in the field in addition to the newsletter. You can even send e-mail to Bio-Probe.
  • "Heavy Metal Bulletin" is an international magazine (International forum focusing on immuno-toxic effects of dental-fillings and related disorders.) which is more easy to read than scientific articles although not as well referenced. You can get it from Monica Kauppi, Lilla Aspuddsvagen 10, S-12649 STOCKHOLM SWEDEN, Tel / Fax +46 8 184086. VISA, Master Card, Eurocard, JCD and Electron cards are welcomed if card number and expiring data are provided. Or from IAOMT Great Britain (address below). It costs for European residents USD 50 / year or low income USD 18 and for non-European residents USD 65 / year or low income USD 24 / year. 3 issues / year. You can receive either the English or German language edition.
  • "International DAMS Newsletter" is another easy to read publication. It is a quarterly newsletter that focuses on scientific research, personal recovery stories, detoxification methods, mercury toxicity, root canal therapy, cavitations, and fluoride therapy. Subscribe from DAMS (address under section 10.6 below). The subscription rate is USD 20.00 / year in U.S., Canada / Mexico USD 25.00 / year U.S. funds and USD 28.00 / year U.S. fund in all other countries.

10.4 "Amalgam" mailing list.

If you have an Internet e-mail address you can subscribe to a mailing list called "AMALGAM" where questions about amalgam / mercury / health is discussed.

To subscribe to the list send an e-mail to: LISTSERV@listserv.net or (LISTSERV@gmd.de) with the following message in the first line of the body of the e-mail:

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All the messages, in this amalgam mailing-list, from 1992 and forward are archived year by year or month by month and are retrievable from the listserv by any subscriber of the list.

Also make sure to read these books: Poison in Your Teeth: Mercury Amalgam (Silver) Fillings...Hazardous to Your Health! and Mercury Detoxification by Tom McGuire