• The firm Fisher Scientific is a place to get Material Safety Data Sheets.
    • For more MSDS: University of California Material Safety Data Sheets Resources at http://www.ucop.edu/riskmgt/ohp/msds.html
    • Kolp (1995) has evaluated different MSDSs for accuracy and completeness and found them in general to be good starting points, but also found that the information, especially the health effect information, in them can and should be improved.
  • Medline
    Search the world's largest biomedical database.
    • Free access via www at NIH (a service that is new from June 26 1997)
  • Statements
    • Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (USA) has released a statement about mercury: ATSDR Public Health Statement, December 1990.
    • National Institutes of Health (USA) has released a statement: Effects and side effects of dental restorative materials. NIH Technol Assess Statement Online 1991 Aug 26-28.
    • National Board of Health and Welfare, Stockholm, Sweden has released a summary of a report it produced 1994: Possible Health Effects and Dental Amalgam-A scientific review from an expert group to the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare.
  • Other Mercury / Amalgam pages (Added 5 September 1995)
    • At a "Mercury page" maintained by Bo Walhjalt:
      Bo writes:
      "Here you will find information on mercury in nature, culture and mouth!"
  • Dental
    • WHO Collaborating Centre for Education, Training and Research in Oral Health, Faculty of Odontology, Lund University Sweden, has publicated some material on WWW. Here one, for example, can find caries-frequency in different countries.
  • Electromagnetic fields
    • There are some information on Internet about the potential health effects from electro-magnetic fields. Some people who suspect having a (non-amalgam-) related illness also say that they do get increased symptom severeness in a highly electrified environment. Therefore the WWW-page ( "The Swedish Association For the Electrically and VDT injured") could be of interest for some. A newsgroup: bionet.emf-bio covers the biological effects of EMF.

Addresses to foundations that financiate science in the mercury / amalgam / health -fields.

The one foundation I know about, besides those belonging to other organisation mentioned in this FAQ, is:

#International Metal Biology Foundation (Amalgamskadefonden)
Axel Johanssons gata 4
S-754 51, UPPSALA
Tel + 46 18 15 55 00
Fax + 46 18 15 55 01
E-mail: info@amalgamskadefonden.se
WWW: http://www.amalgamskadefonden.se/
Bank account No 5368-1003904, SE-banken. Postgironumber: 90 07 65-9 (In Sweden only)

10.6 Commercial products / firms.

# "Clean Up", a suction handle / nozzle that encloses the tooth on all sides but the chewing side (see picture). It costs (in Sweden) under USD 3, it is manufactured and marketed by:

AGDA-gruppen AB
P.O. Box 124
S-794 22 ORSA 
Phone +46 250 430 27
Fax   +46 250 430 28

Clean up is also sold by Bio-Probe from their homepage.

#"DentoSafe", is a mercury-capturing system for dental offices that consists of two parts; first a hands free air suction device that is placed over and a bit from the patients mouth and second a selenium filter that can be connected to the (preferably an extra) vacuum system.

Brage Nilsson D.D.S
Box 33
S-941 21 Pitea
Tel +46 (911) 158 55
Fax +46 (911) 171 35

10.7 IAOMT.

IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology). The IAOMT membership consists entirely of dentists, physicians, scientists... or individuals with some other graduate degree. Associate membership is available to attorneys and related services. In the past the general public has been welcome at IAOMT International meetings but recently due to space limitations some restrictions on who may attend the scientific sessions have been applied. IAOMT stated in 1985 that they had reviewed the then available scientific literature and were unable to find any evidence of safety. IAOMT called for a ban on placement of amalgam until such time as the manufacturers, or proponents produced documented evidence of safety. IAOMT have not recommended that amalgams be removed yet. That is, according to IAOMT, due to the fact that careless removal will clearly expose everyone present to high levels of mercury. IAOMT have developed a protocol for the safer removal of amalgam which if followed exactly will dramatically reduce exposure. From IAOMT Great Britain you can get a information package, for dentists and the general public, regarding mercury-related illness at the cost of 5 English pounds.

Also make sure to read these books: Poison in Your Teeth: Mercury Amalgam (Silver) Fillings...Hazardous to Your Health! and Mercury Detoxification by Tom McGuire